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  1. I just don't think it's very comprehensive analysis to judge Stafford on wins and stats alone. The situations he has been put in, the surrounding talent, the ever changing philosophies... it's not been an environment fertile for wins or efficiency stats. I'll just defer to the numerous teams and their representatives who were willing to part with 1st round picks +, the people who are actually paid extremely well to analyze this stuff, who felt he was worth a lot and capable of much more. I don't think Stafford was ever a hinderance to the Lions, and I suspect he is going to reall
  2. Cousins, imo. I just have a very low opinion of Goff. I think in both Hard Knocks he came off poorly. Aloof, coasting, I just did not get that sharp, bright vibe from him that you get from good QB's. I don't want to say dumb.. but the guy did think the sun went around the earth if I recall correctly from the 2016 Hard Knocks. Watching him play, he has always seemed to struggle when things go off script. I know, that can be said about a lot of QB's, which is why teams are usually trying to move on from those QB's. There have always been stories about how McVay helped Goff with
  3. If they get anything for Goff, I'll be thrilled. A day 2 pick would be fantastic. I will be really surprised though, Goff has struggled often while in a fantastic situation, which this most definitely is not.
  4. I like this too... this year the draft involves more gamble than it ordinarily does. Nice to have those picks in years where things will be closer to normal for scouting purposes.
  5. It's a mess, no doubt. Just looking right now, they could cut Trufant (6.2m), Coleman (4.9m), Williams (4.7m), Shelton (4.0m), Jones (2.6m), & James (2.1m) opening up 24.5m. Some of those will happen regardless, as the Goff contract puts them an estimated 11 mil over the cap. I just see with no Goff, those cuts leave you ~40.5m under. With Goff, those cuts get you ~13.5 under. I would rather have had 40m in cap space and have signed a Tyrod Taylor than have Goff. 2022 gives them the outs on Collins (10m) and Flowers (12m), which will really open things up. They are a few ye
  6. I'm really mixed on this. If they truly had multiple offers involving 1st round picks, I suspect this deal will not end up being the best offer. Taking on Goff is a real headache, in my opinion. First, I am of the opinion Goff is just terrible. He comes across as aloof, not terribly bright for a QB, and seemingly needed McVay to really guide him to his average results. I just don't see any scenario where there is a career revival here, which I don't think many are expecting anyways. Second, and more important though, is that taking him on blows up their cap this year. I get that the
  7. Days like today make me really despise this franchise. I have been a fan since 1989, my first year really following football. I have seen them waste a lot of talented players, but Barry, Calvin, and now Stafford are the ones that really hurt. Barry and Calvin wound up demoralized by this franchise, and both had no relationship with the Lion's after retirement initially. Stafford is too classy to say anything, but I'm sure he too is just tired of being a Lion and thrilled by the prospect of moving on. He's easily the best Lion's QB of my lifetime, been a model teammate, and a model member
  8. This. I've never cared for the idea of forgiveness, it's truly just transferring the debt, but I would fully support eliminating the interest. A one time student loan debt elimination does nothing to address the ongoing concern of the rising cost of college, nor the problem of degrees with very limited future prospects. Do we just try to do it again next election cycle? Eliminate the interest, and focus on the root of the problem... why is it costing this much to get into careers that rarely justify the expense?
  9. Like most things and people, it's complicated. He has some admirable desires and views, but he also has admitted playing a large role in the hyper-partisanship that cripples our government, and also has long fought climate change initiatives. Overall, I have a very unfavorable view of him just because I think his use of money in politics and climate change have had a significantly larger negative impact on the world than his philanthropy. Of course, I admit that to be due to my views on climate change and disdain for what the tea party became.
  10. I blame Barry Sanders for my suffering. Born, raised, and reside in Michigan. Didn't get into football until 1988/89, when I watched the Niners/Bengals Superbowl with an uncle. Along comes Barry Sanders, and he alone, through all of the ups and downs of the Lions in the 90's, gave me a consistent reason to watch them every Sunday. I went to numerous games, even the lone playoff win. I wore my Honolulu Blue and Silver with pride, because we had Barry. That commitment, in those formative years, has done irreparable damage to my well being. I'm too old to change teams now.
  11. Biden voter, I still think the Electoral College should be abolished. I have no issue with trump requesting re-counts where applicable, or going to court where he has a realistic avenue to do so. I just think it's ridiculous that as the recounts show he lost, and as the courts throw out his cases, that he's resorting to unsubstantiated conspiracies and naked power plays. There has to be a line somewhere, at what point can we agree that just repeating the newest conspiracy theory found on the deep recesses of the internet and demanding it investigated is counter-productive, and damaging
  12. You'd like to think so, but she's really not. If the last 4 years should have taught us anything, it's that no matter how absurd your claim is, you can just claim that a bigger and more absurd conspiracy is why you aren't able to prove it. She could go on for the rest of her life claiming this was the biggest conspiracy and coverup in the history of the United States, and a significant portion of the population will believe her. There is no cost to this stuff any longer.
  13. So, that's the hammer, eh? I'm picturing one of those inflatable hammers with with bells in it.
  14. There truly is no bottom. William Barr could resign tomorrow, and begin to outline the illegal and corrupt things trump has done, and that solid MAGA base would declare Barr a deep state Lib who's lying to get back at trump. No matter who says it, no matter what they say, you diehards will defend trump to the bitter end. It's incredible... I mean it, truly remarkable. I wish I understood what about him is so appealing to you that you will disregard any and every ill word spoken about him, regardless of who says it. Here I thought the 5th avenue remark was hyperbolic....
  15. Honest question, has any president or presidential candidate held rallies with the frequency, or in the fashion, that trump does? I honestly do not recall, this seems new to me, but admittedly it could be just that I'd never noticed. Regardless, I don't put a lot of stock in the trump v anyone crowd size debate, just because like almost all of his presidency, I find the passion of his supporters to be unique in presidential history. I don't recall in my lifetime ever seeing a president who's supporters put so much effort into making sure everyone knows they support said president. The
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