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  1. Kids first shots done.. not sure why, but I guess they will have to eventually, so whatever.
  2. If you don't think mask wearing is an incontrovertible truth, then you and I agree. Of course this makes it weird that it has anything to do with leadership.
  3. The definition is the explanation. The CDC itself leads with labratory studies of cloth masks and an obervational study of 2 (yes, two) hairstylists and their customers. The studies in general are observational, and rely on interviews. But don't you dare question it. Or wonder why you need to wear one when vaccinated. Or wonder why you wear one walking to a table then take it off when you sit down then put it on to go to the bathroom then take it off when you get back then put in back on to walk out. Dogma - a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as inco
  4. The fact that masks are a comforting symbol is the result of the dogma. It is ridiculous imo.
  5. crazy that masks have become a symbol of leadership abilities to some. this dogma experiment has been facinating.
  6. Last 4 years 4th RB taken.... 2017 - Joe Mixon 2018 - Nick Chubb 2019 - D Montgomery 2020 - Cam AKers
  7. I feel like this analysis would be more relevant by relative draft position. Carter was the 4th RB taken. Snell was the 10th. Ballage was the 12th. eta - Nick Chubb was the 4th taken in his class.
  8. Stepping over the line is worth it usually
  9. More skilled? In college when i raced for $. More safe? Now - 45.
  10. Man I ####ed up. I sold my beautiful badass boat to upsize... same boat a little bigger (Nautique 210 to the 230). I put my boat up for sale, got flooded with interest, held off until I could line up the boat I wanted. Dealer in Houston was transferring to my dealer, I was lined up to buy it last weekend. So I sold for full ask (more than I paid new last year)............................................ AND the HOUSTON DEALER ####### SOLD THE BOAT INSTEAD OF TRANSFERING TO SAN ANTONIO. Now I don't have my awesome boat and I can't find the boat I want to buy.
  11. 2020 Toyota Tundra 16k miles.. carvana will buy for what I paid.
  12. Added 100 BLDP because.. Todem.
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