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  1. Sorry if I'm not following the conversation, but why are you talking about a crime? My understanding is impeachment isn't necessarily about crimes. But maybe the conversation shifted to whether or not Trump can be charged with a crime? If we're talking about impeachment, the charge was "inciting" not "leading". The definition of "incite" is "encourage or stir up". Not sure if that changes one's view, but I do think inciting is different than leading.
  2. Watched season 1 of Shooter. I was enjoying it until the last few episodes when it turned stupid. Don’t think I can commit to season 2.
  3. My family spent about a week in Michigan this past Summer. We stayed in Holland the first night, drove up the coast the next day, then spent the rest of our time in Northern Michigan. Loved it. Great place in the Summer.
  4. Liz Cheney Jaime Herrera Beutler John Katko Adam Kinzinger Fred Upton Dan Newhouse Peter Meijer Anthony Gonzalez Tom Rice David Valadao
  5. 9 Republicans have voted for impeachment so far with 19 Republicans remaining to vote.
  6. That seems to be part of the gameplan: Lie and accuse the other side of doing what you are going to do. It's a weird strategy that, on some level, is working.
  7. How is it decided who speaks at these debates? In other words, will Cheney or any of the other Rs who said they’d vote for impeachment get to speak?
  8. Employees who work in that building don't go through the metal detectors.
  9. How many people do we think are part of a potential Trump Militia?
  10. Oh, good. Now they can catch all the Antifa rioters who stole Trump supporter's phones!
  11. A good article about one man’s involvement on January 6th: https://www.wsj.com/articles/one-trump-fans-descent-into-the-u-s-capitol-mob-11610311660
  12. I believe the State Department said it was done by a disgruntled employee. Pence's page said the same thing (although with a slightly different time stamp). Seems like an odd "got 'em!" for a disgruntled employee.
  13. Good points and I hope you're right. Here's some context of QB salaries: https://overthecap.com/position/quarterback/
  14. I mean, it matters how each and every word is defined that was in your original question, but "racist" is the only word that I assume doesn't have universal agreement on what it means and what it looks like. I'm sure we agree on what "vote" means and what "country" means and what "percentage" means. I'd guess we agree on what the meaning of "is" is. But "racist"? I feel like at least 10% of the posts in this forum are arguing about whether or not something was racist or not. We can all look at the exact same act and if by some miracle we could get fully into someone's brain and understand
  15. Were Nazis the first or second most evil regime in history when it was first starting out? Or did they work their way up? I've rejected Trump/Hitler comparisons since day one. I still reject them, but that rejection is becoming harder every day.
  16. According to my time stamps, Pence gets 4:42 less time: https://www.state.gov/biographies/michael-r-pence/
  17. As far as hacks go, that would be a pretty lame hack.
  18. 19:49:00 for me. And that's the whole extent of his biography. What was there before?
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