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  1. Well, Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi are the hottest ship in the business.
  2. If it wasn't settled before, it is now: I'm traveling to every AEW PPV once full buildings are allowed. I will not be able to live knowing I missed the *coin flip* signaling Kazuchika Okada's debut.
  3. *knock knock* Come on in, the forbidden door is open.
  4. Robinhood lifts some of its limits. If someone isn't out yet, last chance coming up imo.
  5. It was fun while it lasted. Adios!
  6. Yeah, I was scratching my head reading all the "reddit army targets silver next" headlines.
  7. This is what I wanted mid-S3, but BOY HOWDY did the writers not earn the face turn. They were building it so nicely and then handwaved Hawk's redemption, instead just making him seem bitter and jealous instead of wanting to change. Disappointing. Having not read the thread and just now finishing S3, I can imagine the season finale is just a bit polarizing. Last 2 episodes should have been 4. Guess I can't really expect that much from them though when they couldn't find any direction whatsoever for one of their best characters so they just wrote her off entirely.
  8. It's obviously Stonk Elementary Gamestop Academy: SEGA
  9. Is there a difference in banning certain people from their platform vs allowing users to only close their positions and not allowing them to buy? Idk the answer here, just holding.
  10. I'm just gambling with money that would constitute a good (or bad) night at the blackjack table. Only here to meme - my hands are diamond.
  11. We're coming back for these soldiers, no one left behind!
  12. Gonna have to break through the 420.69 wall here with GME
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