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  1. I'm a man and trying to decide on the colour of a peacoat. I want the best colour that is, classic, versatile and goes with almost anything. For example, would navy peacoat go with blue jeans and black shoes? What colour would you guys get, or have already got?
  2. What happened with Roquan Smith last night...only 2.5 tackles. Did he get injured?
  3. How often do you guys get a boner at work? One of my colleagues was delivering a presentation yesterday and he got a pretty obvious boner while up in front of everyone. There's a few super hot women in our office so that's why.
  4. I see you joined the league. Please ensure to set your roster and change your team name. Let me know if you have any questions.


  5. I am staying. Thanks for the invite

  6. I see you joined the league. Welcome!! I assume you are happy with the league setup etc? Are you going to stay for the season?

  7. Sent you an invite!

  8. E-mail me details to mariadoc2003@yahoo.com

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