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  1. We tend to want to make our public figures into heroes and villains in death. It's foolish, but we continue to do it. Powell was an extraordinarily accomplished man, who served this country well for a number of years. He also made a horrendous mistake in selling the WMD story to enable the Iraq invasion. Figuring out which outweighs the other is for people to decide on their own. That said, this statement by trump is despicable. This is exactly the kind of behavior that I find so infuriating in that it should be enough to cost him support, and end his relevance on the political stage. It's repulsive to be so disrespectful of someone in death, especially someone who's mistakes can safely be said to have brought forth unintended consequences, not having caused intentional damage. Nobody believes Powell made that pitch to the UN knowing exactly what would follow. It was a mistake, a huge one, but a mistake. While I don't agree with the isolationist, nativist, nationalist policies that are MAGA, I at least understand them, as misguided as I find them. I understand that some want this country to operate differently than me and I am fine with that. The fact that this is the man that many will support, regardless of what he says or does, to achieve those policies, is so disturbing, and disheartening.
  2. The lack of resources around Goff certainly prevents him from excelling in this situation, but he's even squandered what few opportunities are being presented. He's missed a number of open receivers, and his ball placement on many completions has been suspect at best. He seems to bail and check down extremely early in the play, even when the pocket appears to be holding. I knew he had limitations coming in to this, and that he was unlikely to thrive where things weren't going to stay on schedule with the offense. I didn't expect him to do so poorly when things did actually come together from one play to the next. He's actually failed to meet my already very low expectations for him. I really thought he was a better passer than he has shown. The little I had watched him in the past gave me the impression that he was pretty accurate when he could just set and throw. I haven't seen that this year. He's hardly the cause of this start, it was no secret that this team was bereft of talent coming in to this year. It's year 1 of what was acknowledged to be a multi year rebuild. I guess I was prepared to see how he handled it, how he looked, in hopes that maybe he could recapture whatever made him the #1 overall pick in the draft. I wasn't ruling out that he could show enough that perhaps he could hold down the QB spot for the team beyond the 2 years we knew we were stuck with him. What I've seen so far has left me saying there is zero chance of that. He is not going to be taking snaps for a winning Lions team, if that ever comes to be.
  3. Oh, I get it... but one of those plays was within the teams control, the other wasn't. They never take care of what they can control.
  4. I don't think the league, nor the officials, have it out for the Lions. I do think they seem to always find themselves on the wrong side of these kind of calls, however. I have always just attributed it to the bias that occurs in sports officiating. Calls seemingly tend to go for the teams and players considered the best, and against those considered the worst. I am sure that is some subconscious bias in officials. They already know it's a bad team, mistake prone, and I would bet that skews perception. A make your own luck situation, if you will. I hate doing this, because this is where it always go when such an egregious bad call takes place... but... if you don't allow a 36 yard pass on 4th and 18, you aren't in position for the officials to burn you like this. I mean... how the hell was Watkins that open?
  5. I was offered Gronk for him. I already have Waller, and a much bigger need at RB, so I'll hold and hope the role remains the same.
  6. George Kittle. He's never scored TD's at a high rate, it's been volume and RAC that made him elite. It's just two games, but 9 targets with the prospect of Lance looming really makes me wish I would have stuck with my gut and bumped him down to TE5 or TE6.
  7. If this continues, Williams could end the season with 1k rushing yds, 10+ TD's, and 30ish receptions. That would end up being an absolute larceny considering what he cost to acquire. I admittedly benched him in the 2 leagues I have him in this week, just wanting to see how this played out. I'm now a lot more comfortable counting on him as a RB3/Flex type going forward.
  8. This guy is such an enigma to me, yet I invested in him in about half my leagues. Whenever I watch him, I come away thinking he's just not that good, makes too many mistakes, and seems to be in pain after half of his catches. Yet... Ben just peppers him with targets, and he seems to make one jaw dropping play per week. Glad the injury wasn't "serious", will be watching practice reports this week for sure.
  9. I guess I don't understand this take. Statistically, PFF grades, and most analysts I've read would disagree with this. Both have been pretty poor the last 2 years, but Freeman has been worse, statistically. We are debating a couple guys who very likely will not matter much if at all, but if I'm betting on one of those two, I'm going to break towards Bell just based on the above listed criteria.
  10. As I said upthread, that may be, but his PFF grades have been much better than Freeman's over the last couple years. Additionally, Waldman, along with a few other analysts, have said Bell wasn't as bad last year as the narrative seems to be. I'm deferring to them, I didn't watch Bell at all last year.
  11. That's fair. I'm talking just about fantasy relevance. The 1A role has typically been a RB2 for fantasy, the 1B more in the RB3/Flex mold, and the 1C not useful outside of potentially a handcuff type hold. Whoever carves out those 1A/1B roles will likely be worth rostering. I suspect and hope the way you've placed them is how it ends up, except I really think Bell passes Freeman. Freeman grades out terribly over the last few years, and when I have watched him, he looks bad.
  12. I promise, I'm not stumping for Bell. This Freeman news could just be that he was in a camp this year, so he was closer to game shape than Bell. Of the 3 vets they brought in, Freeman seems to me to be the one who most obviously has nothing left. If this is truly a matter of Freeman outperforming Bell in practice, then I will feel a whole lot better about this just coming down to Williams vs Murray.
  13. This was my take initially, but when I dug in.. his PFF grades weren't awful last year, and Waldman insists he played better than people realize. I won't pretend to have watched Bell much last year, and am humble enough to defer to analysts when it comes to truly trying to determine what he has left. I certainly am not banking on, or investing heavily, in the success of Bell. However, with this seemingly wide open, I hesitate to rule him out. Full disclosure, Ty'Son is the only one I own currently on any of my teams, and he's certainly the one I'm hoping emerges. I just know that the mistakes on fundamentals can derail an exciting runner damn fast, especially if those mistakes hinder the QB from being successful. Pass pro and struggles with exchanges on RPO's feel like exactly the kind of mistakes that could result in a far less exciting, but more reliable option emerging here.
  14. No clue how this will shake out, but the "four backs in the mix" and will "play all those guys" comments just reek of coach speak. I really have a hard time believing all four will play meaningful snaps. This will settle in to a 1A/1B situation I would think, but who will fill those roles is still an unknown. I have this sneaking suspicion that Le'Veon Bell is going to wind up rising to the top of this, especially if Williams can't make some progress on what were viewed as his weaknesses in week 1. I really can't see Freeman factoring in, he's looked done for a while. I know the myth is that Bell is done, but he really didn't grade out that terribly last year, despite being passed by Williams down the stretch.
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