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  1. ben simmons missed when he tried to put his pants on this morning take that to the bank bromigos
  2. i have never been to costa rica but i have been to beloit and they sound pretty much the same take that to the bank brochachos
  3. you might think its time for a new grill but you are wrong it isnt take that to the bank bromigo
  4. ben simmons tried to eat some soup for lunch and missed his mouth take that to the bank brochachos
  5. I will need to consult with @SWC before doing so... Edited 1 hour ago by Zow hes diluting my brohantillectual property with his poor mans use of the brohans english so counselor please feel free to send a cease and desist letter and commence litigation if necessary take that to the bank bromigo
  6. ben simmons went down a slide last night and missed the ground take that to the bank brohans
  7. ok listen this is way over my head but are you saying that is it true that the system was set up so that if there was a crisis that the companies would be able to gouge consumers please fill me in take that to the bank brohan
  8. Why? The most likely end game here is the generators don't get the windfall. Last Tuesday night they were making 4c/kwh. The fact that it was 8F two Tuesdays ago doesn't mean they automatically get 800c/kwh just because some oligarchs say so. That money is not coming from the resellers, it's not coming from the consumers, so where is it coming from? You push a reseller to pay up, they close up shop, open another one. You push a consumer to do so, they declare bankruptcy and file for protection, or simply just ignore it. There are already 6 month holds on shutdowns
  9. have the energy companies started calling for bail outs because if so that would make me angry when your model is deregulate and you get caught with your pants down as a result you should die by that sword take that to the bank brohans
  10. man this thread reminds me of a great question what is the difference between a newborn puppy and a sixers fan well in six weeks the puppy stops whining take that to the bank brohans
  11. i had a matador back in the day and it was a real pile of crap mostly rust and bondo and hell if a magnet would even stick to it but it had that straight 6 and she just ran no matter what anyhow the old 8 tracker in there still worked fine but the speakers were all blown so i went to the junkyard and just pulled out as many speakers as i could find and i put them damn near everywhere i could in that baby used a couple 2x4s and some wire to hang them in the trunk under the rear window added a couple in the front doors i mean everywhere didnt have enough amplifier so it sounded like crap but hey
  12. brohans my take is that music is one of the most subjective of subjectives and no one should tell people what music they should like or not like basically just live and keep on keepin on and if you are the type that needs to run down someone elses music or tastes than maybe take a look at yourself and ask why that is take that to the bank
  13. this was a brilliant move by hasbro i mean who really gave a rip about senor potato head no one but now look at all the brochachos having a three page discussion about a ridiculous toy i bet sales go up as a result too well played hasbro well played take that to the bank bromigos
  14. i like to just scream at contractors for about 15 minutes on the phone about crazy stuff like conspiracy theories and aliens and then if they listen to me and dont hang up or even agree with me i never hire them because they are clearly fn nuts take that to the bank bromigos
  15. as an aside i am pretty fed up with this thread having nothing but nice pictures of sweet rearend finished projects we need a thread called homeowners what are your halfassed projects and then it should be pictures of stuff with duct tape and way too many screws at all crazy intervals and no painting or finishing just total crap work that my fellow brohans would be a thread that the old swcer could get down with take that to the bank
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