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  1. Several years ago at the congregation I'm a member of, another member was running for a local position. A friend of the candidate, who is also a member of the congregation, sent an email to the whole church supporting the candidate, letting people know that help is needed to help campaign, and implied that it is God's will for this person to win. Apparently this person's email didn't just go to a list of people in their personal contact list. I guess they somehow got the full list of contact information for all members of the congregation and used that. Later that day, the church leadership sent an email saying that mass emails to the whole congregation should be for church related matters and only sent from church staff and leadership. They also expressed that they understand that some members are excited about this person running for office, but that this type of communication is not typical and not the way it should happen. That event really stands out in my experience because I've heard almost nothing about politics "from the pulpit" over the nearly 40 years I've attended this congregation. There are a lot of congregations where politics just doesn't enter the church's message.
  2. What's with "double jabbed"? I have a friend who says that. Is that just something that made the rounds in far right media circles?
  3. If it's illegal, then I'd say "Totally Not OK". If it is legal, then I'd move to "On the Fence". Like others have said, I would personally not be member of a congregation that did this. But, in order to be anything other than "On the Fence", I'd need to spend much more time determining why those are my personal feelings. I'm pretty confident this is neither on the level of "I wish they'd sing different songs in church" nor the other end of things like "They deny Jesus is the Messiah" but I honestly don't know where it lands. All I can say is that I'd be really uncomfortable with it but won't reach a conclusion about whether I think it is ok for others to do this without personally studying this a lot more.
  4. I can’t believe KC struggled to win this. WFT is really bad.
  5. Should be a lot of Chiefs fans there to see this happen.
  6. I can't read the article, but this WSJ headline sums up Dan Snyder: Somehow, Dan continually avoids total destruction. Others are the ones always taking the hit. Sure, others take a deserved hit because of their involvement, but the one at the top of it all continually slips away. I'm confident it will all come crashing down some day, but no idea what that will take.
  7. Like I said, these two-hour early releases come from the Department level. Emails go out department-wide announcing the early release. We charge the time to admin leave. I assume the secretary is legally allowed to do this since it’s been going on for many years across several administrations.
  8. Could be a lot of vacancies coming up with the vaccine requirement.
  9. These two hour early releases are from the department level and managers aren't supposed to add 59 minutes.
  10. We get 2 hours before most holidays. We didn’t before Columbus Day, though.
  11. I thought they should’ve brought Kyle Allen in today, and I am a fan of Taylor.
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