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  1. I am serious that I think when you make a post taking a position and then end that post with a link, I expect the link to support your position. Isn't that what most people would expect?
  2. The article you linked to doesn't say anything about Pelosi getting her hair done and/or not wearing a mask. It certainly isn't in the headline.
  3. What liberal agenda? I am a conservative who never voted for a Democrat before 2018. Sorry, being firm in the belief that we should have a leader who speaks a thoughtful coherent message and does not lash out based on emotional lability is not a liberal agenda. There are many issues in which reasonable people can disagree. This is not one of them.
  4. This is absolutely insane. The idea that the person with the most powerful job in the world shouldn't be responsible for clearly communicating his ideas, and that it is ok for people to guess what they think he means, is horrifying. When someone expresses an idea it incumbent on that person to be clear in their meaning, not for the listener to try to interpret what they are trying to say. That is especially important for people in positions of authority. The use of vetted language by government officials is a good thing. It helps provide stability. When our leaders are inconsistent in their message, speak freely based on emotion rather than reasoned analysis, and say a lot of dumb things, it leads to economic volatility, harmful trade wars, escalation of tensions with nuclear powers, social unrest, and unnecessary deaths due to poorly coordinated response to disasters like a pandemic. You say that holding Trump accountable when he "misspeaks" is childish. What is really childish is allowing our country to be damaged and people to suffer so that people can fill an emotional need to have the president tell them what they want to hear, or at least something they can interpret as what they want to hear. Also the idea that Biden never speaks from the heart is ridiculous. Certainly he is a politician and parses his words from time to time. But from pretty much all accounts from both sides of the aisle he is one of the most genuine politicians in terms of saying what he thinks. That is part of the reason he does have the occasional gaffe. They just aren't on the scale or frequency that they cause incredible harm to the country.
  5. If you mean which party is responsible for violence occurring, it is obviously nonsensical to attribute the preponderance of blame to either political party. If you mean which party is responsible for magnifying the issue as a distraction from WAY more important issues like the failed response of the federal government to a generation pandemic or the repeated attempts by our president to undermine our democracy, that is obviously the Republicans.
  6. Yes that is absurd. Tell me how the physics of how the mask would affect either oxygenation or ventilation if you disagree.
  7. I am a doctor and there absolutely is not. It makes no physiologic sense. If you think it does, explain to me how that would work.
  8. Yes they are hypochondriacs. Or just fraudulent. There is not medical condition that would preclude a person from wearing a mask or cause a mask to adversely affect their respiratory status.
  9. But since you asked, yes please provide me a map. Tell me exactly which individuals are affected by wearing a mask and the physiologic basis for how it affects them.
  10. What's interesting is that for obesity, smoking, etc. you list the potential contributing factor as the cause of death. For COVID, which in most cases is likely a much more direct contributor to a death, you assume that it is just an incidental diagnosis and reduce the number of COVID deaths by some magical formula that you haven't explained. Why the inconsistency?
  11. Why many great Americans won't be voting for Donald Trump: https://www.defendingdemocracytogether.org/national-security/
  12. 1) "That's all that every happens here" is demonstrably false. While people tend to focus on the negative (a psychological issue not limited to political discussion and certainly not to liberals), there are many threads in this forum that have people espousing positive viewpoints, and some threads even dedicated completely to that. It probably is true that there are more negative posts right now than average, but most likely that is because there is a lot of horrible stuff going on right now. Whether you think it is the fault of the president or not, with more than 170,000 deaths from a historic pandemic, widespread social unrest, and the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression all happening within the last 6 months, it is hard to argue that this isn't the worst period for our country in decades. Maybe since the Civil War. 2) To me it is a very odd position to look at criticism as demonstrating a lack of love. When I see people who criticize their children more than I think is warranted, I typically don't doubt their love for the child. I may disagree that their actions are effective, but I assume that they are still trying to do what is best for their child. 3) I would think that one of the greatest signs of ACTUALLY loving America and not wrapping oneself in faux patriotism is to put country above party and/or personal interests. I see millions of everyday Americans who stay home not because they fear for themselves, but because they believe it is the right thing to do for their community, doing this. I see a number of public servants, from government employees to health care workers doing this. I see some ex-Republicans, the people associated with the Lincoln Group for instance, doing this. While I don't think it is the primary motivation of many Democratic politicians, I do even see some of them doing it. I do not see that being the case of any current Republican politicians (with maybe one or two exceptions) or of anyone who pushes false information about the pandemic. 4) Most importantly, the reason America is great is because of our core values that the country was founded on. The reason America should be loved is because it is has a foundation rooted in classical liberalism. It is great because it was created as a nation of representative government, equality between people, intellectual curiosity, etc. It has very often failed, sometimes in tragic fashion, to fully embrace and implement those core values, but the overall course of its 240+ year history is a movement toward a more perfect union through the promotion of those values. That is why me and many other people love the United States. America's greatness does not come from the Republican Party or the Democratic party, it does not come from any particular beliefs that either of those parties holds, it does not come a really high stock market, it does not come from using individualism or freedom (which on their own are good things) as a lame excuse to ignore science, and it certainly does not come from people like Donald Trump. I think that many of the people who are speaking out in the strongest terms right now understand that and it is out of love that they are so critical right now.
  13. I don't know, if there is one person who seems like he would be in touch with Stephen Stills and his point of view, it's Opie...
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