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  1. not sure what is going on but your 6.02 pick looks like this:Waiting On TripItUp For The Next Pick
    Pre-Draft Selection Made

    Maybe you predrafted but all your picks are gone?

  2. Regarding No Mercy: email me so I have your contact data: buenodeoro@yahoo.com

    With you, the league is full, so I will set the draft to start Sunday! Welcome to No Mercy!

  3. Almost like we planned that! Good job!

  4. Jayrod, in your thread have you discussed the concept of original sin yet? I have some thoughts, but don't want to hijack...

    1. Jayrod


      Man, I'm not doing that thread anymore.  It becomes a rabbit hole and I usually end up getting so frustrated I write something I shouldn't and then feel angry and guilty for days.

      Basically, I don't have the self control to handle it.  Wish I did.  You are welcome to hijack it all you want.

  5. Ever consider rolling into No Mercy? We're doing the same thing and we're an MFL showcase league.

  6. Hey, your IBS - I'm thinking of maybe trying the diet.

    Backstory: part of the reason I've been missing is also health related. In short, radiation therapy gave me a real bad case of proctitis. The treatments are over, I'm cancer-free, but the ####s haven't gone away. During therapy I was using steroid suppositories for control, but I don't like putting a lot of #### like that in my body. Thinking of trying your diet instead - except I really ate oatmeal!

  7. Hey, I have hardly posted in 5 years - do those warnings ever expire?

  8. password for Dreamers is newbie12

  9. And no, I can't type!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sir_Jimmer


      Gnats of doom ( I think is the name ) is the team I want

    3. tomfoxc


      Interested in Helaghan Troopers. Sent you an email from t*****c@yahoo.com

    4. tomfoxc


      Just bumping

  10. Been busy so haven't been posting much lately. Why is the Salmon Lagsana thread dead?

  11. Salmon Lasagna link is dead.

  12. Sometimes I think you go over the top, but you are 100% right on AGW buddy. Keep fighting the good fight.

  13. go back in hiding plz

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