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  1. Seems like Gordon has the starter locked for Denver. Not sure Singletary gets much in a pass heavy offense. Thoughts?
  2. DPLS CEO interview should be released this week. Up Listing to OTCQB hopefully this week as well. Many strategic partnerships and recent hirings as well.
  3. Still in on DPLS. Just shy of 1M shares. Been adding the last few months. The PR this week and next is going to make this go up substantially. May be last chance to get in under a nickel. Tech is next level and ties to government contracts could lead to Nasdaq listing in the next year. Ground level opportunity. Full disclosure. I’m not a financial expert.
  4. Trying to buy IMJX on Fidelity but getting the error message “Opening transactions for caveat emptor are not permitted because of the risks associated with the securities and all microcap securities.” His do you buy these types of stocks?
  5. What is everybody doing with DPLS and UNVC? So much red the past week.
  6. Two WR plus a flex, so three max.
  7. I am strong at WR with Lockett, JuJu and Theilen. Have Burrow who's clunker cost me a critical win this week. Brady seems to be hitting a groove. Minnesota is leaning on Cook. Pull the trigger?
  8. Bell goes against his old team. Wondering if he goes off today. Green has been serviceable lately. What do you think?
  9. 6 pt per TD. .5 pt per 10 yd. Minshew is hot.
  10. North Central Wisconsin. Wausau is our main market, but YouTube TV gives us Green Bay for now. Fox Sports Wisconsin is included so you will get all the Brewer games. Plus you should get all the local Milwaukee stations.
  11. You are welcome. I have had the chance to compare Hulu and YouTube TV quite a bit over the past week. Just last night I was comparing the Brewer game on both formats. YouTube TV is much clearer for sports on Fox Sports Wisconsin. I have not watched any other sporting events on Hulu though. This is due to the fact that only certain channels on Hulu are at 60fps. Most of the streaming platforms have 30fps and 60fps channels. Hulu does not have 60fps for Fox Sports Wisconsin on the Roku platforms. They do have it on the Fire TV platform though. Based on that I believe I will stay with YouTube TV after my Hulu trial expires this week. but the beauty of streaming TV is that you can switch platforms anytime you want. I most likely will switch over time to several different options.
  12. Thanks! This makes Hulu a bit more attractive since that is really all I watch NBC for. If they would only add AMC before Better Call Saul starts in August...
  13. Since posting this last week, I have put my Dish account on pause for 3 months. I started a trial of Hulu Live TV alongside my YouTube TV. At first I hated it on Roku due to no channel guide. Tried it today on my Fire TV box, which has a guide on their platform, and I really like it. Adds HGTV and Food channels, plus 3 of 4 locals for us. No AMC or NBC though which could be a deal breaker. I think I can stream Sunday Night Football on NBCSC though? Can anyone confirm? I like both options at the moment and will have a tough decision in a week in which to keep.
  14. I am actually doing the free trial for YouTube TV and DirecTV Now for a week. I tried PSVue when it first came out, and found that it was lacking. I recently got a Vizio 65 in E series "monitor". It does not have a tuner so I cannot simply run coax from an HD antenna to get my local channels, which are spotty due to the distance to the towers. So, local channels are am important part of the equation. YouTube TV has all network channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and even CW). The locals are from Green Bay WI, which is about 90 min away, but not a big deal. DirecTV Now does not offer any local options for me at this time. 1 point for YouTube. The YouTube interface is very intuitive, and follows their YouTube online format closely, so if you like that, you will like YouTube TV. It feels very light and quick. No lags. DirecTV Now has a more complicated look and feel, and is very laggy (moreso on my Roku Streaming Stick+ vs my Fire TV box). Another point for YouTube. Channel selection. YouTube TV offers one option, and is missing several channels that I may or may not miss over time (HGTV, FOOD Network, etc.). It does have a good selection of channels I actually do watch though, including Fox Sports WI sand the Big Ten channel. DirecTV Now has several channel packages, depending on the channels you need. I like the flexibility of changing packages depending on the channels I want at the time. For instance, I would need to get the $60 package with the NBA channel during that season since my son is a big fan. On the flip side, YouTube has that channel in their lineup already for $40. Hopefully YouTube adds more channels in the future, but for now, a point for DirecTV Now. DVR capabilities. YouTube TV has unlimited recording, but apparently there is some uproar about the recording actually reverting to the VOD of the show which is a big deal to some people. Not me. I like how easy it is to navigate to the recording in your library. For DirecTV Now, it is a similar experience, but I have not played back many recordings on either to be honest. DirecTV Now does limit your recordings to 20 hours in their beta, which is a deal breaker for my wife. Another point for YouTube TV. Ease of use. This is a big one, since my experiment with PSVue a while back failed to launch because my wife and kids could not navigate the menu and guide. Fast forward almost two years and we have a YouTube TV interface that looks and feels like YouTube. Everyone in my household is an expert on YouTube so they "get" this right away. Again, it is very fast and the screen is organized so logically. The guide is refreshing, with big icons showing the channel and show. It really makes it easy to use. DirecTV Now has improved from last year, but the whole interface is dark and very busy. I love technology but find myself struggling to figure out how to get back to the guide or find my recordings. Not as intuitive as YouTube TV. And another point for YouTube TV. Picture quality. Both are better than Dish. Period. I watched the same program, switching from Dish to YouTube TV to DirecTV Now. YouTube TV and DirecTV Now were considerably clearer pictures. And the sound was better too. A couple of disclaimers. I am using a new Roku Streaming Stick+ for these trials. Since Google and Amazon cannot get along, I cannot use the two Fire TV boxes that I own to test out YouTube TV. The Roku is 4K ready and is very fast with WiFi, even faster than my Fire TV box that is hard wired. And no buffering at all. I have 60 Mbps with Spectrum, but have had no problem with buffering or blur so far on either YouTube it DirecTV Now. The simple Roku remote is great and controls my TV volume and on and off. Second disclaimer, I am heavily invested in Google products, including Android phones, Google Home speakers and the Google Assistant. With that said, YouTube TV just seems like a better product. I am currently with Dish Network, paying about $120 per month for their Top 20 plus HBO, with a few credits expiring in July. As mentioned, there are a lot of channels there that I don't watch. YouTube TV is $40 plus another $15 for HBO Now puts me at $55 per month. DirecTV Now ranges from $40 to $65 including HBO for $5 a month. So half or less than what I'm paying now. Plus no weather outages with streaming, which have been a lot with Dish with the storms we have been having lately. Plus I could get rid of the dish on my roof. Streaming has come a long way in the past two years. These two options are very good, but I am finding YouTube TV to be the better product so far. I can afford to pay the higher cost of Dish, but why should I? I hope this post helps anyone who has questions about making the move to streaming.
  15. In our PPR league I was in the Sammy Watkins thread #####ing about benching him Thu night. Well guess who I benched him for? Yep, Chris Thompson. So happy to get these kind of points from a guy I drafted in the last couple rounds. Happy to flex him each week and ride the wave!
  16. Sat him tonight after two weeks of nothing. Of course he blows up.
  17. Saw It last night with the wife. Horror is not usually my genre but I really liked it. The kids and 80's setting gave it a Goonies feel but on a horror level. Felt like an 80's movie. Definitely had several startling moments and I felt chills a few times. Well worth the price of admission. Looking forward to chapter two.
  18. Another strong episode. Lady's story about losing her kids coupled with the piano score that has been the theme song was very powerful. Must see TV for me.
  19. Absolutely. The development of Kevin from year 1 to 2 and now 3 is excellent. Another HBO lead character home run. The actor is excellent.
  20. Was the theme song from Perfect Strangers show that they alluded to with Mark Lin Baker? I was really hating the song when it started the show off. To cheesy. I thought this episode was a bit of a drop off from last week.
  21. Saw this tonight. Very solid story. Dark and very violent. Lots of swearing. Not your typical X-men movie. Would recommend.
  22. After 4 months with PS Vue and ota antenna, I'm going to Dish. For about $20 more a month I get their top 200 tier with free HBO for a year. I am located between two cities that carry the locals and I had trouble getting clear reception consistently, especially in bad weather. Only took one time of NFL cutting out to get me thinking about it. As for PS Vue, the streaming quality is good on my fire tv box that is hard wired to my modem, but the quality and sound is not on par with Dish or Directv. So I made calls to both this week. DTV would not offer me any of their new customer deals since I was a recent customer and got a deal last July. Go f*** yourself Directv. I signed up with Dish at less the cost and a price that is locked in for 2 years. Plus the hopper 3 dvr is supposed to be far superior to Directv. So it was a learning experience for me. Streaming may be the future, but the lower quality, buffering and lack of dvr features have killed it for me for now. The convenience of having a lot more channels, high picture quality and sound, a great dvr and all my locals in one product and one place is well worth the $20 extra. Dish install is tomorrow.
  23. Limited to two streams makes this a non-starter for me along with no DVR until later in 2017. PS Vue is working for me right now. $5 HBO is a nice perk though. Good to see competition in this arena.
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