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  1. Wizards are so much better than earlier in the season. Brooks has been better with his rotations and substitutions. But, twice in the past week, he’s messed up late in the game.

    Up one against the Lakers, the inbound goes to Russ and I’m yelling at the tv to take a timeout. Instead, they foul Russ who makes one of two (predictable), Lakers make a two to force OT (with Lebron missing a FT for the lead), and they luckily win in OT.

    Tonight, they get the ball inbounded to Beal up one (good scenario), but there’s like 19 seconds left so Boston doesn’t fouls and traps Beal. But, again, Brooks doesn’t use a timeout which would have enabled him to then inbound in the front court and not worry about an 8 second violation meaning Boston would have to foul. But Beal slips and goes out of bounds while being trapped. Turnover. Boston scores. Wizards lose. 

    But, like I said, this team is so much better than early in the season. So fun to watch. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, IvanKaramazov said:

    I'm not sure that person unfamiliar with the concept of a TED talk is the right person to be confidently opining on the intellectual climate of our age.  You're literally not part of the conversation.

    I'm really having a hard time wrapping my brain around this one. Tim really doesn't know what a TED talk is? How is that possible?

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  3. 31 minutes ago, Yankee23Fan said:

    Alexander Hamilton (I think) would disagree with you.  The institution of impeachment was designed as a political act, within a political theatre to control the actions of political men and be a national inquest into the actions of political leaders and their conduct.  The impeachment power is more important than any one President.  And the conviction of a President, in or out of office is more importantly viewed not through criminal law - where there is little comparison - but through political structure and foundational powers of the elected men and women we choose to lead us.

    Arguing that running out the clock on being punished is a viable option speaks of our leaders in a way that none of us should support.

    I've been thinking of it in terms of employment/HR. Do we want this person working in our organization? Do we want to allow this person the opportunity to work in our organization again?

    "Let the voters decide" is not a solution to every situation just like "Let our hiring managers decide" isn't a solution to every situation in an organization. Sometimes, HR and other executives have to say whether or not someone is even eligible and take that part of it out of the hiring manager's (or voter's) hands.

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  4. 28 minutes ago, Ramsay Hunt Experience said:

    “ I don’t support Trump, but I support owning libs.”

    Maybe that's how it started out, but it seems more about Trump now than the libs. Hanging Pence doesn't own the libs. Harassing Graham at the airport doesn't own the libs. Anyone who opposes Trump on anything is the enemy, whether they are libs or not. Well, I guess we could argue that anyone who opposes Trump is then labeled a lib, so maybe it still fits that way.

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  5. 8 minutes ago, FBG26 said:

    Looks like I may have found an answer. It's undated, but I think this is the current proposal: Summary of the proposal from House Committee on Ways and Means.

    So it's the excess credit that phases out starting at $150k, but the base $2k wouldn't begin to phase out until $400k like it currently does. Good to know. 

    Will those over 17 still be eligible for the $500 tax credit that's currently place?

    Why do the monthly payments? I mean, I guess I understand why, but some of us set our withholdings so that we come out where we want at the end of the year. If you change things up halfway through the year and start giving me some of as a monthly check, I'll then need to my more withheld from each paycheck so that I don't owe next year.

  6. 47 minutes ago, FBG26 said:

    Ok, say the credit now phases out at $200k (or pick a reasonable number), a family making $200k and two kids currently gets a credit for $4k. In this hypothetical, now that same family does not receive any child tax credit. That's a substantial amount of money. I agree with the goal of reducing child poverty by increasing the child tax credit for low income families, but reducing the phase out would also hurt a lot of families that aren't exactly uber wealthy. 

    What are the details of the phasing out? If someone got $4k last year they may still get $4k this year depending on how quickly the credit phases out.

  7. 3 hours ago, rascal said:

    This is wrong.  Your fers annuity is based on your basic pay which does not include locality.

    This article, and others I found, indicate locality is included. I didn’t see anything quickly on OPM’s site. Based on the articles I found, I think maybe you are, understandably, mixing “basic pay” with “base pay.” “Basic pay” apparently includes locality. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, Mjolnirs said:

    It can be confusing.  Been with the VA for 34 years now and hit my MRA of 56 last year.  Understanding how all of it works and how they calculate the high 3 can be confusing.

    For those in here that have said they are Federal, I have a pretty cool spreadsheet to track your leave with.  For those that have been around a while, it mimics the old GEICO folder HR used to hand out.  Just PM me if you want a copy.

    Evidently GEICO still makes them: example

    My understanding is my agency's HR has retirement specialists who can prepare documentation to provide exact figures for different scenarios as you near retirement. My agency offers retirement classes for new employees, mid career, and then when you're within five years of retirement. I took the mid career one and it was really helpful. I'll forget most of it by the time I'm nearing retirement and mostly reinforced that I was already doing what I need to do, but still really good. That's where I learned about the retirement specialists in HR who can calculate all of this for you. You might want to contact HR to have them create something for you.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Sweet J said:

    Sure, but I think you solve that problem by regulating the crap out of it. I'd rather have a heavily-regulated prostitution (with rules in place to protect the vulnerable men and women) than prohibition, which leads to all sorts of unintended consequences. 

    Yeah, I see no reason why prostitution can't be legalized and still have laws against forced labor, kidnapping, and child abuse.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Vegas Trip said:

    Why do some people fight so hard for the rights of the unborn but completely neglect the support / cost (social programs, education, financial support / welfare, legislation, etc) of those children 5 minutes after they're born?  Some people don't believe in contraception or abortion but once these kids are born, who cares?  I'll wait for a logical/reasonable answer - if anyone can submit one

    I don't know anyone who is Pro Life and who also doesn't care about babies once they are born. I assume you mean you don't understand why they oppose policies that you support. It's reasonable to ask them why they oppose policy X, but not really helpful to accuse them of not caring about children.

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