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  1. Funny thing is the owner receiving CMC texted asking if he should take it. I told him I'd trade Patterson straight up without a second thought, he actually got more
  2. I did the same Little more upside, as I don’t see Tampa playing from behind very often
  3. Owner with him sits at 1-5 They only thing holding me back from offering up Mixon or Swift is losing the little depth I have.
  4. Looking at 0-6 unless E Sanders goes off. So, you've been warned
  5. I'd lean AJ too I'd wait and see with Lockett with no Russ
  6. Thats the thing, I'm pretty sold on Holly....so the question was really about the short week start of AB, Cooks, or Woods
  7. My weekly wdis .2PPR need 2 Hollywood vs LAC A Brown at PHI R Woods at NYG B Cooks at IND Ive also got Boyle and Kirk as depth Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen
  8. All TDs 6 Each team must carry 2 QBs(wire is bare) Carr A Brown for S Diggs Big Ben Ben side lost Russell
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