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  1. Agreed. Sermon for example runs at 5 yards a carry, has prevented sacks in pass protection yet appears to be the last person Shanny wants to utilize. RB isn’t the problem in SF. SF is a wasteland until the offense finds an identity. KC would be a very interesting landing spot for Mack. Running for a new contact on a great offense. 💰 or bust
  2. Yo Turk! Can’t catch me I’m the subscriber entry man. Injury crew: Chubb Montgomery Edwards Bye: Robinson Jefferson Still dancing despite the ice getting thin week 7. What could go wrong?
  3. Insert expletive! WTH Turk??? You should have been safe. That 2nd half hit FF leagues like a tsunami. Sorry to see you get knocked out.
  4. Stashed Mack a week back. Rather have the boom potential than a flex worthy WR. Low risk. Trade deadline is Nov 2nd. Could see a contender pulling the trigger Baltimore #4 total rushing yards 4.5 YPC KC #7 total yards with 5.1 YPC would make me smile to see either of these
  5. Gonna keep teasing the Turk until my dying breath. Missing 5 on a bye plus Montgomery and Edwards. Team averages 189.32 per week. Usage breakdown… Brady 4, Lance 1, Fields 0 Avg 39.23 Chubb 4, Robinson 4, Montgomery 3, Sony 1, Stevenson 0, Gallman 0, Edwards X Avg 40.84 Need the top guys to remain healthy and productive Jefferson 5, AB 3, Hardman 3, Corey Davis 2, Callaway 2, Julio 1, DeSean Jackson 1 Avg 66.39 Julio is the rotten tomato of this bunch so far Kelce 5, Arnold 1, Akins 0 Happy with Kelce and Arnold production is trending up Carlson 2, McPherson 2, Joseph 1 Avg 14.08 per week. Solid results Houston 3, 49ers 2 Rough 5.6 avg per week. Should have stuck with 2 cheaper D than pay up for the 49ers. Good luck fellow bored mates!
  6. It surprised me I admit. Not going to backpedal on my take that Sermon should have been the lead. SF is a mess.
  7. Fun prediction. Ride it as far as you can. Agree Ben missed too many passes and should have had multiple interceptions. Lucky. Happy to see Pittsburgh control the clock and commit to the run. That’ll mask some QB deficiencies.
  8. Several good scores by popular players. Agree the cutoff should be high this week. Yo Turk. Please look elsewhere this week for all teams sporting Brady, Robinson, Chubb, AB, Calloway, Davis and Jefferson.
  9. Agree the 49ers game plan should be to lean on the run and sprinkle in shots downfield. Take some pressure off Lance. Leaning towards Sermon getting the majority with Mitchell easing back to protect the shoulder recovery. Hopefully Mitchell can protect the ball. I’d roll with Sermon this week and hold Mitchell unless you’re desperate.
  10. Agree with you 💯 Birdie. Comment was the Denver D is a must start in all formats. As a steeler fan I’ll be rooting for Pittsburgh to overcome but Father Time is an obstacle
  11. Best thread titles on the internet. Makes me come here just to say y’all made me spit out my coffee. Congratulations on the win
  12. Ben is primed for a big week facing that Denver Defense. Must start in all formats… the Denver D that is 🙈
  13. Sermon is a terrific fit as an occasional flex player with a chance to become a key contributor in playoffs. I’d consider this a buy low opportunity to prey upon Sermon owners fretting about status going forward.
  14. Trey Lance swoops in out of nowhere to pull my rooster from the clutches of da Turk. Scored 10.2 points over Tampa Tom. Team would have been cut at 140.05. I owe Lance a fruit basket.
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