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  1. Schedule shuffle. This game was supposed to happen last week before Covid shuffled the TEN and BAL matches.
  2. Wow! Hopeful injuries weren’t serious. Team is special.
  3. Real deal. Finally nailed drafting the perfect balance of talent, football IQ and character. Ben has a long history of elevating performance of BIG and fast receivers. Couldn’t be a more perfect fit. Pittsburgh was bringing Chase along slowly because we have the luxury to do so. Injuries accelerated the timeline. With his dominating performance, there is no way he gets relegated to a minimal role going forward.
  4. Dude....you are killing me with the Jets 2020 title updates. Friggin hilarious! @Dr. Octopus
  5. Read smashed over and over. In my head also read like Myles Garrett clutching Mason Rudolf’s helmet.
  6. Echo of the off season. Been too quiet considering how good the team can be with the 2019 D and Ben back in the saddle. Next few weeks will be telling of just how good the team is this year. Only 1 loss between the Browns, Titans and Ravens.
  7. Wentz looked like a QB trying to put the whole team on his back anticipating the OLine wasn’t holding up. Played as a disrespected star athlete. Tremendous effort. Steelers had better wrap him up and finish. Can’t just tug on his cape.
  8. Offense controlled the game from the 2nd quarter on. Defense continues to create pressure and dominate against the run. Fun to watch.
  9. Strong start 2-0. Refs should get the axe. More cowbell Claypool.
  10. Was shocked at how dominating Dupree was in NY. Thought he traded Jerseys with TJ.
  11. Much to be exited about for the passing game in 2020. Receiver "virtual" room is under rated and deep with 5 starting caliber young men. Assuming we keep JuJu in the fold for a 2nd contract, could be Ben's last core group. 23 JuJu 23 Diontae 21 Claypool 24 Washington 23 Cain 25 (old man) Switzer Red Zone size matters? Ben has only thrown passes to 2 of his six tallest (6'+) TE and WR. 6'8" Zach too tall Gentry - ok maybe he shouldn't be on the list cuz he can't catch, but this guy is a mountain 6'4" Ebron - my pick to lead the team in r
  12. Rookies shouldn't contribute much on D this year. Results depend upon health. After Ben went down and Minkah joined the team, it's like the D grew some teeth. Even in a loss, I was excited watching the D play. Such a waste of a superbowl worthy defensive season. Gotta keep the band together.
  13. Good points. FO did their homework especially well this year. Time will tell. Claypool is a devastating and eager blocker as a WR. After he gets up to speed, lining up Claypool and Dionte on the outside with JuJu in the slot inspires hope.
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