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  1. 15 minutes ago, Getzlaf15 said:

    Thats not true. 

    You can only start 27 of 56 games of your 4th line forwards.  Only 18 games of your extra two util guys.  Only 36 of 56 games of your 5th dman.  Have to make choices on all those guys all year.  You can not just play all their games. 

    I'm not sure how you are doing this math, so maybe I'm missing something.  But no one is going to run out of games.  I have used every available player every day so far, and I assume everyone else has, too.  Yet no one is projected to come within 15 games of maxing out at any position.

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  2. Just now, Getzlaf15 said:

    This simply is not true. 

    How so?  In a normal year, we spend a lot of effort not to use up games early, since you'd rather have a game played by a 100-point player than a fourth liner.  Now you can start everyone all year long without losing anything.

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  3. On 1/16/2021 at 9:28 PM, DJackson10 said:

    Ok just curious how so even if it was a handshake agreement. He lives in an RV/VAN doesn't rent a property or anything. Just pays to hook up the van for electricity and use Bathroom/Shower. I am not arguing with you btw just interested in a how judge sees this. Also different locations have different rules on living in an RV and where. I'm not sure on those rules in PA or the township its in. 

    Not sure why you keep fighting this.  He paid money and lives on the property.  That gives him legal status as a tenant.  Not to mention he's the only one who can offer testimony about what the agreement was.  And regardless, the risk you run by not treating him as a tenant is immense. 

    But hey it's your (or your dad's) funeral, go ahead and cut off water and electricity to someone who paid for it and see what happens I guess.

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  4. On 1/16/2021 at 2:16 PM, Aaron Rudnicki said:

    having a very high limit per position takes most of the decision-making away. it would be hard to use up 65 games per position, so people can start as many players as they want everyday and it sort of tips the scales to favor teams/rosters that stay healthy rather than favoring teams that make smart decisions on how to use up their spaces.

    if you limit it to 56 games per starting position, it levels the playing field and maintains competitive balance as most teams should wind up playing the same number of games at the end of the season (apart from strategical decisions since playing more games, particularly at goalie, can wind up hurting you with ratio stats).

    last year, things got messed up because we had one team burn through most of his games and win when the season ended early. if we had been able to play out the full season, he would have run out of games to play and it's very likely one or two teams would have been able to pass him.


  5. Believe me I understand the frustration. I used to represent landlords in evictions. But you've got:

    1. A person in possession of the real estate (he's physically there and has been for a while). 

    2. An exchange of money

    3. No witness to offer opposing evidence to whatever he says the agreement was. 

    4. An agreement that pre-dates dad's ownership, so by accepting the real estate, he accepts all prior agreements in place. 

    Legally he's a tenant and I would proceed only under the advice of a real estate lawyer, or try to cut a deal with the guy as mentioned above. 

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  6. 37 minutes ago, Long Ball Larry said:

    i don't even understand the problem.

    i'm assuming that there is no written agreement saying that the van man can use the electricity and property.  if your dad is now the legal owner, anything that happens on the property is his right to say.  i don't understand what liability your dad is afraid of.

    anyway, i know the area where you are talking about and if you want to pm me a little more specifics about location, i can go get a birds-eye view of the situation.

    This is terrible advice, sorry.  The guy is a tenant.  He has been paying and has a legal right to be protected as such.  If OP's dad simply forces him off, whether through literal force or by shutting off utilities, he is likely committing a crime and at least in my jurisdiction, would be liable for all of the tenant's legal fees.

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  7. The guy is a tenant.  That makes it a civil matter, not a criminal one, so the police aren't the answer.

    Find a lawyer who does LL/T law in that jurisdiction.  Find the money somewhere to pay the lawyer (get quotes and shop around if need be), because this guy will cause damage and sour the other tenants.  Whatever you spend on a lawyer will be less than the damage he can cause.

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  8. On 7/14/2020 at 8:57 AM, IvanKaramazov said:

    You're in for a great experience -- GTA5 is/was a fantastic game.  Far better than GTA4.

    I mentioned earlier that I jumped back into GTA online a couple of months ago, and I'm still finding it a lot of fun.  I spend about 99% of my online time just grinding away for money, following a little cycle of Robbery In Progress, Sightseer, Diamond Shopping, vehicle source/sale, rinse/repeat.  Throw in the the occasional bunker sale and nightclub sale and I estimate that I can make about $350K per hour.  It's getting a little stale now that I've purchased literally everything I could possibly need for business-related activities, and I think I'll probably try doing some other stuff once I build up a nest egg. 

    Dumb question but is GTA online a completely separate game that you have to buy?

  9. On 7/2/2020 at 1:00 PM, TLEF316 said:

    So isn't really golf related, but its happening at my golf course, so I was hoping to get some opinions.

    I've been a member at my club for 3 years now. Our club has a restaurant that is open to the public, so there's no restaurant mins for the members. (part of the appeal to me, as I just want to pay for golf).  There's also a really nice outdoor tent/bar area where all the members congregate after their rounds, hang and have a drink, etc.  But I generally play in the evening, so by the time I'm done, everyone is gone. So me racking up any sort of bar bill is very rare.  Occasionally I'll grab a drink or snack at the turn, but not that often.

    At least 5 or 6 times now, I've checked my monthly statement to find a fairly sizable bar bill that is not mine.   A few of them have been $150+.  I've never gotten any push back when I've called/emailed to dispute, but its starting to become a PITA.  No other members know my member # and I'm not even sure that many even know my last name.  So the odds that another member is charging to my tab seems very minimal. 

    So the only other possible solution is that the club is just randomly dropping bar tabs onto my account to boost profits. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I just find it hard to believe that someone is just making a mistake over and over and over again. At what point do you say something beyond just calling and correcting them?

    I left a club after this happened to me about half of the months for a year, after a change of ownership.  That and they cut deals with everyone so it felt like no two members were paying the same price.  Buh-bye.

  10. 2 minutes ago, OrtonToOlsen said:

    I only asked because someone I know insists on saying “weeber”.

    He’s a professional chef as in a few hotels in Vegas fought over hiring him about 10 years ago.  

    Nowadays he drinks and customizes Hot Wheels cars for some goofy table top RPG.

    You have weird friends

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