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  1. Yeah, I hated that call. Wins are good, especially in the division but they do need to improve.
  2. How did they not adjust? They lined up with a huge hole on the line. Heinicke walks up to the line and seems to change the play and they don’t adjust? Heinicke probably just said “Um, let’s run left.”
  3. Taking a look at the play-by-play after the TD... They had a good next drive going for a while and the run was working. On that next drive, Gibson had runs of: 6, 6, 6, 6, 3, and 5. Then Scherff gets a holding penalty, Heinicke hits McLaurin for 17, Gibson loses 2 (the play after the facemask/horsecollar Gibson run was canceled out), and then a Scherff false start. Scherff really hurt them on this drive with two penalties. Now they are at 3rd and 10 at the SD 31 and they throw a -2 yard pass to Brown who is tackled immediately, leading to a missed long FG. Next drive is one play and the Gibson fumble. Next drive was a decent one that included runs by Gibson of 6, 2, and 5 and runs by Patterson of 4 and 5. There was plenty of time so they kept running with some success. They had 2nd and 5 at the SD 38 when Humphries got a 15 yard penalty (low block on a quick pass to Brown). On that drive, Heinicke was 1-2 for 4 yards. He had another incomplete pass on the roughing the passer call that kept the drive going and completed that quick pass to Brown for zero yards that was negated because of the Humphries penalty. He also scrambled for 9. Then, as we know, they had 4th and 7 on the SD 40, punted, and never got the ball back. So, yes, it was run heavy but I assume that was the game plan, it was working, and time wasn't a factor.
  4. The Gibson fumble was obviously costly (and he has a history of carrying the ball loosely like he was on that play - he even had another fumble earlier in the game that luckily went out of bounds), but overall I liked what he did and how he was used. I'm excited to see them feature him. He had 20 carries and five targets. I think the ideal would probably be a few less carries and a few more targets, but I like what they did there. How they used McLaurin, though, was frustrating. IIRC, zero first half targets, four targets on first two drives of second half (resulting in four catches for 62 yards and the team getting a TD and a FGA and having the lead), and then zero targets the rest of the game. Maybe SD took him away and they were right for not targeting him more, but it seems like so many teams can find a way to target their top receiver way more often than we can with Terry. Then again, they also just didn't have the ball and didn't run many plays. WFT ran 49 plays; Justin Herbert dropped back 49 times. The defense was a mixed bag, to me. Overall, have to be happy with 20 points against SD. Some classic bend-but-don't-break play yesterday and one of the SD TDs was a three yard drive (that took three plays) after the Gibson fumble. But they were obviously atrocious on third down and, as mentioned by others, that 3rd and 16 was a killer. Looked to me like Bostic didn't get deep enough. No idea why he's staying so shallow on a flat route rather than dropping deeper in that situation. I think the pass rush is getting knocked a little too much. Herbert was getting rid of it quickly, especially early in the game. There needed to be some tighter coverage right off the snap to make Herbert hesitate or move to his second or third read; that might have given the DL time to get pressure. And any time he saw he had one-on-one against St-Juste, he just got rid of it almost immediately. The pass rush really just didn't have much of a chance. I like whoever this guy is returning kicks. Way better than most of the guys we've had back there for year. He seems to want to do that job. He looked upset on one touchback because I think he really wanted a chance to return it. This Giants game will probably give some indication of whether we should have hope or not.
  5. Agree. This podcast focuses heavily on the OT and the hosts thoughts on the original intent of the text.
  6. I'm actually in Matthew now on that BEMA podcast. They go through verse by verse. While I don't think the host puts it quite like you do (and it hasn't led him to the same conclusions as you in regards to Jesus), I think he's trying to make some points that are along the lines of what you might be saying. I need to continue to listen and think about it before I speak intelligently or confidently about it, though.
  7. Yeah, I agree the Bible isn't what the vast majority of American/Western Christians think it is. We have a really hard time understanding much of what's going on and then probably make that even worse by not even asking/researching what's going on in the scriptures. I've certainly heard of people who leave Christianity after going through a program like a masters of divinity or other deeper study of the Bible but I also know people who have further strengthened their faith through such studies. I doubt I'll ever do anything on the level of an MoD study, but the more I learn the more my faith is strengthened. Recently I found the BEMA Discipleship podcast and I'm really enjoying it. Some of it might be just confirmation bias, but I think there are definitely some things that have been mentioned that are challenging my beliefs, which I think is a good thing.
  8. Welcome back. Can you expand on this. I've heard people provide similar explanations of why they don't believe, but I don't understand how the views of others impacts your view. I assume it's not really about what others believe and more about the things you learned brought in doubt and led to your change in belief? I just don't get how a group of people believing something about Christianity makes you leave Christianity.
  9. Looks like we're headed for a 2.7% (average) pay increase in January. 2.2% is across the board and then locality increase will average 0.5%.
  10. My wife and I have given to https://childrescuecoalition.org. Just and FYI if anyone is interested in financially supporting groups working in this area.
  11. It’s pretty rare for a large city to lose population over the last 10 years.
  12. Fully virtual most of the school year. A few months ago they offered 2 days a week for those who wanted some F2F. That then increased to 4 days a week. Two of my kids (both HS) went back 2 days and then 4 days. One kid (middle school) started off going back 2 days a week but then we just switched him to virtual the rest of the year. The few days he went in, he was the only kid on the bus and his classes only had 2-3 people in them. That was also true for the older two, but they didn't seem to mind that. For my younger one, I think he was excited about going back at first because he thought he'd get to see some friends he hasn't seen in a long time. But they weren't there. I'm not sure what the overall numbers were, but it definitely seemed like most kids just stayed virtual.
  13. Right. I’m pretty sure Fauci is not a political appointee.
  14. I'm curious what you mean here. Do you mean that you don't only rely on your knowledge of Scripture but also lean on others (like JPII) who are more learned and have dug deeper into Scripture? Or do you mean that you also rely on opinions that were not developed based on Scripture? Or something else?
  15. I've been thinking about this. In general, I think most people agree with this statement. While actions may not necessarily always reflect it, most people certainly nod in agreement. But, the topic here, I think, relates to government spending and I've never really thought about my (mandatory) contribution to the US government as qualifying as me sharing with others. I've never viewed the taxes I pay as being part of my giving. Additionally, for a long time, I've been thinking about the phrase we Christians commonly say: "It's all God's anyway." Again, this is something I have always nodded in agreement with, but how that impacts what I do is hard to grasp and tough to think about. For those familiar with Dave Ramsey, this is lesson one in his process. His curriculum spends some time at the beginning looking at a few scriptures that say everything is God's and that God rules over everything. And many people, including myself, say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. It's all God's. He's sovereign. Now, can we get to the part where I learn how to get out of debt and have more of MY money to spend?" I'm starting to think that any Christian approach to finances and stewardship should spend like 10 weeks on the theology that God's owns it all and then maybe 1 week on everything else, instead of the reverse time allocation.
  16. Will you have kids with you? I remember the aquarium being decent.
  17. To me, if someone feels the need to jump all the way out to Lebron James' level to find black kids who have an advantage over my kids, then that kind of strengthens the argument that white privilege exists.
  18. Three dots on the top right of a post and then click Hide.
  19. This is going to make a bunch of people angry who never even knew state songs were a thing.
  20. I don’t know much about them, but have you looked into a homeschool co-op near you?
  21. We've discussed a few things that tend to hurt good conversation here. IMO, the obsession some posters have with other posters is damaging.
  22. My first reaction in my mind to the OP was: Since we are human, we can always do more. And, we can't do enough. Only God can do enough. But, obviously, we do have a role here. We are called to give. The widow giving two copper coins is said to have given more than the wealthy giving large sums of money. I think I tend to want to view these things as solving problems. In our view, the gifts from the wealthy probably solved more problems. More mouths were fed, more people clothed, etc . The two copper coins likely did nothing from the perspective of solving a worldly problem. But, an individual did what she thought God wanted her to do and Jesus used that an example to teach his followers. In that sense, the two copper coins had great impact.
  23. Agree. It does color mine, but I think it's helpful to know whose opinion it does color. I think I'd approach those discussions differently.
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