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  1. Johnson has the raw ability to win the job outright. He just might be their best receiver right now (outside of Kamara). Trautman, a good blocker, could easily be relinquished to that role, allowing Juwan to flourish. Big-time upside.
  2. Gase called Herndon a game-changing type talent, but never really tried to utilize his ability. Really frustrating. Anyway, no way a guy like Kroft beats him out unless he’s dogging it. The trade is good news, but we’ll see what happens. Herndon isn’t short on talent, though. Hopefully, he gets motivated in his contract year and turns his career around.
  3. Even as a Henry owner, I'm not the least bit interested in Evans. Classic case of not enough lead in his pants for a FF-worthy role (of any depth). Size (pounds) matter for RBs. Not much debate about it at this point.
  4. Yeah, situation goes to Sermon (for now). I do like Harris, but I believe Stevenson has the talent to be an NFL starter.
  5. McKissic is of zero concern long-term. Like I've said from the beginning with Gibson, don't overthink it. College play time is a different dynamic than the NFL. There's things at play that's not applicable in the pros. I'm not sure if there's a RB in the league with more upside. The question is how much of it he'll fulfill. My guess is a good chunk of it.
  6. He's a better prospect than Sermon for sure. Not that close. We can talk situation as it applies to FF, but Stevenson would've beat out Sermon if he hadn't transferred.
  7. I had two $50 bets with people here. I believe they were @Juxtatarot & @tommyGunZ. PM me & we'll figure out how to make payment arrangements.
  8. LOL. Yeah, Henry should've had a much better start to his career. I thought I was in an alternate universe when the Titans had Lewis starting over Henry. That's still one of the more bizarre things I've ever seen in the NFL.
  9. Duh. Henry is the most underutilized receiver at the RB position. He's a good enough pass-catcher to be extremely dangerous on screens & dump offs. I'm surprised it took Vrabel this long to realize it.
  10. Arians is one of the more stubborn HCs in the league. He might even be one of the worst (definitely overrated). I think back to how he handcuffed DJ for almost the whole season because something about rookies needing to earn it or not get the bighead or some such nonsense. Ridiculous. Not that RoJo is a world-beater, but wake up & smell the coffee, Bruce.
  11. Agreed. Things change fast in FF. Plus, it’s not like Gibson is in a strong situation & riding coattails.
  12. Agreed. He would’ve had to run over the DB on the 2nd TD & seriously doubt he scores on the 3rd.
  13. Those TD runs weren't gimmies. People might want to watch them again (especially the 2nd & 3rd). Plenty of RBs wouldn't score on them. Most RBs would've gotten a good chunk of yardage (2nd & 3rd), but his speed/burst allowed him to get into the end zone. Gibson eats up defensive angles & he's strong. The scary part is he's still got a lot of headroom as a developing runner & a ton of upside as a receiver.
  14. So you're talking about a random 1st? Gibson is worth quite a bit more than that, IMO.
  15. Personally, I'm holding out a fair bit of hope he'll be a stud. In fact, I sort of expect it. Ruggs' releases are pretty slick, good route runner, & he can pluck the ball. Just about everything is there but situation. I expect that to change at some point.
  16. It's puzzling, but there's no reason in hell Ruggs can't be AT LEAST a quality FF WR in time. I'm convinced he will be (& very likely more). Great buy-low candidate in dynasty leagues. His owners aren't likely to give up on him yet, but you might be able to work a bigger deal where you have to pay less on his actual value & more along the lines of his real-time value.
  17. Gibson with a nice game. Looked good, too. For one, he's hard to get on the ground. Two, he eats up defensive angles. Such a high, high ceiling considering he's hardly tapped into his receiving upside I believe Gibson will eventually be a FF stud (maybe a monster), especially as Washington's offense improves.
  18. Right answer: Something else should've been done to even out the trade instead of one team tanking (potentially affecting the playoff race). Tanking can never be a condition in a deal. Furthermore, all conditions need to be stipulated at the time of the trade or it's incomplete. Lots of options to make a legitimate deal (draft pick, player added/player swap, etc.). Plenty of ways to do it without potentially screwing other teams. It's never ok to fudge your starting lineup.
  19. Surprised this is even a discussion at FBG. The gymnastics required to legitimize sitting Thomas for Mattison (with a healthy Cook) is pretty entertaining, LOL. There were probably dynamics at play which made them want to do the trade now instead of waiting until after they play each other (like maybe a trade deadline), but that's just too bad. You can't allow not starting your best lineup (EVER). The simple reason is it can affect other teams (i.e., the playoff race). Crime committed & league integrity at stake here.
  20. The problem here is sitting an obvious player who should be started. That affects the rest of the league. It could very well be the difference in the game, possibly affecting playoff standings. No can do, especially trying to hide it. Definite punishment of some sort, IMO (not sure what without being in the league). Bottom line, teams should be required to start their best lineup (for obvious reasons). When that's not required, you better find another league.
  21. LOL. This country will always be in the middle somewhere. The nonsense will get thumped, but that doesn't mean the Senate race is insignificant.
  22. I was surprised there was so much contention who was the most talented RB coming out (regardless of situation). I thought Swift was the clear #1, but CEH going to KC threw a wrench into things. Yes, I believe KC screwed up, but as far as FF, can't bury CEH yet.
  23. Conservatives don't have to fear any nonsense (packing the court, eliminating the EC, doing away with filibuster, etc.) getting passed regardless of what happens, but this is going to be wild. I'll be witnessing it, myself (going to GA).
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