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  1. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting. Gutenkust will be around a lot longer than Rodgers.
  2. That's all fine and dandy but 2 years in to his 6 year contract he'd want control over who picked the questions/answers and then throw a fit and demand to be traded to The Price is Right
  3. But what doesn't make sense with this report is, why then, did Bahktiari and Aaron Jones resign with the Packers?
  4. Not only is it a betrayal to Gutenkust, its a betrayal to your coaches and teammates. And worst yet, its a huge betrayal to the Green Bay fans. Erin who?
  5. According to the Twitter Rodgers has been telling possible FAs for the last two years he wasn't going to be in Green Bay in 2021. Hard to cry about how they haven't surrounded you with talent and tell FAs to sign elsewhere at the same time.
  6. I have no doubt Rodgersxwants to host Jeopardy. The question is does Jeopardy want him to host? Others were better. This incident isn't going to help his cause. Why take on someone difficult to manage?
  7. As to point 1. He had a top 5 offensive line, a top 5 RB, a top 2-3 WR and a TE that was near or at the top in TDs. As to point 4, Brady seems to be able to draw other players. Rodgers doesn't. Don't know if that's because of the GB front office or because of Rodger's reputation. several former teammates have had negative things to say about him - Finley, James Jones and Greg Jennnings comes to mind.
  8. Report came out yesterday that this goes back to the Packers decision to release Jake Kumerow a couple of years ago. If he's upset that they released Jake Kumerow, do they really want him involved in the decision making process?
  9. What a horrible take. First, Rodgers still would have been threatened by it. This guy holds a chip on his shoulder. He still talks about slipping in the draft as huge motivation. If a WR screws up a route, he chews him out on the field and doesn't go back to him. It's been reported that he would not call the plays Mike McCarthy called because he didn't like them. Not because they were the wrong call, but to spite McCarthy. His press conferences are usually filled with passive-aggressive digs on coaches or management. It's his history. Including him in the decision to draft Love wouldn't have c
  10. I know. It seems ridiculous. But it is Aaron Rodgers we're talkin' about.
  11. I doubt it. This is a guy that can't let go of a grudge. Giving him a heads up wouldn't have made even a little bit of difference.
  12. So the man won't have anything to do with his family anymore, ran Mike McCarthy out of Green Bay, and now wants to run Gutenkust out of GB as well?
  13. Getting a QB back isn't the horrible part.
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