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  1. Problem with that thinking is that Penny is also always hurt. Might be a good pickup for a game or two but then he'll be hurt as well.
  2. Ultimately ended up dropping Gainwell before the game and picking up Rhamondre Stevenson. Still have McKissic in my starting lineup. Couple of reasons to drop Gainwell. 1) I hated the matchup with TB and the way Philly uses (or should I say doesn't use) their RBs 2) I didn't like having Gainwell locked in to my roster. This will let me pivot from McKissic if anything develops in the next couple of days. I'm watching the health of Damien Harris in New England and also considering Bolden. And also watching the status of Perine (Covid list) for the Bengals. If he is out I can/may drop Stevenson and pick up and start Chris Evans. THANKS for everyone's input in this thread not only to my questions but other people's questions. Information is king in FF and having second and third opinions and different perspectives is tremendously helpful. Ultimately everyone is responsible for their own decisions but having a resource to bounce ideas off of is priceless.
  3. So do I 🤣 Waiver wire is picked clean. Another possibility would be to drop one of them to pick up and start someone like Mack or Stevenson from NE. Bolden would also be an option. Or David Johnson @ IND or Gio Bernard. The Mack pick up intrigues me as I think it could be a longer term play if he is traded to a RB needy team. I'll probably do it next week anyway but I think for this week I prefer McKissic or Gainwell. 🤮 If I'm dropping Gainwell I need to make that decision by tonight's game.
  4. Desperate for my RB2 this week in PPR league with Kamara on bye and Barkley out RB1 is Antonio Gibson Do I start as my RB2 McKissic vs. KC or Gainwell against TB Thursday night. Strongly leaning towards Gainwell but McKissic seems to have the better matchup in a game they will likely be playing catchup
  5. This bit of info regarding TB defense vs. receiving RBs was very helpful
  6. I was down by 50 going in with Lamar and Andrews . . . won by 36 Crazy game
  7. And he's got the Rams and Carolina next. Brutal matchups but he's a warm body for injury depleted teams
  8. Is there anything in his history to suggest he has a short fuse? I'm concerned that defenses will try to get under his skin so he doesn't explode for 8o yard touchdowns
  9. Isn't it like 24000 acres and waist deep water for the most part. Doubt they're looking for a phone only
  10. Low ankle sprain for Barkley, week-to-week according to Rapoport
  11. That's true, but that ain't gonna keep him from winning the nomination.
  12. I'm not so sure about that. And if he is the best chance that the Republicans have to beat the Democrats, they'll line up behind him in mass.
  13. sadly, I'm not so sure about that. Who else has enough of a following to beat him?
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