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  1. Imagine what all you must be guilty of in order to accept a plea agreement where you plead guilty to sex trafficking a child.
  2. I did mine a while ago (early April, I think) and it came back in the normal amount of time.
  3. Got appointments for my sons (13 and 15) for this Saturday.
  4. I have a deal on the table (just waiting for them to get my color on their lot to finalize) on a new 2021 car with an out-the-door price that is lower than some sticker prices I'm seeing on used 2020 models.
  5. What do you mean by "gas thwarting market dynamics"? I assume you mean government price controls? Regardless, I doubt I know the answer. I just think it would be interesting to think about how capitalism operates in this scenario and the discuss whether that's awesome or deplorable.
  6. This seems like a good place to have a discussion about shortages with the current gas situation. Are people seeing skyrocketing prices at gas stations? Where I am, I don't see it. Gas stations near me are only about $0.10 more per gallon that what they were last week. (I'm just going off the signs I can see from the road driving by. I haven't purchased gas.) Yet, many are now out of gas and others have long lines and will likely soon be out of gas. A free market/capitalism approach would be to have prices adjust upwards which would then decrease the amount of gas purchased by each i
  7. I'm trying to figure out Carmax's game here. They are just so far off of Honda and Vroom on my car. Are they just bad at assessing cars? That doesn't seem likely. I think they do require someone does the online appraisal first. So, that does give Carmax a ceiling. And, maybe they have data that people are more pessimistic about the condition of their car? That most people who will fill out the online form aren't going to greatly exaggerate the condition of their car? So, on average, maybe that gives Carmax lower ceilings to work with and lowers the total amount they pay out? And maybe the
  8. Carmax, FTW. I did the online Carmax assessment and they offered $6400 for my car. I took my car to the dealership I'm liking buying my new car from and they took a look. They offered $1000. They talked about major front end damage and I was confused. They didn't say anything about the engine, which I'm pretty sure is bad. Then they showed me the Carfax and that it was in a major accident before I bought it. I didn't understand how that could be because I saw a Carfax when I bought it and didn't see anything about it. I'm sure they assumed I was lying. But, we then noticed that the
  9. I might buy a new car. Have a good offer from a dealership right now. I'm going to look at the car tonight. One of my cars has been losing oil. Mechanic said there is a small leak but not enough to make it lose so much oil so fast (was basically out of oil 1000 miles after oil change). Theory is it's burning oil and needs major engine work. So, my hope is to top it off with oil and get a good trade-in value towards this new car. We'll see. I'm hoping the possible engine problems aren't something the dealer can see when they take a look at it. They'll easily see some other the other p
  10. How does a place like Vroom work? Do you send them pics of the car? I assume they look over the car when they pick it up? Deal isn’t final until they do some kind of live check before taking it away?
  11. If trade ins are high then I assume whatever I’d be buying is also high.
  12. $110k combined? If his work is within walking distance of the Rockville metro station, then maybe look for something near the Woodley Park or Cleveland Park metro stations. Maybe even Van Ness or Tenleytown stations.
  13. But I don't think that language changed because there's something necessarily wrong with "mentally ######". I think it changed because people then shortened it to "#######" and used it as an insult/joke. We took a legit label for a group of people and turned it into slang which was also regularly used in an ugly way. Apparently kids now say SPED (for special education). My daughter and her friend were looking at a college course catalog and they were shocked that the catalog has classes labeled SPED 101, 102, etc. I asked what was wrong with SPED and they were like "Shh! Don't say that so
  14. There have been indoor volleyball tournaments in Georgia so it doesn’t make sense to not let in some spectators to an outdoor event.
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