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  1. lemonade is so good take that to the bank brohans
  2. i think no one even cares about ben simmons in here we just really like making bad puns and he is unfortunately for him the catalyst take that to the bank brohans
  3. i would like externals more if it did not have homewrecker jolie in it i will never forgive her for what she did to brad and jen who should still be together making all of our lives better take that to the bank brohans
  4. he definitely seems like the type of guy to say something ridiculous that he doesn't actually believe, have people challenge him on it and then ride his statement to the grave so i'd guess he's not caving maybe he is trying to get kicked out of the league but then come back and win when he is really old like in the movie uncle drew and when he does and he teaches us the true meaning of the game all you youngbloods will thank him for it all to the sounds of flashlight by parliment take that to the bank bromigo
  5. i will say this uncle drew is a movie i really enjoy its not top 10 for me or anything like that but it is a good flick and i really like irvings game when it is right but man he is far out on some of his stuff just far out man take that to the bank brohans
  6. anything i say here will get me in trouble take that to the bank brohans
  7. But then where would Wisconsin's brightest students go to get a good college education? it wouldnt impact them take that to the bank brohan
  8. in wisconsin we all talk crap about minnesota but it isnt behind your back we just tell the truth that minnesota should be bulldozed in to a huge crater filled with water and turned into a bass fishin hole take that to the bank brohans
  9. ben simmons plays great defense that is the truth and i honestly think the best place for ben would be san antonio by a long shot he could get his shot fixed like they did for so many others down there and get his confidence back from a truly good coach in pop but i am betting that isnt in the cards but i hope wherever he goes he can make some changes and succeed take that to the bank brohans
  10. i am sorry that disappointed you fillibuster bot please accept my apologies but i still like me some captain marvel take that to the bank brochacho
  11. it would be cool if they did a special on this decision and it ended up that the big reveal is that lebron is going to south beach again but this time he is going on the south beach diet because he has gained 175 pounds but it doesnt work and we are all treated to seeing a 450 pound labron chug it up and down the court all season but thats just wishful thinking by me take that to the bank brohans
  12. frankly both i mean i liked giving simmons crap about his shot but some of that was just because the top two posters in here in terms of volume were philly guys and it never stopped so i was just trying to have some fun and truthfully i did not see his game collapsing the way it did late in games coming or that he would become a total malcontent and do whatever it is he is trying to do now coming and you did frankly you just saw it coming so good on you take that to the bank brohan
  13. bill murray is a gd national treasure and i will have words with anyone who says otherwise take that to the bank brohans
  14. its a lot like a curtsey take that to the bank bromigo
  15. normally i just start singing thriller and do entire dance routine and sometimes if i am lucky 25 to 30 of my fellow brohans who happen to be in the area will show up dressed up like zombies and mummies and warewolfs and join in for a perfect rendition take that to the bank brohans
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