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  1. Yeah, I see no reason why prostitution can't be legalized and still have laws against forced labor, kidnapping, and child abuse.
  2. I don't know anyone who is Pro Life and who also doesn't care about babies once they are born. I assume you mean you don't understand why they oppose policies that you support. It's reasonable to ask them why they oppose policy X, but not really helpful to accuse them of not caring about children.
  3. Maybe, but not all immoral things are legislated. Especially not all things immoral according to God. And Christians accept that fact. No Christian wants every lie to be illegal. Christians don't think it should be illegal to worship idols. And we certainly don't want our feelings towards others legislated.
  4. I've started typing posts about this a few times and stopped because I'm struggling with how to communicate or approach this question. But, I think I can use what you said here as a jumping off point. I understand what you said is the reality and it's obviously very troubling. I don't know much about psychology or counseling or mental health, but isn't this the opposite of what is usually suggested to people? Don't we usually tell people that they shouldn't need the affirmation of others in order to feel good about themselves? That seeking something from others is a guaranteed way of bein
  5. I don't think many Christians believe that someone's position on the legality of abortion is a determining factor in whether they can legitimately claim to be a Christian. I really don't see this as being debatable. What is the more debatable question is whether a Christian is sinning in their views on the legality of abortion. There's a lot in Scripture about how Christians are to be and I think when someone says "You can't be Christian and...", I think they are usually talking about whether something is a sin and not necessarily whether that fully disqualifies you from the label Christi
  6. I'm sure they would but I don't see Houston accepting that.
  7. If that’s what Stafford goes for, Watson will be way out of reach.
  8. All else being equal... Watson > Stafford > Garrapolo > Goff > Darnold Watson - starter for a decade Stafford - starter for five years Garrapolo - comes in as starter but I assume we are looking to upgrade again in a couple years Goff - competes for the job and some upside if he can regain form of a couple years ago, continue looking for upgrade Darnold - competes for job but I assume he’d lose out to Allen or Heinicke
  9. Biases don’t bother me a ton. Yeah, it would be great if we could mature in that area. What bothers me more is doubling down when our biases are made clear to us or using that moment as a chance to point out the other tribe’s biases.
  10. He should have been censured a long time ago just for all the lies. Once he encouraged his followers to take action to fight against something that was based on his lies and those people followed through with what turned out to be a deadly attempt to illegally overthrow a democratic election, an official “you shouldn’t have done that” falls way short of a reasonable response.
  11. Censure is an extremely weak response to inciting an insurrection.
  12. @fatguyinalittlecoat I'm leaning towards saying I don't see a problem with Jane being on the girls track team. But, I'm curious what Jane would be required to do to qualify. I imagine if Jane transitioned from John at a younger age then Jane, more or less, looks like the other girls on the team and maybe nobody even asks Jane if she's trans or not. If the transition is in progress, and she still looks like John, does Jane need to do anything to prove she can be on the girls team? Or, even if the transition was complete (is it ever complete? not sure how that works), it's possible tha
  13. I was a little surprised to hear my son tell me that his HS football team doesn't have cuts. But, makes sense since so many fewer kids play football these days (at least that's what I've heard). However, my daughter's volleyball team has cuts. Tons of girls try out and don't make it every year.
  14. What does Jane's presence on the team mean for Jenny (cis-female and the slowest on the team)? Does Jenny now not make the team? Is she still on the team but doesn't get to compete at track meets? Does Jenny still get to be on the team and compete?
  15. I heard someone the other day saying they assumed the Stafford deal would be like the Alex Smith deal in terms of timing. That there could be news about an agreement being reached before the Super Bowl, but obviously doesn't officially happen until the new league year.
  16. Is this a completely made up hypothetical? My first reaction, which may not be relevant at all to your questioning, is that the hypothetical doesn't seem realistic. My guess is a male runner who typically finishes 8th is going to win every race against females and by a decent margin. But, I don't know a ton about track so I could be wrong.
  17. I thought I heard they’re going to 17 games next year with the additional game being against the same place finish in an AFC division. So they’ll get another first place AFC team. But, yes, to your point, it’s still largely the same schedule as the others in the division. It might matter. It might not.
  18. Wouldn't DC just be Washington. So it would be Washington, Columbia. This reminds me there was a Trivial Pursuit question: What's the capital of the District of Columbia? I was so confused by the question, but apparently the answer was Washington. Is that somehow technically true?
  19. Thanks for arguments. Having lived in the DC area (but never actually in DC) my whole life, I've never spent too much time thinking about this. What's an example of a conflict that could exist between the federal government and the state in which it resides? Does that conflict already exist today in the states where our federal government are already present? Does that conflict exist now between the federal government and the city of Washington?
  20. Yeah, seems like a dumb approach. All that's needed is a decent contact strategy. I assume just about everyone who is in the most need of the vaccine has been to a doctor in the last few years. So, put money in the COVID relief bill to go to doctors offices to proactively reach out to their patients to schedule an appointment. I assume that's a better solution than consolidating names and phone numbers from all the doctors office and handling the contact centrally.
  21. McVay and Goff are 42-20 together in the regular season. Why do you say McVay can’t win with him? If he becomes available, he should be fairly cheap so I think he could be worth adding if they miss out on one of the top guys. I wouldn’t hand him the keys and say he’s the unquestioned starter, but he could be an upgrade and maybe worth a shot to see if he can return to his previous form.
  22. I thought solar panels stored up energy when it's sunny that it can use when it's not sunny. When you say "you need gas power plants for when the sun is not shining", I picture a scenario where the solar panels don't work at all once the sun sets or a it's too cloudy; that all the power in the building goes out at night and then comes back on at sunrise.
  23. Here are the top two articles from a google search: https://usatodayhss.com/2018/the-war-against-boys-playing-field-hockey-is-organizing-in-mass https://www.nytimes.com/2001/10/18/sports/high-school-sports-in-field-hockey-a-twist-on-title-ix.html (Mike Wise!)
  24. Not sure if I'm understanding you or not. Sure, I agree that over time something can move from being weird or odd to normal. But, that something in this case is something that the most impacted group doesn't want. Rosa Parks wanted to sit in the front of the bus. Jackie Robinson wanted to play in the MLB. Moving from it being weird to see a black person sitting in the front of a bus to it being normal was something that benefited the oppressed group and it's something they wanted. Trans people, as far as I know, do not want a separate bathroom and don't want a separate league. That doesn'
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