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  1. And it will be quoted extensively in here as well, and not by just his worshipers.
  2. Hard to take anything he says regarding how politicians handled the virus considering his big brother
  3. I'll let others decide. I don't normally get involved in the psf. But the hoops you've jumped through and the mental gymnastics you've gone through would make Simone Bilas proud.
  4. Maybe we need to make the next stimulus payment paid out upon vaccination
  5. So now we went from "show me a link" to "show me a link to someone other than a crying celebrity" to "sure he said it but he didn't repeat it" There's an old saying that I think applies here. If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
  6. He wasn't blamed for "excess" deaths. He was blamed for ALL deaths. Unless you believe that all the deaths could have been prevented had Trump acted more responsibly.
  7. President Trump was called a murderer of 300,000+ people throughout the presidential campaign by the Democrats. Was it just a game to them as well?
  8. They're still about $20 mil over the cap. Let's see if Rodgers steps up and restructures to create more room.
  9. Trump's lawyer would just have to cross-examine those witnesses. Ask them if they believe the earth is flat? If the school shootings were staged? If 9-11 happened? They'd be quickly exposed as not credible.
  10. That's fine if you have another RB and a rookie. But BOTH RBs are FAs. If you lose Jones you'd still have Williams and a rookie. If you lose Williams you'd still have Jones and a rookie. But if they lost BOTH RBs you'd be going in to next year with a backfield led by an inexperienced rookie RB. I don't think Aaron Rodgers would be too happy relying on a rookie RB's pass protection. Of course, they'd also probably bring in a free agent RB. But you are still relying on a rookie RB and someone else's castoff. Protecting yourself is the smart thing to do. And it also gives you a little more negoti
  11. It is what it is. Doesn't really matter how the contract offer was structured in terms of whether it was foolish to draft Dillon or not. When you are entering the season and your top 2 RBs are FAs at the end of the season, drafting a RB in the 2nd round isn't foolish.
  12. I have no problem with them voting to repeal Gov. Evers mask mandate based on that he does not have the legal power to do so . . . but then they better damn well have an immediate plan in place and pass their own mask mandate in the next breath.
  13. Foolishly? Jones turned down top 5 RB money from the Packers. Seems like they were wise to protect themselves with both Jones and Williams FAs
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