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  1. I spent 40% of my budget on him. We use NFL.com for our league so I can't tell how badly I overbid but I shot my shot.
  2. Dude I think I speak for all of us here in saying that if you could get command of anything, the FBI, US Marshals, NSA, CIA, NATO, a gosh darned 7-Eleven, it would be ####### amazing, don't stop and welcome back!
  3. Punk has the bigger overall fan impact coming in, but Danielson is by far the more impactful signing as far as in ring product. What a match. I have a ####ty memory, but that is one of the best singles matches I've seen I AEW. Classic slow burn wrasslin
  4. I haven't been watching RAW, like at all, but I checked out the title match. Big E is a heel??
  5. LOL @ the auto correct to gosh darn Oh Joe this board is so wholesome
  6. gosh darn. That was just different. Made AEW feel like it really entered the big league.
  7. Such a slippery slope. Of course, child porn is awful. Who in their right mind would argue against any method to eliminate it? Nobody! Not even the pedos because that would out them. Of COURSE we should protect the children by scanning everyone's saved images on the Apple cloud (or whatever). But we all know it never, EVER stops there. Once the power is given, or more appropriately, taken... it's not given back. And maybe a few iterations down the road they're searching for #### a lot of us really don't think is reasonable or appropriate. But guess what, too late, you can't get that toothpaste back in the tube my friend.
  8. Two great calls on Madison burgers. Especially the Plaza. I worked like two blocks from there for a number of years. Ate lunch there fairly often
  9. Lol no he's not dude. Not bitter that is. If he really is banned that is all good for him
  10. I see your point to an extent. But pretty silly to use some of the best wrestlers in the history of the business as a comparison. Let me know the next time Gage wrestles a 60 min broadway. But noone's doing that these days, so that's as bad a comparison as putting Gage in a category with those guys.
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