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  1. Isn't Hyde one of Meyer's guys from Ohio State? Maybe Meyer likes him more than you would think.
  2. Pittman will change his tune around week 4 or 5 when he is 8th in targets on his own team, and Wentz isn't even looking his direction.
  3. The 49ers also picked up an additional 3rd in the 2020/2021 drafts for the Washington hiring of Mayhew as GM. There is also bonus pick(s) in 2022 for losing multiple coaches/GM during the same season, not sure how that works as the wording was somewhat vague. Nice haul overall.
  4. I agree. A few years back I took over a terrible team and drafted both Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen in the rookie draft (I was starting Case Keenum). About midway through the season I wasn't competitive and bit the bullet, trading 2 #1 picks for Mahomes. Mahomes turned my deadbeat team around and I've been playoff caliber every since. Tried trading Jackson during his breakout season with no interest. Had Allen available for the last 2 years without any reasonable offers. Multiple teams could have gone from bottom feeders to the playoffs but they just don't value the QB position.
  5. Detroit/Tampa Bay. I've got both Swift and Jones in my lineup at the moment and am concerned about the coaching situation, play calling and Staffords health. Just seems like it could be a train wreck. I've also got the Tampa Bay D on my bench and thinking about throwing them in the lineup to take advantage of the Detroit situation.
  6. A few years ago during the last week of the season, after taking over a really bad team, I received a really interesting email from a team in the hunt, telling me about my responsibilities to field my best lineup, etc., etc. It wasn't a big deal to me but after setting my lineup I received a second email questioning the QB I was playing. I discussed it with him and basically said it didn't matter to me, if he wanted me to change out the QB I would. It was the sweetest loss I had all season, as "his" QB was the difference between me winning and losing. I emailed him and apologized for the loss,
  7. I just took over a team and was offered a late 1st, late 2nd and OJ Howard for Kamara, from the league champ. I don't really have a top TE and everyone in the league seems to think I should overpay for their backup TE's.
  8. Just a note, the 49ers tendered Breida at the 2nd round level, so more than likely, unless traded, he will be back with them.
  9. Never understood why a young rebuilding team, with an abundance of draft picks, would go after a 27 year old RB who will be looking for top dollar. He will be 29 before they become competitive and they will be looking to replace him.
  10. Total of 15 devy players each year, all players eligible. I'm sitting on J Taylor, D Swift, K Harmon, B Edwards & Deebo Samuel right now with a 25 man roster. There's some decent players left for the draft but those 2 firsts will probably end up being devy picks. I was putting this team together to be competitive in year 3, and planned to grow L Jackson & Josh Allen to be ready when Taylor & Swift arrived. Mahomes just seemed like a much better plan when the team started coming together.
  11. Not sure about really good, this is an abandoned drek team that I took over this season. I made quite a few trades and most have worked out really, really well, to where I'm actually sitting at #5 in the playoff picture. My weak spot was QB, which I originally planned to address next season. I was starting Keenum so trading for Mahomes actually doubled my QB production (from 16ppg to 33ppg average). I was going to have to use one of those 1sts as trade bait to get an upgrade at QB anyway, so throwing in the 2nd one made sense for Mahomes.
  12. 12 team PPR Dynasty/Devy. QB passing TDs are 6 points. Team A Gave Up: Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB; Year 2019 Round 3 Draft Pick Team B Gave Up: 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick (currently 1.8) ;Year 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick (Currently 1.12)
  13. Devy League, drafted in a 2 team dispersal draft, both teams given a free year because of how bad selection was. Trades made over the last 2 months. Std PPR Scoring. Looking to be competitive in 2019. Team A gave up: Mack, Marlon; Cobb, Randall; Goodwin, Marquise; Hooper, Austin ATL TE Team B gave up: Stills, Kenny; Tate, Golden; Willson, Luke Team B gave up: Meredith, Cameron Team C gave up: Woods, Robert Team B gave up: Howard, Jordan; 2.13 (Josh Rosen) Team D gave up: 1.11; 1.12 (Kelvin Harmon & Jonathan Taylor) Team B gave up: 3.05 (DJ Chark); Year 201
  14. The way I look at it is even though Thomas was WR #7, point wise he was closer to WR #28 than he was to WR #2 in my league. Brees got him 100+ catches in a run first offense, so yeah, put me in the group that thinks Brees is part of his success.
  15. I don't really think I would want to rely on him as a key piece, but he will be available as a WR 4/5 in almost any league you play in. I expect him to perform low end WR2. In Washington he was competing for targets with Reed, Crowder and Jackson, in San Francisco his greatest threat is Kerley. Not saying he is a star to build around, but he just screams value pick as a weekly WR3.
  16. Yep, Garcon is going to severely outperform his draft position. Last time Shanahan had Garcon, Washington went 3-13 but Garcon had 116 receptions. Hoyer knows the system and will target Garcon heavily, much like he did Hopkins in 2015. There is no other receiver on the team, Garcon will benefit from the terrible defense.
  17. To be totally fair, he had 2 carries for 1 yard in the final 5 minutes. After 3 quarters he was 12-34, under 3 yards a carry. The 18 yard carry at the beginning of the 4th saved his box score average, otherwise people would be talking about an 18-36 yard day. I think his final 19-54 and 2.8 yard average represented what type day he had pretty well.
  18. Just saying don`t be shocked if Best does not play again. Even is he does play I would not expect near the touches he had before his latest concussion. If LeShoure comes back healthy, and Kevin Smith with a full training camp under his belt, and the Lions already saying they are looking to pick up another RB, the slices of the pie will be much smaller.That would be a shame if it happened. Always been a Best fan and he's a good kid.It wouldn't surprise me if he never played again either. Close to 6 months since his last hit & he still hasn't been cleared for contact. He's a real wildcard
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