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  1. I put my keepers in Yahoo: Deshaun Watson Jimmy G Kamara Mostert Latavius Murray Mattison Ridley Jeudy Thomas Crowder
  2. What is free in a lot of bars in Germany?
  3. If you don't make it, can I have your wife's number?
  4. https://twitter.com/yahoosportsnhl/status/1352058195313897472?s=21
  5. I'm not sure how you are doing this math, so maybe I'm missing something. But no one is going to run out of games. I have used every available player every day so far, and I assume everyone else has, too. Yet no one is projected to come within 15 games of maxing out at any position.
  6. How so? In a normal year, we spend a lot of effort not to use up games early, since you'd rather have a game played by a 100-point player than a fourth liner. Now you can start everyone all year long without losing anything.
  7. Not sure why you keep fighting this. He paid money and lives on the property. That gives him legal status as a tenant. Not to mention he's the only one who can offer testimony about what the agreement was. And regardless, the risk you run by not treating him as a tenant is immense. But hey it's your (or your dad's) funeral, go ahead and cut off water and electricity to someone who paid for it and see what happens I guess.
  8. In all seriousness, I think it should be lowered. With 65 games, you can just hit the "start active players" button for the season and call it good, other than managing IR. With 56, you have to decide how to get the most out of the games you've got.
  9. Believe me I understand the frustration. I used to represent landlords in evictions. But you've got: 1. A person in possession of the real estate (he's physically there and has been for a while). 2. An exchange of money 3. No witness to offer opposing evidence to whatever he says the agreement was. 4. An agreement that pre-dates dad's ownership, so by accepting the real estate, he accepts all prior agreements in place. Legally he's a tenant and I would proceed only under the advice of a real estate lawyer, or try to cut a deal with the guy as mentioned above.
  10. This is terrible advice, sorry. The guy is a tenant. He has been paying and has a legal right to be protected as such. If OP's dad simply forces him off, whether through literal force or by shutting off utilities, he is likely committing a crime and at least in my jurisdiction, would be liable for all of the tenant's legal fees.
  11. You wanna get weird?  Let's get weird.
  12. Huh. I've always felt this way about Springsteen. Interesting to see it's not just me.
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