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  1. The models for our hospitals show a clear peak. I won't claim to be an authority on it, but it seems likely to me.
  2. Dreamer gets a well-deserved timeout and Flair should be done for good now.
  3. Hospitals have crested nationwide I'm pretty sure. Naturally, there will be another surge of some other variant, but delta seems on the downward path.
  4. No, that was tongue in cheek because E cashed in when Lashley was selling his leg.
  5. I misspoke earlier: only 16 million for MNF, but 23 when you include the preshow and postshow. About 1 million total viewers for tbe Manning Bros' cast.
  6. MNF curbstomped all other television last night. My word, >23 million total viewers.
  7. That's awesome for Big E. I'll need to check out a clip.
  8. Here is the best insight into current WWE: my link They have made more money on their 5 Saudi shows than they have for all combined WrestleMania gates. In just a year or two, they will have made more than WM gates and PPV buys. The two companies are not competing. One is providing content to a completely different audience, and there is room to grow for AEW.
  9. The University of Kentucky Wildcats are a top 10 team. This statement set to be revised by the end of the evening.
  10. I don't think Moxley will ever step foot in a WWE ring again if Vince McMahon still books the show.
  11. Yes indeed. No kids makes spontaneous choices possible.
  12. Gotta be one of the big chunks of muscle. Wardlow? Hobbs?
  13. We decided 5 hours before the show last night to make the 4 hour drive to Cincinnati. Rampage was a better show than Dynamite, carried by the excellent Pac v Andrade match, but we had a fun time through the whole taping. Was Mrs. hags and my first time back with any sort of a crowd since we began quarantine.
  14. I can even tell you his favorite promotions to model! Continental Wrestling from Memphis and Mid South Wrestling are the two heaviest influences on Tony Khan's booking. If you watch 83-84 Mid South, it is shocking some of the parallels.
  15. Tony Khan books AEW in collaboration with the wrestlers that are involved in those angles. A wild concept.
  16. Only wrestling podcast I regularly listen to is We Watch Wrestling. They close every issue by asking, "Who's your favorite wrestler?" Tough decision this week, but I think I give it to Penta. He was the heart and soul of the best match on the PPV.
  17. Hangman Page, Darby Allin, Jungle Boy, MJF, Ricky Starks, Will Hobbs, Dante Martin Britt Baker, Thunder Rosa, Kris Statlander, Jade Cargill, Hikaru Shida, Ruby Soho Lucha Bros, FTR, Santana & Ortiz, Private Party, Varsity Blondes Look at the future you could build... and then consider WTF the top of the card looks like now in the men's division: The Elite, Punk, Danielson, Moxley, Miro, Kingston, Orange Cassidy, Cody, Malakai Black, Andrade, Pac Just hook it into my veins.
  18. They have the opportunity to make Hangman Page a superstar if he returns amid the fever pitch of Danielson and CM Punk hype.
  19. They've got money in different shoeboxes for years and years with the Saudi and NBC deals. I hate to play the comparison game because AEW is just doing its own thing. TK isn't looking to run up against the mothership (yet?!). But damned if it doesn't feel like the start of something special for the company.
  20. 10-man tag Eddie v Miro Moxley v Kojima Suzuki appearance Kris v Britt Lucha Bros v Young Bucks in the cage Might go down as the best six consecutive segments ever.
  21. You could have aired the pre-show through the tag team cage match and had the best show of the year. And that's without CM Punk's return to the ring. Before the huge reveals. I'm giddy.
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