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  1. I need similar advice. I took on a mortgage almost 24 months ago; I am currently somewhere in the ballpark of 96-100% LTV. My rate is 6%. Never miss a payment - pretty good but not great credit. Not sure if there's anything I can do or not. My current lender, Chase, basically said they couldn't help me refi because the LTV was so high.
  2. Is it worth looking into or even possible to re-finance if your LTV is 100%? It appears that the decline is housing prices pretty much killed whatever equity we thought we had.
  3. Seeing the other thread titled "Marriage Advice" made me think of this. That is all.
  4. heard a little kid the other day say that their dog was cooler than curious george ... made me think of this thread. hope things are going well, MITYH.
  5. No, but thanks for asking.In reality, I am seriously considering the home DNA test recommended in this thread. Just haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. A little peace of mind never hurt.Too late now. You are already on the hook for child support.Really? I hope you are fishing here as there is no way in heck support would ever stick if he found out he was not the dad and sought the big D!There's a timeframe involved there--maybe state-by-stateWhat state?
  6. Did I mention this was one of my favorite posters?

  7. YEAH CANADA!!!!!!!

  8. I got a 2 week timeout for that Rick Roll!

  9. Posting a Rick Rolled in the FFA.

    Damn you!

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