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  1. Sitting in our balcony, waiting for the Jericho cruise to set sail!
  2. I would personally induct him with Jurassic Park, but I think the objective option is Jaws.
  3. Dad is over for his birthday. We went from being ready to cut the cake on the not-a-fumble by Levis to back in it with the TD.
  4. Unfortunate turn of events there. Not a single UK defender even jumping to recover the fumble in the UGA redzone.
  5. Believe it baby: Wildcats have the chance to be 6-0 for the first time since Bear Bryant was on the sideline.
  6. MJF: The wrong one died! Arn: I'd have killed them both.
  7. I probably rate New Japan a bit too high from a pure objective standpoint. However, I am invested in their product, so that itself goes a long way!
  8. Also, I've heard that when the matches have been given time, Raw and Smackdown of late have been quite good in-ring. It's all the sub-5 minute matches and schmozzy finishes that bring about the greatest detractors.
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