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  1. They moved Abdullah to the active roster... im thinking he is catching passes.
  2. @Maurile Tremblay has him ranked/projecting relatively high this week (above the likes of Javonte Williams, Slayton, MVS, etc as a flex) - any thoughts to add Maurile? eta - source is my 5 second primer.
  3. You just described an amazing waiver pickup.. and who did you see suggesting he would do better than CMC?
  4. CMC was getting 30 touches. I could Chuba getting ~20 touches/game.
  5. And he would trade places with Stafford tomorrow. Happy for Stafford getting to win. Losing is what the Lions do.
  6. Joseph Herff @JosephHerffNFL Imagine having a top-15 WR and limiting him to this with playcalling lol https://twitter.com/JosephHerffNFL/status/1437268310018646023?s=20
  7. This is 10000% irrelevant. A company can require the vaccine. Very simple - you have the choice to get the vaccine, or not.
  8. His choice here. Seems dumb to choose losing your livlihood over a shot.
  9. I have always loved Kirk as well, but I thought there was a lot of noise in the way (so many WRs)..... if he stays on Murray's radar he will be solid.
  10. I was thinking the opposite on Edwards. He didn't get a target until the 4th quarter?... and he made the most of them. I would say he will be the next read moving forward when Waller is doubled.
  11. Just look at the tabs yourself. Most are relatively small drop downs, and they close when your mouse leaves the area... no big deal when you accidentally scroll over, and easy to find what you want when you mean to scroll over. The "TOOLS" tab literally takes up the whole page and you have to make an effort to find a space to get your mouse outside it to close. I have to move my mouse alllllll the way down to the bottom of my screen to get out of it. There is just too much stuff in that tab (4 columns listing 50 (FIFTY?) links)... to the point it isn't a "tab" at all, it is an entire page. I think you can make that tab way less busy by removing a lot of the lists, thus shrinking the tab, thus solving the issue. Maybe just make the 4 Column titles go to a page with the various links there. Or make more tabs and give the draft, in season, dfs, and statisitcs their own tabs.
  12. @Joe Bryant If you can make it so the Tools tab doesnt eclipse the entire screen anytime I accidentally roll over it, that would be awesome.
  13. Finished #12 this week , which is great and all... but Gus is gonna catch up to me unless Michel/Rhamondre show up.
  14. I will say the routes they sent him on were not inspiring and easily covered.
  15. First half was everything we hoped for, second half got away from them.
  16. I feel like my call of 3 wins might be way way off.
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