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  1. FWIW, about 6 weeks ago I was offered Fournette for Gibson, Snell, and a 2nd. I ended up trading Gibson/Snell for Fournette (2nd was dropped). I’m guessing Gibson’s value is much higher now.
  2. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/the-theological-roots-of-white-supremacy-1.1474502 https://thewayofimprovement.com/2020/06/19/how-the-history-of-white-evangelical-racism-has-led-to-donald-trumps-election-and-continues-to-shape-support-for-his-presidency/
  3. That and common decency. Well, and a whole bunch of other things.
  4. It’s absurd. “Nobody could have prepared for this”. Well, true, except for the people who did, including GWB, and if you ignore everything the Obama administration actually prepared for. Its even more absurd to say “nobody could have prepared for this” when the current POTUS actively sabotaged our ability to respond. Encouraging states to ignore the feds own guidelines, pushing bogus miracle cures, etc. I guess as long as “I got mine” the response was sufficient. Just a difference of opinion I guess.
  5. That was unbelievable. The restraint those 2 landscapers showed in the face of that onslaught of racial slurs and verbal abuse was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have done it. They were in a no win situation, at the mercy of that bull####. I was steaming watching it. I hope she gets everything in life she deserves. While this kind of behavior/thinking has always festered in the depth of the American psyche (and by “depth”, I mean bottom of the barrel) there is absolutely no doubt the vile one who shall not be named has brought it to the surface and carefully nurtured it to what we see blossoming (rotting) today. What a nasty country that these kind of people exist in such large numbers.
  6. I’ve gone through about 8-10 printers in the last 20 years. I loved my last one, can’t remember the brand but it was expensive for a home printer, around 250 bucks. It’s appeal was that black ink cartridges were only 5.99 (compared to about 30-40 bucks for other brands). I made the mistake of using a store brand black ink that was supposedly compatible (printer brand ink was sold out) and it ruined the printer. I go through 5-6 black ink cartridges and 2-3 color ink (all colors) cartridges for work during a typical school year. Ink cartridges for my current printer run about 30 for black and about 65 ish for a set of the three colors. 1-2 ink replacements and I’m already over the cost of my current printer. I’m guessing in a year I spend at least 3 times the cost of an average home printer In just ink. I guess my use is likely atypical though.
  7. Yeah it was.Anything important to say or just trolling?
  8. Well I don't mind stealing bread From the mouths of decadence But I can't feed on the powerless When my cup's already overfilled
  9. Well, to protect land grazing rights and occupy bird watching stations, of course. Then it’s OK to actually point guns at federal LE. I mean, on one hand we have goons stopping the spread of graffiti. On the other, well let’s point guns at LE and walk away, it’s LAND GRAZING RIGHTS for gods sakes, not just worrying about minorities getting their necks kneeled on till death. Silly you.
  10. Yeah no doubt, but I can’t help but think it’s a gross miscalculation (and how sad that it’s even “calculated”). Do they really think that these images are going to stoke ‘law and order’ fears? I can’t help but think it will be the opposite (then again, I never thought this country would actually elect a slimy reality TV star, so I’m obviously out of touch). It just seems like there should be no way Americans would put up with this. I can’t help but think of the Bundy’s, who actually had militia pointing guns at fed agents, who had repeatedly lost in court, and essentially skated. Trump would have mowed them down. Such a stark difference between the scenarios (which aren’t even comparable to begin with). And right wingers cheered the Bundy’s on. People need to recognize this for what it is. And by “ this”, I mean Trumpism. I’m not allowed to say “enemy” here, but these people are not our friends.
  11. Yeah everything I’ve read has said the same thing, that things were settling down. We all know why this is happening, and it’s absolutely vile and unforgivable. Keep going Trump/Trumpies...unforeseen consequences and all that. And good on you UH, you’re a good man.
  12. Is it just me? This enrages me. I know it’s not new news but for Christ’s sakes just do your usual spout off and not follow through. They are doubling down and looks like going through with this ####. I am so pissed. I’m an old guy who doesn’t need this #### and-if they come to a city near me-I’m seriously thinking of doing the protest thing. I’m almost welcoming it. gosh darn. And we need to think of this as just a difference of opinion? Really? Is there anybody out there that still thinks this is “ just politics”? ive been pounding this drum since day one. Things are falling apart. Stop these people...all of them.
  13. Watching the video of the 53 yr old Navy Vet, just standing in front of the thugs, then getting beaten with a baton and pepper sprayed directly in the eyes despite doing absolutely nothing was...infuriating. Wish we could get some names. If Trump thinks this is going to help his re-election, I think he’s going to be mistaken, despite the Bootsy1234 types. I can’t help but think it’s going to get uglier. Thanks Trumpies for doing this to our country. I hope nobody forgets.
  14. I’ve had this, or similar, discussions here before. I grew up in-and live in-a rural Trump supporting area. I know them. I know them by the confederate flags anchored to their pickups. I know them (farmers, you know, the “salt of the earth”types) from years spent listening to them talk with my parents around the kitchen table while they drank. Listening to the complaints about the “lazy blacks” sucking their tax money. I know them from repeatedly hearing “I don’t hate blacks, I hate n-word’s”. I know them from hearing routine use even today of the n-word (like the guy at my local garage where I used to take my car). I know them from their routine disparagement of education (if I had a nickel for every time I heard some variation of the “book-smart” versus “common sense” theme). Both my mom and sister are hardcore Fox News watching, Trump supporters. They exist on resentment and racism and, ironically, entitlement. I will also say that supporting Trump as a “big F-U to all the holier than thou educated liberal types...” is hardly a strong defense of decency, but I take your word regarding your father. Some beliefs are wrong. Not just a difference of opinion. Resentment doesn’t change that. While we are all worrying about the feelings of Trump supporters and making sure we treat them with kid gloves, the person they supported is ransacking the nation, destroying democracy, and sowing chaos around the world. Eta: I also know them through the 2 little old ladies, elegantly dressed, hair elaborately coiffed, wearing pearls and generally appearing as kindly grandmothers, or possibly librarians, who appeared at my door within one month of our moving back into this area, who wanted me to sign a petition to “get rid of the Muslim in the White House”. Or my sons bus driver, who actually stopped at our house within a few weeks of moving here and proceeded to point out all the neighbors who were “good Christian people”. Even though I grew up here, spent the first 20 years of my life here and knew what these people were about, it was still some off putting culture shock.
  15. What is there to hear? White supremacy? Kleptocracy? Authoritarianism? Elevating strongmen and destroying decades of democratic norms? We’ve heard them for over 3 years. And look where we are. It’s been a disaster of epic proportions. We have become desensitized to just how bad Trump has been...across the board. “Attacking like vicious beasts”? You mean words? As opposed to armed militias and nooses and intimidation? Sorry, this is a one way street. Sometimes people who behave badly, or support such, or enable such, are telling us who they are.
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