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  1. Thought about the pickup bc of the news but decided not to. Not that I don’t love him but simply that he’s not going to decide my season on any team at this point. I’m rooting for him, but even if he took all the mecole usage he is still a wr 4 at best.
  2. Tonight I thought the stafford join in with Peyton and Eli was fantastic. Lebron was good too. The fact is the Manning bros have a connection to so many qbs bc of the Manning academy and playing that it makes for a fun watch.
  3. Pretty interesting reactions here and here is my take. We have a lot of smart football people here who follow the dolphins. For many years we would look at the coaching and fo staff and think, hey, I can do a better job running this team than they can. In the past 20 years (post Marino) I have said that about every coach/gm combination except 2: parcells/sporano and now Grier/flo. we do need to take a beat and realize they have built a pretty darn good defense that only gets its ### handed to it by the very elite qbs and even then they flummoxed the rams and kyler Murray last year while giving mahomes fits in the early part of that game. Only josh allen seems to be immune to the dolphins D. as for the offense. Well, the curse of the Miami o line continues. When was the last time we had a really good o line? Ricky Williams? All the draft capital we have thrown at it and nothing. Tunsil was all world and our line still sucked. Pouncey? They got us at guard. Incognito? Hey let’s haze the other rookie. Coke and a stripper? Check. They basically cleaned house and brought in a bunch of young guys and rather than setting them at a position and coaching them up they keep moving everyone around. I don’t know much about coaching an oline but Jesus Mary and Joseph I do know a line works best when they all have a set spot and learn to work together like a closed fist. Not an open palm.
  4. I’m with you there, but I think Allen and Herbert are part of the issue here as well. Maybe especially Herbert. Now, who is to say that had the phins taken Herbert over tua that this regime may not have been able to screw Herbert up too, but dolphin fans will take a 40-38 loss over a 17-16 win.
  5. The comparison to Brees may be more apt than most people think. Brees had pocket issues when he first started in the NFL (I think I remember Jason taylor saying "You always know where he is in the pocket, 7 steps back then 2 up" when they played early in his career) and I think Tua is still adjusting. However, much like another of Brees' contemporaries (Jay Fiedler) I believe competition at all positions is a good thing. I wanted the Phins to draft Tua and Hurts last year and see what happens. I actually believe you should keep drafting a position until you find the right player and two in the same draft isn't a sin anymore (look at Cousins for instance). At this point, you see what Brisett does, how tua responds when he comes back, and then also kick the tires on all the QBs who are out there in 2022.
  6. Look, I’m as big a tua backer as you will find around here, but when looking at other qbs drafted around him now (2 years running ) tua is missing something. You can call it the oline, but if kyler was back there would we think that? Watson? Fields? Mac Jones even? Tua has all the accuracy in the world but he seems slow in his reads and doesn’t really try and escape the pocket when running lanes open up. Dolphin fans are used to gunslingers. That’s the bar we set. I think we are going qb shopping this off-season if not sooner. (Now, let’s be honest, if Rodgers even sniffs wanting to come down here id go for him over Watson and the picks it would take to get him. Hell, id send pat Riley to go close the deal rather than Grier)
  7. I’m sure one of the stat heads here can serve up a mention in terms of #1 overall vs being in the top 5 etc, but this was the year that I understood why people in ffpc were taking Kelce #1 overall over cmac. i think Maurile had a thread a long time ago about “confidence” in being the overall #1. While I didn’t have the stones in my local league to pass on cmac (and I made sure to draft chubba all over the place) I did question the dalvin cmac 1/2 group think for a bit leading up to the pick.
  8. Hear me out on this one. The rb situation in Tampa seems to be settling in a bit but this week they bat the rams in a pretty great game for defenses and offenses to be honest. the rams and bucs both have dynamic offenses and defenses so this may be the one week where Tampa may actually trail and Brady may be in the gun a bit more bc of the rams rush. That really kind of leads to Gio being the go to back in this one. the counter argument is that teams have been able to run on the rams but does that seem like the game plan Tampa would go with here, or stick with if they were down a TD. if any week is going to be a gio week it should be this one, right?
  9. One hopes. Someone dropped goedert in the league where I have amari, so I’m covered for Monday night. Was leaning ced but if amari is not 100% but “gives it a go” both players may be useless this week.
  10. Assuming he is on the wire (not in any of my leagues) he’s likely about a 60% of your faab budget guy depending on the cmac news. If he is on a team, I expect Royce to go for about 30% of faab tops with the range being 10-30%.
  11. agreed. I was a little worried that freeman was going to look better and screw all my chubba shares, but he looked just ok. I see a 70-30 split likely if cmac is out for an extended period. I also know that I likely will have few Royce shares bc all the wise guys and haters are going to pay up for freeman now.
  12. I the one league that I had the first pick I took cmac, but as I said in a different thread (the ffpc one) once rbs start to have issues they tend to keep having issues. Also, how many rbs have stayed as the #1 overall player for more than 3 years?
  13. I just bought him as a throw in on a fairly large deal bc I think his talent is too good to go on being ignored. I love deebo and kittle as well, but when a player has separation talent all they need is volume. I’m willing to bet volume will come.
  14. forgot about adding felton to the list. Listed as a RB, but playing out of the slot.
  15. They run the ball... ALOT Their WRs are banged up... TO HELL They have two decent TEs, but THEY RUN A LOT! OBJ might play, but that's a big if. Both Higgins and DPJ have shown they can do the job, but snap counts with no targets = No Bueno. What about NJUKO? Anyone want to plant a flag here (other than avoid the whole mess).
  16. EDit for the rookie mistake of putting the wrong team in the matchup. Dallas is playing Philly (I somehow read NYG) Ok, so Amari is questionable and its a monday night game, so you have to make a decision on the following players (or not): We will assume CEEDEE, Devonte Smith, and likely Reagor all rostered for the WR position, and the usual suspects are all rostered at RB (Assuming a flex), a Goedert and likely Ertz at TE. SO: Ced Wilson and Quez Watkins are the choices at WR (Maybe Reagor if he is there), and Jarwin or SHultz at TE. Maybe gainwell (also flexz) Wilson seems to be "next man up" so my thought would be to roster him, We likely know more by sunday, but who would you want if things are still cloudy?
  17. Not sure if you can add this to the column, but “near misses”. Alan Robinson just missed out on catching a deep ball for a TD from fields in his game or edwards had a TD called back by a phantom holding penalty in Vegas, etc.
  18. Any thoughts on the Cleveland wr situation? Higgins or people’s Jones?
  19. Commish in 2 leagues. One for 20+ years and the other I took over for the old commish about 2 years ago. In 3 other leagues (fpc, ffpc, and another home league) The job is just fine if you have the right group of players who understand this isn’t my day job and stuff will come up that we didn’t prepare for (ie COVID) and that I am more interested in running a fair league than winning the league. sometimes you get an owner who wants to litigate everything or wants to see something nefarious in any commish ruling. Those years are not very fun and running a draft room while running your own draft can sometimes lead to mistakes, but, truth be told, watching someone else commish when I know I can do a better job is more maddening than just doing it myself.
  20. I appreciate this take for sure. I went kind of the opposite. Had a solid top 4 picks and got to the 5th with Davis there. Looked at the guys around him and said "He has the best volume upside of this group" so I went there. I did take Sermon two rounds later (and Sony Michel and Chubba) So I am "hedging" that if Davis falters some of these dart throws may replace him but that's the way a draft usually breaks for RBs. You can get a sure fire starter and he gets torpedoed on his third carry (marlon mack) and the future is now. I at least know Davis starts the season as the starter.
  21. Joe, this seems like a very "wisdom of the crowd" type question, but I'll answer it a few ways. First: Bye weeks: Cook is week 7, Cmac Week 13. So, now, depending on the league this may matter. In FFPC, I see some people taking neither and going with Kelce bc who wants their bellcow on a bye for the playoffs. For leagues that did not adjust to this "wrinkle" the NFL threw at us, Cook may be the lean. If not, then CMAC. (In my home league with the #1 pick I am taking CMAC but I think that there are 3 or 4 guys that may beat him for the #1 back if things go right for them) Second: How many leagues are you in, and how many of them do you have the first pick. You may want to hedge. Third: Buying the backup. If you are a handcuff guy, then before the season you had to pay up for Mattison but you didn't have a real indicator of CMAC backup so you could gamble. Now they are both priced pretty close so this is negated (but it does enter into the next tier debate with Kamara, Jones, EE, etc.) Finally: Just your gut. CMAC had a two year window of success and then had the injury. Usually RBs don't stay in the "top player" spot for a long lifespan while Cook has recovered from early dings in his career and is ascending. I feel that we are almost "herd mentality" priced into taking CMAC bc we don't want to look dumb if we had the chance to take him and passed. Cook requires a few things to be your #1 pick: Balls to plant your flag, the ability to not second guess yourself on making this call, and finally the will to pull that trigger. I think this is (again) why we see Kelce being bought up #1 in FFPC a lot. People do not want to bet it all on CMAC, but Cook is not a perfect hedge either.
  22. Seems that Both Mac and Tua play better at speed than traditionally. I think McDaniels has recognized this. I hope Miami realizes the same thing.
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