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  1. Believe me I understand the frustration. I used to represent landlords in evictions. But you've got: 1. A person in possession of the real estate (he's physically there and has been for a while). 2. An exchange of money 3. No witness to offer opposing evidence to whatever he says the agreement was. 4. An agreement that pre-dates dad's ownership, so by accepting the real estate, he accepts all prior agreements in place. Legally he's a tenant and I would proceed only under the advice of a real estate lawyer, or try to cut a deal with the guy as mentioned above.
  2. This is terrible advice, sorry. The guy is a tenant. He has been paying and has a legal right to be protected as such. If OP's dad simply forces him off, whether through literal force or by shutting off utilities, he is likely committing a crime and at least in my jurisdiction, would be liable for all of the tenant's legal fees.
  3. You wanna get weird?  Let's get weird.
  4. Huh. I've always felt this way about Springsteen. Interesting to see it's not just me.
  5. The guy is a tenant. That makes it a civil matter, not a criminal one, so the police aren't the answer. Find a lawyer who does LL/T law in that jurisdiction. Find the money somewhere to pay the lawyer (get quotes and shop around if need be), because this guy will cause damage and sour the other tenants. Whatever you spend on a lawyer will be less than the damage he can cause.
  6. I find him fascinating How to funk in two minutes blew my mind
  7. I still have not received an official ruling from my protest of your fake win last year.
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