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  1. Ol' Jer gonna TRY to pay them for sure. He aint cheap. BTW, it's scary how good this team could be given their offense & the potential on D. Having the best front office in the NFL is starting to pay off. That said, the salary cap is the elephant in the room. Hopefully, we do a good job of keeping the right players.
  2. The last paragraph is Biden/Harris in a nutshell. What I want to know is did anyone honestly believe this was going to end well or perhaps thought of the consequences of such an administration (asking for a friend)?
  3. I like Tremble, but Parham has a higher ceiling, both physically & situationally. Hard not to be super excited about a TE with Parham's physical traits not to mention being paired with Herbert. Parham is playing close to the same number of snaps as Cook right now so it won't be a big surprise if he overtakes Cook and becomes the starter this season. I expect a breakout no later than next season.
  4. Yep. The Cowboys have had the best personnel department in the league for some time. This team is a result of that. Say what you want about ol' Jer, but he makes a lot of good decisions (hiring Quinn is certainly one of them). The personnel department won't win the Super Bowl, but we've got as good a chance as anyone this season as it stands right now (with decent luck). McCarthy doesn't have to be Hoody.
  5. BTW, looks like Parham could be a thing THIS season. I thought I noticed him in there about as much as Cook this week and after checking, that's the case (they both played 39 snaps). Parham is easily the best TE stash in FF right now, IMO (by stash I mean a young non-starter).
  6. I believe Parham will eventually be big-time with Herbert. His blocking has improved a ton so he's likely to be their starter when Cook moves on, if not before. Parham's athletic ability along with his 6'8" frame is a deadly combo. If he develops close to his potential, look out. Super-high ceiling.
  7. Getting Ruggs going is the key. Renfrow doesn't affect Waller much, but Ruggs can. He's starting to come on, but Carr can't miss him for the TD like he did this week. Forget Edwards. Never saw the attraction as an FF WR (& hasn't shown much as an NFL WR, either). Neither has Ruggs, but he's finally starting to show some life. I believe he can eventually be a force if Carr has the arm to support him. Ruggs can open up things for Waller. Can't really complain, though, can we (as Baller Waller owners)?
  8. Johnson has the raw ability to win the job outright. He just might be their best receiver right now (outside of Kamara). Trautman, a good blocker, could easily be relinquished to that role, allowing Juwan to flourish. Big-time upside.
  9. Gase called Herndon a game-changing type talent, but never really tried to utilize his ability. Really frustrating. Anyway, no way a guy like Kroft beats him out unless he’s dogging it. The trade is good news, but we’ll see what happens. Herndon isn’t short on talent, though. Hopefully, he gets motivated in his contract year and turns his career around.
  10. Even as a Henry owner, I'm not the least bit interested in Evans. Classic case of not enough lead in his pants for a FF-worthy role (of any depth). Size (pounds) matter for RBs. Not much debate about it at this point.
  11. Yeah, situation goes to Sermon (for now). I do like Harris, but I believe Stevenson has the talent to be an NFL starter.
  12. McKissic is of zero concern long-term. Like I've said from the beginning with Gibson, don't overthink it. College play time is a different dynamic than the NFL. There's things at play that's not applicable in the pros. I'm not sure if there's a RB in the league with more upside. The question is how much of it he'll fulfill. My guess is a good chunk of it.
  13. He's a better prospect than Sermon for sure. Not that close. We can talk situation as it applies to FF, but Stevenson would've beat out Sermon if he hadn't transferred.
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