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  1. Questionable and Monday night is what scare me Swift is firmly in my lineup
  2. He was dropped in one of my leagues this morning.
  3. Maybe he shoots them in the groin
  4. TB seems like the no brainer, so I’ll throw some bones on the boys
  5. Maybe he should have worn one of his disguises Damnit, HS already mentioned it
  6. Chubb and Mixon....could have gone Ekeler, in fact should have. Don't drink and draft
  7. Let’s just say I’m all over Joe Mixon this year
  8. Thanks I think I'll have another Rum/Coke and hit a couple more mocks.
  9. Picking 12.1 tomorrow, and he's been there in every mock I've done. I've always been a RB/RB guy...but he scares me here. Barkley/Mixon/Gibson/Harris? Carson maybe? Edit: I'm also gun-shy about him as I owned him last year.
  10. “I don’t want to change the world, I’m not looking for New England, just looking for another girl”
  11. Drafted him at 3.9 last weekend and will probably draft him again at 3.12 this weekend
  12. Scoring more than their opponent 🤷‍♂️
  13. Ruff 12 team .2 PPR all TDs 6 QB: Lamar, Carr RB: Mixon, Ekler, Swift, Drake, Bernard WR: Woods, Boyd, A Brown, Cooks, Gage TE: Hock Kickers and D
  14. It did this for me too Just run the mock out, and start over.
  15. Our league of 27 years is named after one of our original members. I always bring Heinekens with me to the draft(it's what he drank)
  16. I drafted yesterday, took Drake over Edwards late, only to hear this news as I got into my car. Meh could have should have.
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