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  1. A couple of the catches were bad throws, his hands are glue. He should be the “Malcom Michell” on this offense with the ineptitude I’m seeing. Runs very good routes and has the best release of any Wr (along with Edelman) on the team.
  2. Sell high? lol he hasn’t even gotten a TD this year. You can relax, I think the Tds are coming as he has competent QB play with some quality WR’s.
  3. I fully expect fresh legs Damien Harris to get traction in the 2nd half. Burkhead has never stayed healthy and we all know about Michel’s knee. Harris,Hill,singletary, and Henderson look like the best backs talent wise in the rookie pool. Perry will get the starting gig sometime this year , he is one of the RB’s that can be a 4 down workhorse. I think Carson is a JAG who fumbles left and right. Superior first round talent Perry will takeover.
  4. The stature? uhhh those guys break tackles, especially Kamara and always move the pile forward. He simply isn’t strong enough or durable enough to be a lead back. His 10 carries and 19 yds would normally bury teams that played him, bailed out by 2 tds. Outplayed by Jwill.
  5. yes I have and seeing the 214 picked player in the 2019 as the next messiah of this group is stretched . He is available in my league and I rather have Penny and J Jackson over him
  6. Well you are the one who is misguided. There are very few at that size out of the dozens and dozens that will last. His injury history has proven that. Deal with it
  7. Yeah right except Jones isn’t anywhere near the caliber you those 2. Also, those other 2 can actually last an entire season. I could care less how long he’s been, it sure as hell doesn’t mean he understands RB talent. Talent always wins and he’s just a can.
  8. Rbbc all year long.. none of the 4 are special and McCoy is on the end of the road Jamaal Charles side
  9. Seriously comparing garbage like Jones to Kamara and Mccaffrey? You hate hate to see it.... lmao newb
  10. Real rbs break tackles and are built to last. Watch more football, I went thru this same nonsense last year with Alex Collins. Jones will be relegated to backup once Gb figures this out
  11. The smart people are holding on as he will be a great 2nd half play as the weather gets colder. This guy smells like a stud on the best running team in the NFL
  12. Now he will sign with the Patriots - who doesn't see this
  13. Yep, he isn’t built to be a real Rb. Too many people on this board liked Jones and that was the sign. He was on my do not draft list
  14. It’s funny people are worried about Gurley’s knee but ignore Michel’s? I think his knee is worse but if they can manage his workload properly, he should get be top 10. Fournette, Penny, and to a lesser extent Henry are the only other real talent on this thread that have a chance. The others mentioned are average or below and will likely forgotten as better prospects come.
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