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  1. Hopefully not the AF, but to the Space Command. https://www.spacecom.mil
  2. Similar format but with 12 teams. I have the 4th and I think 8th picks. I'd love to get Lance at the 4 but suspect the top 3 in SF or 2qb leagues will be Trev, fields and Lance. I'm not quite as big on Wilson but could be convinced. I don't really need a QB (Watson, tannehill and trubisky) but it's tough to pass on a qb in these leagues. Javonte at 4 could work well imo. Definitely targeting najee at 8 and I think he's available there in these leagues. He'll drop some in ppr. I'm curious to see what people are willing to give for the 1 in SF or 2qb leagues. Does the 4 and 8 get it in most leagues?
  3. I shoulda kept my shares It certainly bounces enough lately. As long as you're keeping most of your shares you'll be good.
  4. No. I'll keep my winners. (I do get your point but you can't pry SE, QCLN, etc from my hands)
  5. Definetly feels like a low scoring game, but that seems a little low. I'll take the under 43.5 and go 24-13 Rams The network is in disputes with my cable provider, so I'm not watching the game 🤦🏼‍♂️
  6. Yeah, I have Google already. Whether I use it or not, companies I like. I don't own a Tesla yet but want to eventually. I don't really use Sea limited either but the company interests me greatly.
  7. Looking towards 2021, one thing I'm going to do more of, is buying companies I like, regardless of how many shares. Just to own parts of things I like. The little I did this past year has done alright (DFS, SE, TSLA, DIS, TM, HD) but I'm going to view it more as a collection in the regular, fun brokerage. Many of these will just be a few shares to hold. With that in mind, what are some companies you like?
  8. Their 3 losses were to probable playoff teams with a combined 25-11 record. 1 score away in two of those games. Those are still losses of course, but at least those were quality teams. (Of course their wins were too close too) Running away with it was a stretch, but I'm fairly certain they'd have a few more wins. Their defense has been bad, their o line subpar. I don't see them as a legit contender for the SB any time soon, but they should be quite a bit better than Philly.
  9. Smith is perhaps the only player even non-ff owners could cheer for in the division.
  10. That's the thing imo. As much as we dislike the "what if" discussions, had Dak stayed healthy they'd be running away with the division imo. I guess you could say the same about the giants with Barkley and now jones 🤷🏾‍♂️
  11. I figured it had to be the estrogen. (And no, I didn't read the article) Totally agreed that pregnancy seems to create an almost super human sense of smell. Taking my pregnant wife to a work function at a Thai restaurant did not go well. She still won't eat it.
  12. So, when you choose to identify as a woman, your sense of smell improves? 🤔 I'll stay a dude for sure now.
  13. Yep running down the path of the boulder is a new low.
  14. A couple drinks most days. I'll pop open a beer during the last hour of work many days, then one with dinner. Occasionally whiskey and water after that. I should cut back to one a day, but I never drink more than 3. I went dry for lent, until we were all confined to home with the 5 kids.
  15. I'm missing out on that even with some ARKG. but QCLN makes up for it. 💚💚💚
  16. More of a lawful (or honorable) neutral. Yep. When they get grogu back, then what?
  17. Not huge, but I'll take kelce & company without hesitation.
  18. It's huge that Allen is even in the conversation. Wilson isn't right now although he could get back into it. Rodgers and Mahomes, statistically, are pretty close. I don't think there's any doubt that Mahomes has the better offense around him. And probably coach. Right now I'd vote 1. Rodgers 2. Mahomes 3. Allen HM. Watt, Henry, Adams I want to put henry higher but without a presence in the passing game I just can't. Baker mayfield could work his way into the conversation if he didn't already.
  19. I want my hypotheticals detailed. Sorry, lawyer. 🤓
  20. Possible for private schools. Thankfully my oldest is going to community college next year. 2nd oldest (with a 4.5 GPA) wants to attend a private school but understands we're only covering in state tuition, so he'll probably go to Auburn. Next 3 are anyone's guess but I'm only covering in state tuition. They can go ROTC or to an academy if needed.
  21. Food is very low on the list of reasons for recent violence for developed nations.
  22. English bulldog makes some tasty bacon.
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