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  1. I haven't been watching RAW, like at all, but I checked out the title match. Big E is a heel??
  2. LOL @ the auto correct to gosh darn Oh Joe this board is so wholesome
  3. gosh darn. That was just different. Made AEW feel like it really entered the big league.
  4. Such a slippery slope. Of course, child porn is awful. Who in their right mind would argue against any method to eliminate it? Nobody! Not even the pedos because that would out them. Of COURSE we should protect the children by scanning everyone's saved images on the Apple cloud (or whatever). But we all know it never, EVER stops there. Once the power is given, or more appropriately, taken... it's not given back. And maybe a few iterations down the road they're searching for #### a lot of us really don't think is reasonable or appropriate. But guess what, too late, you can't get that toothpaste back in the tube my friend.
  5. Two great calls on Madison burgers. Especially the Plaza. I worked like two blocks from there for a number of years. Ate lunch there fairly often
  6. Lol no he's not dude. Not bitter that is. If he really is banned that is all good for him
  7. I see your point to an extent. But pretty silly to use some of the best wrestlers in the history of the business as a comparison. Let me know the next time Gage wrestles a 60 min broadway. But noone's doing that these days, so that's as bad a comparison as putting Gage in a category with those guys.
  8. Eh, I didn't watch it back then. But I'm also older and more crotchety these days
  9. I can't believe Jericho trusted him with a pile drver after Gage could barely, and I mean barely get him up for what maybe passed as something resembling a falcon arrow.
  10. Tony Kahn is a ####### mark with daddy's money. Promoter of the year? . I can't believe they put that garbage on a national promotion and that Jericho agreed to do it. Garbage. Mudshow. Bull####. Gage is nothing but a prop wrestler. What can he do without sharp objects? Nothing. Danielson and Punk agreed to come into this promotion?! Why?? Really, why?
  11. It's in the mail. Thank you, #### you, bye!
  12. Good lord. Nick Gage?! . It is so clear TK either doesn't believe himself, or has been convinced by Mox and others that they can't compete with WWE heads up on a wrestling level. So here we go to the mud show bull####
  13. Man, that was awesome. To see Giannis ball out like that, and freaking hit 17 of 19 free throws?! I mean come on man. What a performance. They, we, deserved this one. EVERYTHING lined up for us during the run. Maybe we're better than the Nets, maybe not. Maybe a full strength Clippers team is too much. But MAYBE NOT. Adding Tucker and Holiday and Portis to a lesser extent were championship moves. Let's run it back brochachos!
  14. I want to like AEW so much. But they make it hard so often with the in ring product.
  15. Bucks matches in particular aren't wrestling. It's a bunch of moves strung together. And at least in AEW they don't do it well enough to hide that fact, when so often it's not just that it's moves strung together but also the timing is #### so it's also standing around and waiting for your opponent to get in the right spot in order to do the next move you planned backstage.
  16. Man I wish the Bucks coach was still alive, I'd favor them to steal one tonight.
  17. I'd rather get it on pc, but I'll keep an eye out here. Maybe I could pick it up on Xbox if we have enough players.
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