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  1. The team is a mess right now. They are paying guys too much money in the wrong spots to be a Super Bowl contender. It would be painful but I wouldn’t pay Dak, even though they will. He makes the team better but not a Super Bowl contender, then you have no money for anything else. They need to rebuild the offensive line, find a pass rusher and fix the secondary just for starters. Dallas can’t draft anymore WRs, Rbs or TE’s with top picks. It would take 2 to 3 years of solid drafting but they will be better as a football team to pass on Dak long term. Dallas may even be good enough to w
  2. I think TJ is in that 6-8 range of TE’s next year with upside. Even with not knowing if Stafford will be back next year, TJ will get his. If the Lions somehow got rid of Stafford and went to the draft to find a QB, many inexperienced QBs lock on to the TE as their primary target, Denver is an example. I wouldn’t reach for him thinking he will have this great breakout season next year but he’ll hold his position if you don’t end up taking the top 3 or 4 TE’s in next year’s draft.
  3. Gunther Cunningham is still under contract, doubt he goes anywhereI was hoping he would be gone. He hasn't been horrible, they improved vs run but I was hoping Caldwell would be the type to bring in some guys.
  4. He's so young you don't exactly know what kind of work ethic he's going to employ in the NFL. It is important for him to get connected with the right coach and mentor early. My feeling on him is he has some of the intangibles it takes to be a successful QB but he is nowhere close to lead a NFL team. He would be a turnover machine and wreck his mind if he were thrown in as the QB in say JAX. I don't know, I wouldn't reach for him. I too think this feels like a Tebow thing with all the hype. His mechanics are not as bad as Tebow's but anyone who drafts him can't expect immediate success on the
  5. of the bunch mentioned, he seems to be the best choice left.Who do you think was better that was already hired?
  6. Why would the front office be fired? There is a LOT of talent on this team. The 2013 draft was spectacular. It seems like Mayhew is doing a good job. The one good draft that Mayhew has had is after the Lions hired Zander. There is some talent on this team. There is not a lot of talent. Mayhew has blown too many high picks for the team to have a lot of talent. The best player on the team was drafted by Millen. Best, LeShoure, Titus Young, Ryan Boyles..all 1-2rd picks that the Lions got ZERO production from this past season. All 4 of those players were huge ??? coming out of college. Yep, and
  7. pre-supebowl era I believe the Lions and Pack played almost every year on thanksgiving. IM surprised that Dallas got oakland instead of Denver for their home turkey day game. I see 7-9 season for detroit with that schedule, maybe.I'm actually seeing 9-7, but they have to address the defense in the draft.9-7 is definitely too high for the Lions when talking over and unders. If things go perfect for Detroit, they could be 9-7 but more likely a scenario considering their history is 6-10.
  8. They are trying to force them out of Thanksgiving games. Since they won't give it up, they'll get Packer Cheese on Thanksgiving instead of turkey.
  9. The play calling for the Lions has been horrible. When they've had the lead, they run the ball and give up the ball only to watch their defense give up the game. I'd fire the OC for sure, possibly fire Schwartz as his clock management skills before half and at the end of games is horrible. They should not be allowed to draft anything but defense and offensive line for 5 straight years. These ridiculous 2nd round picks on wrs is mind boggling when they have so many holes. They did nothing to improve themself from last year's team and in this league when you're not improving, you are gettin
  10. Traveling from Detroit to Nashville for the game with about 12 friends, should be fun. Hopefully Detroit can get the passing game going.
  11. Stafford didn't play well, throwing 3 picks when there really wasn't pressure on him to make him throw. He played well below what he can do but he played well when the game was on the line. I am not concerned about the picks today, he'll improve in that area. I was most impressed with the defense. With all the turnovers, they really only gave up the 1 Td on a well thrown ball and good catch. They were pretty good against the run, it was an ugly win but a loss would have been disasterous. They'll have to play a lot better against S.F, mainly Stafford. SF is too balanced of a team to givethem
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