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  1. So what are we to make of CNN reporter Jade sacker who was alongside John Sullivan during the riot reportedly working on a documentary? She asks him if he is filming and he tells her he'll delete it later. He doesn't She is heard on the video telling him that she will give him his hug now and "we did it. " She almost seems giddy. Is she just a reporter here or is she part of the rioters and be charged as well? CNN's Jade Sacker and John Sullivan
  2. Are you sure Pence would pardon him? They haven't spoken since last Wednesday. Trump's supporters were chanting Hang Pence.
  3. He's done so much winning. That's all he does is win. He wins. You're going to get tired of winning.
  4. NFL Update @MySportsUpdate President Trump plans to award #Patriots head coach Bill Belichick with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor, on Thursday, per @politico . 6:17 PM · Jan 10, 2021·TweetDeck
  5. Any snowball chance in heck that GOP leadership approaches Trump and gives him an ultimatum. Either you resign or we invoke the 25th or impeach? Any chance Trump would take this?
  6. Isn't he the guy Michael Thomas got into a scuffle with as well?
  7. A Trump will not be the GOP candidate ever again.
  8. That is odd. I would have thought it would've changed into Fly Brain
  9. I can't remember anyone with the user name Maggot Brain having it changed previously.
  10. No problems. They'll just find a way to funnel the money from their PAC fund to themselves.
  11. Maybe they were all there to pick up their fish fry as well
  12. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to tweet it, does it make a sound?
  13. After today I think you need to move Romney up the list
  14. No it wasn't. GB was going to have too much time of possession for that to happen no matter how bad their defense may have played
  15. Pretty much disregard blooms projections every week
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