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  1. I dig him man, he's got a great look and it seems like he can go.
  2. what was the last movie you're referencing?
  3. So what is the prequel to this one you guys are talking about? Skull Island? I haven't been watching any of these but the preview looks good
  4. This is super helpful I'm looking at both, and in reading comparisons, people are saying that the C2 ergonomics are better for the lower back due to the seat being pitched forward slightly. I do tend to have lower back pain at times. Did you not find that with trying both? Or for you I take it the ergonomics were just fine with the waterrower? The quietness of the water does appeal to me.
  5. I'm not really familiar with all the bullet club story lines from the various promotions so if they want to bring it to AEW I'm down. What I'm not down with is the fact that we are over a year in on Dynamite, and I don't think the wrestling has really improved all that much. It's way too sloppy way too often, way too spot monkey heavy, it's just not the quality I'd expect to see on a prime time national promotion. They have a lot of really good young talent but gosh darn are they green green green, and I don't think they are in the right place to actually learn how to wrestle. Co
  6. Hey, those of you who have home rowers, what model do you have? Thinking about starting. I'm on a wait list for a Concept2 but not sure if I want to spend that much or wait that long.
  7. Congrats on having better options I guess?
  8. Disagree. Strong move and one they had to make for multiple reasons. Bledsoe was a playoff disaster and getting a two way player the caliber of Holiday and moving off Bledsoe's contract is a fantastic move. He might not be a "big name" but he's a fantastic two way player and if the trade would have been the same but it was Westbrook instead of Holiday I'd be shaking my head today. As someone else mentioned you almost have to include Giannis on the list of returns for the Bucks in the trade. They shot their shot and we'll see how it plays out.
  9. Howdy race fans! Yeah, so I just got talked into a 10 man pick em race league this year with friends and I don't know #### about racing Any of you gear heads mind giving me some tips each week when I know what drivers have already been picked? I pick 4th for Daytona. Will I know ahead of time which racer has tires that are matched perfect and staggered special so they hold on the outside of turn 4?? Cause I'll probably just pick that dude every week.
  10. I completely agree. I'm much closer to a casual MCU fan than a hardcore one so this would probably push me away rather than draw me in.
  11. I mean, Bruce Banner should have died from the gamma radiation he absorbed, but he's the Hulk instead. Danvers absorbed the power instead of being killed by it.
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