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  1. The team is a mess right now. They are paying guys too much money in the wrong spots to be a Super Bowl contender. It would be painful but I wouldn’t pay Dak, even though they will. He makes the team better but not a Super Bowl contender, then you have no money for anything else. They need to rebuild the offensive line, find a pass rusher and fix the secondary just for starters. Dallas can’t draft anymore WRs, Rbs or TE’s with top picks. It would take 2 to 3 years of solid drafting but they will be better as a football team to pass on Dak long term. Dallas may even be good enough to win the division next year with Dak if the team stayed relatively healthy but ultimately they’d lose. Time to rebuild, don’t put a band aid on this thing and pay Dak or we’ll be here next year with a 8-8 or 9-7 record talking about how bad the defense is and why we can’t run the ball but we don’t have any money to sign anyone.
  2. I think TJ is in that 6-8 range of TE’s next year with upside. Even with not knowing if Stafford will be back next year, TJ will get his. If the Lions somehow got rid of Stafford and went to the draft to find a QB, many inexperienced QBs lock on to the TE as their primary target, Denver is an example. I wouldn’t reach for him thinking he will have this great breakout season next year but he’ll hold his position if you don’t end up taking the top 3 or 4 TE’s in next year’s draft.
  3. He is unstartable vs any team until you see visual evidence of some type of turnaround. It's not just Hunt, Tyreek Hill does nothing either and he is one of the most explosive players in the league. I would love to see Hill on the Patriots, lights out. I am not sure if defenses have figured out the Chiefs attack, if key blockers are playing hurt and we don't know about it but the Chiefs should have had huge weeks fantasy wise vs the hopeless Giants, the crumbling Cowboys and the pathetic Bills. Nothing, these were supposed to be games where guys on the Chiefs were going to cement your place in fantasy playoffs. If you made the playoffs, you still have a chance to go somewhere else, anywhere but back to Hunt, Hill or Smith. Smith has always sucked, so maybe his early Qb play was just a brief glimpse at who he could have been and that just opened up everyone. Now that he is back to usual, everyone else just suffers.
  4. Pats running the ball too much down this much but Atlanta is getting pressure on Brady so they have to.
  5. Ingram is a Rb2, I think it was this thread a couple weeks back I posted this. Mainly due to his situation. He is on a team that is usually behind (bad for a top Rb) and when they are in position for the Rb they give it to different Rbs or they have a pass crazy Qb. You almost feel like he needs to score 5 yards out or more. Fbg has rated him each week as a top 10 guy and I just believe his floor isn't that high. If he is your No 1 Rb you are struggling. If he is your No. 2 you are getting by.
  6. When Atlanta scores 45 points on Monday night, Julio Jones getting 1 catch for 7 yards almost seems impossible. A lot of owners going against Jones on Monday night in close games have to feel pretty lucky that is his stat lines. Sounds like he wasn't healthy to me, that Saints D is bad. You definitely need to see how he practices this week. He was an auto start tonight, if he plays Monday Night vs Atlanta you can't bench him but now after this, I want to see him do something during the week that encourages me he is ready to do much more.
  7. I think McKinnon has some decent games ahead. Next week vs the Giants will be rough, a guy you could buy low and trade for after a tough game next week, an owner may not see his upside and willing to give him up for relatively cheap.
  8. I would say that's accurate Faust, he is still a desperation play as one week he looks better than Crowell but another week Crowell looks better. It's obviously Rbbc in Cleveland on a bad running team, partly due to them always being behind. I could see them relying on Duke more as the season goes to see what he's truely made out of but for now getting 10 points out of him seems to be about right depending n scoring system.
  9. Solid game from Landry, he came through as expected vs. a bad Browns team. I still want to see him get similar production vs a better defensive team before I make him an autostart in a 2 Wr league. I'll take todays production though, nice job Landry.
  10. You can't start him until he proves he can do anything. They've gone up against some teams that Denver should have been able to,get some good run yardage if they were any good on the line. He's a huge bust, one I jist didn't see coming prior to the season.
  11. The Raiders have a solid offensive line, which allows Murray the chance to have a breakout season. It's tough for most of us to truly get on board because it's been awhile since we've seen a reliable runner out of Oakland and Murray does have some history with injury. I think overall though there is more upside than downside here. It's not like you're having to reach too high in your drafts to get him and he could end up being someone you can rely on as your Rb2 or flex spot. If he's not, there's still room in your draft to have plenty of quality players. However, you don't want to fill your team with a bunch of players that have some question marks surrounding them entering the season so plan around players like this with trying to draft more so called secure players in their roles.
  12. The Bears are just being very careful with Jeffery. He will be a workhorse this year as the Bears will be a mediocre to bad team defensively. They will count on Jeffery for the deep ball plus in the redzone, he is a true No 1.
  13. Dez isn't going to change much, he is who he is so I am not surprised when he says the things he says. I have gotten to the point for all professional athletes to separate their ability on the field with their stuff off the field. I have Dez as my No 1 fantasy receiver in non ppr leagues. That's all I care about when talking fantasy football. When talking about and thing else, he's not very high on my list, I think most would agree with that but this is a fantasy football site and the game we play. When he's in my line up, I dont care if he's yelling unless he gets suspended. Then it effects me because it effects my weekly lineup.
  14. Then stick around, it's just the first game. A game in which they won by 28 points and were probably being conservative. Cassel attempted a grand total of 6 passes in the fourth quarter. I am responding to the post where the poster is happy with 7 touches a game. I think that's not enough. They probably did get conservative with him at the end. I would make sure this guy touches the ball at least once every series somehow.
  15. I get what you're saying, but he's not going to keep putting up 100 yard rushing games and he only had a few catches. He got 7 touches. I'll take that every week. He is capable of scoring on just about any play. I'm sure the distribution will skew more towards receptions as the weeks go by, 64 carries would be unprecedented, but as long as he touches the ball I don't care.If he's capable of scoring every play, why only get 7 touches? He's obviously very talented and explosive but I would like see more touches. I think with only 7 touches he will be very inconsistent. I started him in the league I have him in but he still scares me as an every week starter.
  16. Bell is a stud, draft him. I expect a very solid season from Bell despite the poor decision making off the field and Blount being in the mix.
  17. Don't out too much stock in preseason. T. Williams will be a solid WR3 or flex player for teams this year, he has upside from where you can draft him.
  18. Gunther Cunningham is still under contract, doubt he goes anywhereI was hoping he would be gone. He hasn't been horrible, they improved vs run but I was hoping Caldwell would be the type to bring in some guys.
  19. until the fans do something about it he/they are going to keep making these changes based on $$. But it would be insane... nevermind FAs or rookies declining to go to the team, what about when they simply call in a guy or group for workouts and lookies; just crazy to make them travel 8 hrs for nothing. That's a good point too. I just don't see how putting a team there would work long-term. It just makes no sense at all. And say for some reason, London works. What's next? A team in Germany? China? Japan? The Moon? Send them the Jags.
  20. He's so young you don't exactly know what kind of work ethic he's going to employ in the NFL. It is important for him to get connected with the right coach and mentor early. My feeling on him is he has some of the intangibles it takes to be a successful QB but he is nowhere close to lead a NFL team. He would be a turnover machine and wreck his mind if he were thrown in as the QB in say JAX. I don't know, I wouldn't reach for him. I too think this feels like a Tebow thing with all the hype. His mechanics are not as bad as Tebow's but anyone who drafts him can't expect immediate success on the field from him. If you draft him 1st round for that, I feel like it'll be a failure.
  21. He was in over his head today, the moment was too big for him. He choked when the game was close. It can be chalked off this time as a learning experience but ask Romo how long it takes to be labeled a choker, especially in the playoffs. All the Int's and fumbling when nobody even hits you was embarrassing.
  22. I guess Luck will forever be linked to Peyton Manning, but it's a slippery slope to find obscure stats and post them on what Luck has done and Manning has not. Manning won a SB with Indy, can't take that away. Manning just finished the greatest statistical season by a QB in NFL history. It is probably wise to just focus in on Luck's accomplishments on their own. That was a great comeback, but they were favored by 3 to win, the 1 point victory was hardly a shock and his 3 int early on in the game is a big reason why they were down. They were at home and favored, next week they will be neither. That's when I want to see him take over a game. The Chiefs were giving up tons of points down the stretch of the regular season plus they had tons of injuries during yesterday's game. I want to see him do it on the road.
  23. It would be more funny if their team actually backed them up. They should set it up so that opposing fans can dunk on them, at least until they can post up a .500 season. So you guys thinking QB in the draft? What is their biggest need on defense?
  24. of the bunch mentioned, he seems to be the best choice left.Who do you think was better that was already hired?
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