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  1. Understood. I agree it doesn’t necessarily mean such and it’s likely counter-productive for me to pursue the initial proposition further.
  2. Ok. I suppose it’s not necessarily essential to parse definitions of racism, what it includes, or even the effective difference between “majority” and “significant number”. But I will post an excerpt from the second of the two links I listed above: Despite multiculturalism’s ostensible goal of inclusion, experimental studies suggest that it is experienced by whites as a form of status threat that produces more negative attitudes toward outgroups of all kinds (38). Simply reminding whites about their impending loss of majority status produces feelings of threat in experimental studi
  3. Really? Deep down? I know the pushback has been so vicious that we can’t even raise the specter of racism and accusations of such have been essentially scrubbed from this website, but there’s ample analysis suggesting there is truth to the proposition. Old article but there are others (and I’m certain this has been posted before). https://beta.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2017/04/17/racism-motivated-trump-voters-more-than-authoritarianism-or-income-inequality/?outputType=amp&ref=yfp Related (posted several times previously: https://www.pnas.org/content/115/19/E4
  4. You'd probably be one of the last people I'd expect to be a country club member, based on your message board identity at least. I'm sure you had reasons though, being a reasonable guy. My golf experience is limited to Putt-putt and driving ranges, though I've played just about every other sport regularly. Golf always struck me as boring and an old man's activity (I know that's not true though).
  5. keep this ####er at 5, please

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