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  1. Hopping in now that it's in the mid .05 range. Not a big share but don't want to miss out on the fun.
  2. Taking this opportunity to hop in. Bummed I missed it earlier but want a small piece.
  3. Damn congrats of those of you in on DPLS. Can't believe I missed that earlier but can't win em all.
  4. Dumped my DK since my basis was mid $30's. Only had 80 shares and will look to buy back in if/when it dips below $40. With the amount of branding they are doing with the NFL, MMA etc...can't turn on a sports channel without seeing their ads/images plastered everywhere I believe in them long term.
  5. 23 here but i have a bunch like OKE (got cheap last year) and GCV that I just sit back and collect dividends. Only about 12 that I actively trade and keep a close eye on.
  6. Seems reasonable for the most part. Employees home offices are considered worksites for workers compensation purpose so that piece makes sense. Increased communication with remote employees is reasonable to since they aren't under direct supervision. The only troubling piece imo is the "above average performance". Doesn't seem right that remote employees would be held to higher standards than those in the office but it's hard to tell without knowing the company's performance appraisal process is? Seems like alot of gray area with average vs above average.
  7. Somewhere in between a couple of hours here and there and an entire day on occasion. We have our own activities so after dinner most nights we don't see each other until bedtime. Weekends we typically spend most of our time together.
  8. Interestingly Butler's PFR HOF Monitor score is slightly ahead of recent safety inductions (Polamalu and Atwater) and way ahead of John Lynch (67.33).
  9. Only player on the first team of 1990s all decade team to not be enshrined.
  10. Just whatever leftovers are in the fridge in a burrito sized tortilla with added cheese, sour cream hot sauce whatever I can find.
  11. Been going to the office pretty much the whole time and love it. Though I have a 5 min commute and work in a new building that has a small gym, a full kitchen and a bar and I have my own office. Based on many of these responses didn't realize how lucky I am.
  12. Wife is closest to the door because if I get killed first what chance does the rest of the family have? She needs to buy enough time for me to get my bearings and grab the nearest weapon. Serious answer is wife is always on the left, has been forever. Not exactly sure why. Doesn't matter to me I can fall asleep at the dinning room table.
  13. Picked up some more at $21 this morning. Have cash to gobble up more if/when it dips below $20.
  14. Love spicy food so "It's the kung pao" comes up quite a bit. Also occasionally tell people I work as an importer/exporter for Vandelay Industries. Many others that have been mentioned as well.. Great thread
  15. I'm here to squash the Julio to the Packers talk. There is .001% chance this happens. Pack up against the cap and they have Davante and Jaire due monster paydays coming up real soon. Plus it's never been in the Packs MO to trade draft picks (especially a 1st rounder) for an aging vet. Don't get me wrong I'd love to see Julio in GB but having seen how this organization operates they don't mortgage the future...ever. In fact they typically operate too focused on the future to the detriment of the present. Still hate the Love pick lol.
  16. Wow Keith Appling https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2021/05/24/keith-appling-arrested/5242092001/
  17. There's a 15/1 share consolidation that happened on 5/12 split and it's now trading under a new symbol. My etrade account the ticker went from HITIF to 42981E104 and it's been at the same price/number of shares since Wed with no volume. Trading is happening under the new ticker. I assume eventually my shares will be converted but not sure how long that typically takes or if I need to do anything.
  18. Anyone who owns High Tide Inc care to explain to a newb like myself what I'm supposed to do next? It's all jacked up in my Etrade account.
  19. So much stuff on sale wish I had more cash laying around. Picked up a few more shares of DK when it dipped below $42. Have a bit of cash on the sidelines just not sure which of about a dozen stocks I'm watching closely. I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow. On a side note nice rebound by UWMC, it really saved my ### today.
  20. The lumber thing is a bit sketchy, at least in Northern WI/UP of MI. My boss is building a vacation home in Northern WI and of course is running into issues. He was told the mills up there aren't processing the raw lumber because they like the higher prices they are getting. Apparently there are plenty of loggers to cut timber but the mills aren't buying so the loggers aren't cutting as much as they could be. This is what he was told and he believes it because he spends alot of time up there and did notice there aren't as many logging trucks as normal.
  21. Up $1.09 today. Feel like a rich man after this morning’s start.
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