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  1. Could be anything including all of the above.
  2. Exactly. Not sure what's up with this Hot Sauce Guy. Maybe he missed out on Howard in his league...
  3. Exactly. And he's still only 26 years old. Not like he's a washed up bum. Guy is in his prime.
  4. We can agree to disagree then. Howard had some nice productions and targets with Brady last season in the 4 games before getting injured. Brate is a blocker and Gronk is always banged up plus he isn't getting any younger.
  5. I think Zach Ertz and OJ Howard could be great values this season.
  6. I'm a man and trying to decide on the colour of a peacoat. I want the best colour that is, classic, versatile and goes with almost anything. For example, would navy peacoat go with blue jeans and black shoes? What colour would you guys get, or have already got?
  7. What happened with Roquan Smith last night...only 2.5 tackles. Did he get injured?
  8. Lambo re-injured his hip and sounds serious. Who's next man up for the Jags?
  9. Does this mean he's playing this week? Ravens activated LB Patrick Queen from the reserve/COVID-19 list. Queen was one of six players who were close contacts with Marlon Humphrey. The Ravens also activated S DeShon Elliott, LB L.J. Fort, LB Malik Harrison, CB Terrell Bonds, and LB Tyus Bowser from the COVID-19 list. Nov 7, 2020, 9:49 AM ET
  10. Is Patrick Queen expected to play this week?
  11. Singleton is a beast. I watched him for years in the CFL.
  12. What can we expect from Williamson on the Steelers? Does he start right away? Will he be their starting MLB? Will his number of tackles increase or decrease with the Steelers? With the Jets their D was on the field all game so he had more tackle opportunities.
  13. Please remind me: was AB in Patriot's training camp last season and was he around for the pre-season games?
  14. Would Brown signing in Seattle hurt Lockett's value this season?
  15. Anyone have his snap % from today's game? He missed some practice this past week so he may have been a decoy again.
  16. It's a business. It's negotiations. Just don't make Dak out to be the victim here. He got greedy and now he needs to face the consequences. He fully knew the risks of his decision.
  17. I'm tired of this narrative that Jerry didn't pay Dak. Jerry offered a VERY generous contract to Dak and Dak declined. That's not on Jerry. It's called negotiating and Dak looks to have made a bad decision. But don't blame Jerry, and make Dak out to be the victim. Dak is an adult and now can live with the consequences of his greedy and risky decision.
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