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  1. It appears I have to replace damn near all landscaping aside from grass....
  2. LOL at the ERCOT board members resigning, after it is noted they don't even live in Texas. WTF
  3. I think people don't realize how successful she was. Maybe a B/C actor - but she was killing it for a while standup. Didn't she also have her own Emmy award winning reality show? I'd bet she made better $ than most you would call A listers over that 10-15 year period. eta - Yea - multiple Emmy's, estimated $75 million. jesus.
  4. This is where I always fall in the middle. I want the right regulations, the obvious and easy ones (like you can't jack my rates 10000%). But no the ones that get put in place just to justify a politician's job.
  5. Wasn't for me, they just want the pay stubs to support it.
  6. Stupid ###. Backyard kitchen - pipe under sink busted leaking/spraying all inside the sink/grill/fridge structure.
  7. Pure luck... I'd say every other house on my road had any number of issues with flooding or water heaters or attic/roof leaking. Far as I can tell I'm looking no worse for the wear. Of course typing this wasn't a smart move.
  8. Just got water back for first time since Monday afternoon. That was the best cold shower ever. No power sucked.. no water just amplified it x10000.
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