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  1. TO be fair, there needs to be more transparency up and down the system. To use me and my kids as examples: I went to a state school that wasn't that bad financially and then took out loans to be an optometrist. Those loans were about 125K and were not tax deductible. I made more than enough money to pay them off, but before I did, I used a refi of my house to pay off the loans and the refi WAS tax deductible. For my kids we had the Florida Prepaid program and they qualified for bright futures, but their grades were so good that they set their sights higher than a state school. We
  2. You do realize most of these decisions are made when the kids are under 18. SO they are signing a multiyear enforceable contract before they are eligible to vote or legally bound in any other type of contract for the most part. It is simply silly. Now, what happens if we do this? The debt goes up (the tax cut was worse than what forgiveness did to the debt) and a boatload of people in their 20-40's have more income to put into the economy. As for the people who never went to college (or the ones like me where they did but mom or dad foot the bill): They really don't care if this
  3. not really arguing the point other than a 4th rounder may be a bit low. The kid out of USC (Mills?) has a higher grade just bc he was recruited more out of college. I do think (and again arguing more with draftniks) that Trasks production makes him a better pick (IMHO)
  4. I think Trask gets a bad rap here. He's a smart player with good accuracy. His ceiling is likely chad pennington. More likely a career backup / spot starter but (as always) with the right OC he could be good. (solid ball placement).
  5. Not sure I agree with this. If you think a strong middle class is what is needed to keep this country moving, then putting a drag on peoples earnings with student loan debt really hinders that. I am fortunate enough that my kids both have degrees at really good institutions without going into debt (Daddy paid), but even with that, their job prospects are not what I expected. The fact that they are debt free gives them some options, but I can only imagine how bad it would be for them in this economy with student loan debt hanging over them. 20- 30 year olds' are buying houses late
  6. Not sure I agree with this. Let's say the phins ended up with pick #1, I see them taking Lawrence, not because of a mis-hit with Tua, but because he is supposedly a generational talent. Sewell is a generational talent, but to be fair, some say that about chase as well. Back to the topic at hand: Saints and Bucs do need a QB, but I think that they pass on it this year (Maybe Mac Jones) because I think the Saints are going to ride or die with what is on their roster and the Bucs are in a "win now" mode with Brady so likely they go RB or defense (or maybe O LIne) to keep the party go
  7. Let's really look at this. If Miami was interested in moving on from Tua after year one it means a lot of things to the local media: 1) They screwed the pooch on Herbert vs Tua. I'm not sure Grier wants to own up to that a year after taking the reigns as the GM 2) All they've done in the offseason (getting a Tua style OC and QB Coach) was all smoke. I do not see this being how they go about admitting they may have made a mistake on Tua. (and mind you, I don't think they made a mistake picking him, but herbert seems to be the better QB) IF Miami was to move on from Tua, i
  8. You never know how a team thinks, but a team like Miami can get a lot of mileage on a trade down. The Jets as well if, let's say, they fall in love with Mac Jones over the other guys at the top. Strangely, the one team I don't hear any rumors about is Denver. Atlanta, Philly, New England, San Fran, Carolina there definitely are whispers. (I think denver is slow playing the concept of someone falling to them or getting in to the watson sweepstakes) Miami, Cincy, LA Chargers and The Giants all stand to get some good value with what the QB craziness "could" be.
  9. We have 4 arguably first round style QBs this year, so who needs a QB (mac Jones is there too, but the question will be does someone take him round 1 or is he the odd man out)? Let's look at the top 15 teams in the draft and see who needs one and who may be willing to move up to get their guy? The QBs are Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, and Lance 1)Jax - Done deal. Trevor Lawrence. that leaves the other 3. 2) Jets - well, does the new regime roll with darnold and take a skill player or Sewell, or trade down? 3) Miami - Think they are sticking with Tua. 4) Atlanta -
  10. I'm a gator fan so I have some Bias here, but Pitts isn't a traditional TE. He is a Megatron like player who happens to position as TE. Again, Trask is the type of QB that can throw someone open, but Pitts is a force onto himself. As a dolphin fan, I think that Chase, Smith, and Waddle fit the profile for what the phins need better than pitts, but if you have the right kind of OC, he is a matchup nightmare.
  11. See him as Miami’s pick with their second one in the second round assuming they don’t go with najee or Travis e...
  12. DIsclaimer: While I am not a parent of anyone in Parkland, many of my friends (both high school and college) are parents of kids who went to school there and one of them had a daughter who was a senior during these events (and is friends with many of the kids in the public eye now). Many kids involved in the parkland shooting have dealt with it in different ways, as to be expected. The activists to the cause are adjacent to my Fraternity Brothers' daughter and they chose to take the trauma of this event and try to do something about it. I would not belittle them for doing so, especially
  13. I think "the golden rule" and the concept of "am I my brothers' keeper" disagree with your premise here. I know we are talking about the religious aspects of abortion here (quite narrowly), but I think those of us who are "pro-choice" would likely change our stance if the "Life and choice" parts were more spelled out. Right now, you can carry the baby to term and deal with those consequences yourself with less support from society than likely is necessary; put the child up for adoption (but only to the "right" people, not homosexuals), or have an abortion. If the first two options he
  14. I don't. It's a buzzword (Limited government). I assume manywould be perfectly ok with an "anti abortion enforcement squad" paid for by the federal government, but not with CHiP or SNaP. There are studies that show certain interventions at a young age lead to longer mortality and healthier outcomes that, if the concept of all life being sacrosanct, would be easy to be behind. Ivan, you've been on the right side of arguments here for as long as this board has existed, but that seems like a dodge to me. I don't believe in "limited government' but if I did, the programs that have the bes
  15. cool. Again, I'm not sure I agree with you on #3, because much like Guns it seems that these questions don't exist to debate a position, it is more like Guns and Abortion are sacrosanct and cannot be discussed because any negotiation of a "dividing line" is a non starter (when the abortion verbiage on the right does not include health of the mother or cases of rape and incest, its a non starter for me.) As for the last paragraph I wrote: I also disagree. You could support both government programs and private charity work. My feeling on the "only charity work" and no govt. action is to
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