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  1. Honestly, when you think about the draft pick, I understand why they made the trade they did. The phins are coming off a 10 win season and they have the abiltiy to swap picks with the 9ers. Hindsight is 20/20, but look at it from their perspective (same perspective, BTW, that Houston used in the Tunsil deal). Our team "just" missed the playoffs after a 10 win season and we are trading with a team that is in the hardest division in football and wants a rookie QB; Before the season if you asked "who would have the better record, Miami or San Fran" the answer for most would be "Miami". As it stands now, the niners only have one more win and they haven't hit the teeth of their schedule yet (and Miami's schedule gets easier here on out).. People can lament the "trading away the draft pick to move up again" but other than a few pundits (who wanted pitts or sewell), Miami made the correct move with the info they had at the time for that top pick. Now, you can argue the rest of the draft because I think they screwed up a decent amount after waddle, but the maneuvering at the top made sense to me.
  2. Sigh. Maybe you are correct, but you've been a fan long enough to see the parallels here with TUA that we had with Tannyhill. Look at Fields and Lance and even wilson and Mac. They are all having their growing pains as well. SO did Josh allen for that matter. Only guys who hit it coming out of the draft were Herbert and Murray at this point (you could say Lamar and Mahomes but both started behind a vet and had a full training camp). Everyone else (I may have missed one) is/was a work in progress. The one difference in the case of all those other players (other than, say, Rosen) Is the team had their back to try and make it work. Do you see Miami handing Tua the keys and just letting him play? The only two games I have seen so far that they have are THe game against Arizona last year and the game against new england this year to start the season.
  3. Tua is not the issue here. Waddle is not the issue here, and some have pointed out (Waldman, I think) that waddle is actually opening things up for Gesecki and Hollins bc the defense needs to account for him on every play. The issue here is coaching. Offensively, there is so much to unpack that I don't know where to start: They are basically doing to Tua what they did to Tannyhill. Poor O line play, no running game, and no trust to give the QB the ball and say "go sling it". You think they would have been any better coaching Herbert? Herbert has a decent O Line (not great, but decent) and Keenan Allen, Williams, and Eckler. Oh, and No RPOs. Tanny didn't get any and now Tua doesn't really get any either. This coaching staff likely gets Herbert killed and we are talking about Tua lighting it up in San Diego. I am no O-Line coach either, but most great O Lines in history don't have their linemen playing "musical positions" week to week. We have so much draft Capital sunk into the line position that perhaps its not the scouts (maybe its the scouts) but when was the last time we had an O line coach that wasn't out of football after he left the fins? Our WR room was such an issue last year that we picked Waddle and brought in fuller (who was always hurt and guess what, is hurt again!). Now add all that to the fact the defense has REGRESSED and let's still blame this on the QB. Tua had one bad pass last week. Everyone else came up short (Especially Gesecki running 7 yard routes when we need 8). Now, Watson can play with a crappy o line and tends to elevate players with his ability to extend plays, but to gut the team for that (and a suspension most likely) seems like a backward thinking proposition. I'll take it if they do it bc why not, at least we can go back to losing 30-28 with watson back there. EDIT TO ADD: You know what is going to happen here, right? Flo will keep his job but grier will lose his. Then next year we have a new GM but the coach sucks so we fire Flo and the GM then picks the new coach. The never ending ferris wheel of crap will continue.
  4. I disagree. IF Tua is going to have a big week, this is the week I think (depending on how his ribs hold up, of course). Tua's best game last year was against a very suspect Arizona defense. 248 yards, 2 TDs, and 35 rushing yards. Now, that being his "best" game is not a high water mark but it is as a serviceable QB for both the NFL and Fantasy. Jacksonville's Defense is worse, the dolphin Defense has been shaky (at best) so a shootout may happen, and London games are always a little odd. As a dolphin fan, I do want to see what happens. Tua is not Brisett (mr checkdown) so he will try to air the ball out a little.
  5. Ok, so now we are playing the straw man argument. The two things you mentioned are NOT VACCINES. Many medications get FDA approval only to be overturned because of many unsuspected side effects that didn't come up in clinical trial. Hell, I know of a Contact Lens solution that got FDA approval but ended up causing fungal infections in patients eyes. You know what? STILL NOT A VACCINE! I will stipulate that I was concerned with the vaccine before the data came in and before the roll out. Not because of the politics of it, but because anything rushed to market could be problematic. My mind was changed when the Data came out as incredibly as it did. I can see if the best option we could come up with was what JNJ made: 60+ percent protective, 90+ percent avoiding hospitalization but with some side effects that could be life threatening. Thankfully both Pfizer and Modena were light years better than that. Now its just either peoples politics or narcissism (I know more than the so called experts) that keep them from the vaccine. To boil it down to a final point about VACCINES: Let's assume that there is a link between certain vaccines and autism (there isn't but lets say there is). Is autism better than POLIO?
  6. Doubtful. You can try to blame covid vaccinations for all “normal crap you’d die from” if covid never existed but vaccines work covid or otherwise. as for me, my family, and staff and the docs who work with me: 20+ people vaccinated, sore arm and chills the evening of the second dose was the only reported side effect.
  7. Edwards seems like someone who has the opportunity to blow up soon. Like so many of those players who have “just missed” moments. These first 5 weeks have seen a TD called back, an overthrow, and some other minor plays that would make the difference between a startable player and someone sitting on your bench doing nothing. the problem here, simply, is volume. The difference between edwards and , say, mclaurin, is one sees 3 targets and the other sees 10+. What gets edwards to 10 targets? Likely only an injury to renfrow.
  8. Funny contrast between urban and dan Mullen (current gators coach) and the concept of a college coach understanding the job when coming to the nfl (jimmy johnson) is that you have to stay cocky in the face of losses. I’d love Mullen to stay with the gators forever, but if he went to the pros he has a better skill set than Meyer simply bc he has lost in college a bit and is egotistical enough to believe the wins will come eventually. Same with jimmy. He was an amazing coach in college but he understood “building a program”. Urban seems to have forgotten that and since he is not a “system” guy (like spurrier was or kings berry is ) so he just thinks “I’ll plug and play and we will win w a great qb”. He got spoiled going to UF which had a solid recruiting base before he got there and then Ohio state which is always top 5. It takes more than one or two “recruiting cycles” to build a winner in the nfl Meyer is on the way to a Saban like failure in the nfl, not because he likely can’t do it, but because he doesn’t have the patience to build it. jimmy went 1-15 his first year. Arizona had, what, 4 wins in the first year of kyler Murray and ck? Any coach who thinks he can take a team picking first in that years draft and make them an instant contender (and have too thin a skin to see what’s what) is deluding themselves.
  9. Maybe. Joe Biden is basically a “juice cleanse “. The most viable candidate to be able to beat trump, who connects with the working class voter, and isn’t out there on the farther left side of the dem party (Bernie). He also is not trump in any way, shape, or form. Deeply empathic, not flashy, and understands policy inside and out from all his experience in government. the right tried to frame him as senile, his son as a criminal, and his actions as “creepy”, all as a contrast to trump (but strangely trump tics all the same boxes but more so) and that is what the Trumpland base is clinging to. the next cycle will either have “trump Biden II” or it will have trump surrogate vs Biden surrogate and the surrogate war will be a turnout battle.
  10. Not a fan of Crenshaw, because of his stance, not his service. Can't argue with that. I think the player you are missing here is Ivanka. I'm not saying she is politically savvy or even a great choice. I'm saying if Trump decides not to run (and other than trying to stay out of jail I don't see a compelling reason for him to run again), I don't see him "lending his brand" to another presidential candidate that isn't in the "Trump Swamp". Therein lies the rub: Who can co-opt the MAGAheads without making an enemy of Trumpworld? Nikki tried it, but failed. Likely DOA as a candidate but in my mind the biggest threat to the left on a ticket. Desantis may not even win his State again for Governor. If he loses that election, the "LOSER" tag will be all the MAGAheads need to not vote for him. If he wins, then he is in play, but he is more about "co-opting" the brand and then making it his own and no way Trump lets him do that. The left (and I am firmly on the left) has a simple problem they need to solve before the next election cycle: LEARNING HOW TO ADVERTISE THEIR WINS (as well as learning how to "re-frame" their losses). Biden was right on Afghanistan (testimony is bearing that out), but he let the optics sink his poll numbers; Trump would have come up with some excuse and then some "distraction" on twitter to change the narrative. Same with the Hatians at the border fiasco. Trump likely "doubles down" there. Not sure where the left's "propaganda" team is at but for the past, what, 16 + years the right has been eating their lunch at that table.
  11. Thought about the pickup bc of the news but decided not to. Not that I don’t love him but simply that he’s not going to decide my season on any team at this point. I’m rooting for him, but even if he took all the mecole usage he is still a wr 4 at best.
  12. Tonight I thought the stafford join in with Peyton and Eli was fantastic. Lebron was good too. The fact is the Manning bros have a connection to so many qbs bc of the Manning academy and playing that it makes for a fun watch.
  13. Pretty interesting reactions here and here is my take. We have a lot of smart football people here who follow the dolphins. For many years we would look at the coaching and fo staff and think, hey, I can do a better job running this team than they can. In the past 20 years (post Marino) I have said that about every coach/gm combination except 2: parcells/sporano and now Grier/flo. we do need to take a beat and realize they have built a pretty darn good defense that only gets its ### handed to it by the very elite qbs and even then they flummoxed the rams and kyler Murray last year while giving mahomes fits in the early part of that game. Only josh allen seems to be immune to the dolphins D. as for the offense. Well, the curse of the Miami o line continues. When was the last time we had a really good o line? Ricky Williams? All the draft capital we have thrown at it and nothing. Tunsil was all world and our line still sucked. Pouncey? They got us at guard. Incognito? Hey let’s haze the other rookie. Coke and a stripper? Check. They basically cleaned house and brought in a bunch of young guys and rather than setting them at a position and coaching them up they keep moving everyone around. I don’t know much about coaching an oline but Jesus Mary and Joseph I do know a line works best when they all have a set spot and learn to work together like a closed fist. Not an open palm.
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