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  1. For sure. Here's to hoping it's another year that pits #1 vs. #2
  2. Boeckman showing Prior what he needs to learn to do. That was a perfect deep pass - he's got touch and accuracy that if Prior can develop, he'll be an excellent QB
  3. Gotta feel good for Boeckman with the TD pass there He took the benching very very well and nice to see him end his career on a high note here
  4. Wow, Prior done for the day. Putting Boeckman in to salt this game away
  5. Guess not - replays sure made it look like an INT Oh well, I'll settle with the OSU TD
  6. Crap, looks like this will be an INT for Michigan - big swing for them as tOSU was about to get another TD
  7. I usually charge every couple of days with occasional internet/camera/iPod usage. It's a charge each night with heavy usage, I would guess.Enjoy your phone. Yeah, I use my iPhone pretty heavily and charge it every night with this so it isn't too much of a pain or anything
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