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  1. Possibly the sharkiest buy low opportunity we will find in 2021. Can acquire Sermon for a limited upside flex player due to FUD Yes. Sermon was inactive week 1. Shanny only wanted to slot 3 active RB spaces and Hasty & Mitchell were on special teams. Rebutt says the RB only participated in 4 special teams plays combined. Well Duh…the primary RB got injured on the 2nd drive of the game. 🙄 Going into week 1, Sermon was listed as #2 on the depth chart. In practice consistently the 2nd man up when Mostert comes off the field. This says more than coach speak to the press. Are we to believe that performance by Mitchell was enough to demote Trey? Before you post a reply, check the PFF ratings. He performed okay running the ball with a superior line and poor defensive play. Just don’t ask him to protect your QB. Trey made the roster as a pure running back. No additional value of being a special teamer. Mitchell needed to be a special teams guy to make the squad. My takes… 1 Sermon has the best shot of becoming “the guy” as long as he’s healthy and stays out of the dog house. 2 Shanny is getting his rocks off playing mind games with Fantasy HandEgg players.
  2. Power ranking adjustment was a correction more than over reaction. This defense is ridiculously good. Offense obviously needs to compensate for a weak line and still find a way to press the ball downfield. Opposing D aren’t afraid to crowd the LOS. Assuming Canada can incorporate a complimentary mid to long ball game without killing Ben, sky is the limit.
  3. Here we go! Today’s prediction is a sound win 29-23 featuring a deep TD to Washington and disruptive defensive play by the Steelers
  4. Packers SF is the obvious pick and I prefer to fade the group pick most weeks
  5. QG!!! Always look forward to seeing who you rooster. Typically outlast me Mr Energizer Bun. QB There is so much value here, makes me curious how you landed on Burrow and Fitz. Guessing you think they’ll outperform Brady or Russ & Fields to pair with Lance. RB Gus was a terrible choice. Oh wait I had him too 😞 Not concerned with your top 2 on the same bye since you are strong everywhere else that week. All around solid group without overpaying. Gio will be better for NFL success than fantasy probably coulda used that 8 better WR is strong group and love the Hill selection. Fits your bye distribution well. Most flex plays will come from this group. TE is clearly planting a Pitts flag. Could pay off well. Would rather see him paired with another safe TE vs spreading out $23 amongst lower tier guys. Is there someone you have a strong feeling for from this group that others are sleeping on?
  6. Tweaked till the end. If the deadline were today at 5, who know what this thing would look like. Saw one other Gallman and DeSean sighting which was cool. 3QB Brady, Fields & Lance. Oddly comfortable with this group at a great price 7RB Chubb, Montgomery, Robinson, Edwards, Michel, Stevenson & Gallman. Hell, Chubb with that line and 2nd easiest SOS tells me that boy is gonna EAT! Quite high on Gallman as a football player and the opportunity will present sooner than later IMO 6.5WR Jefferson, Julio, Corey Davis, AB, Hardman, Calloway & Mr Fragile himself DeSean Jackson. Sought out players who I expect to put out big scores any given week. Ridley is the player I hated to drop due to bye conflicts. Julio is fantastic value a bit under the radar I guess. DeSean is my Achilles Heel. I can’t not roster this guy. Maybe he will save me from elimination as a one-time before he gets injured 1 TE Kelce, plus 2 Dart throws Akins & Arnold. Clearly counting on Kelce to stay healthy all season Good Luck fellow Fantasy HandEgg players!!!
  7. Dibs on Chief Fantasy HandEgg Officer
  8. Fretting is right. Even for a SF player choosing between Mostart and Sermon. Will Mostart rest more at the end approaching playoffs even IF he stays healthy? Way over think this sometimes 😂 so to answer your question, yes I consider it and take action on who can help me get there and hopefully be relevant at the end.
  9. Interesting rule changes this year too. No more free passes first week or two. The Turk doesn’t get a bye week. Not a math wiz but it looks like we need around 5,612 entries minimum to have 100 teams left at the end for prizes. It’ll be interesting to see how many make the 3 week finals. Also, I think this means it’s more important to roster less unique players. Surfing the ebb n flow of the tide keeps you above the cut longer.
  10. all your roosters are belong to us!! inconceivably switched from large to small this year. Several cheaper options I covet got cut from the squad. madness I tell ya! 3 QB $31 mix of high floor & boom bust 5 RB $81 one player needs an injury to shine. The rest bubble wrap and chewing gum to stay healthy for 17 weeks 6 WR $87 paid up for strength leaving several great cheaper options behind 3 TE $39 my track record of snagging cheap breakout players is the worst. My apologies for anyone else who lands on my band wagon. Recent years were Dissley and Herndon. Need I say more? cheap K and D
  11. Mike Sullivan hiring makes sense. Created a prime environment for Haskins to dedicate himself or put on the bust hat. Up to him now.
  12. How good will the packers be sans ARodgers? I expect Pack Vegas odds needle to move down sharply for teams favored to win the NFC.
  13. Add Sermon in the 3rd and the draft changes from falling horribly to favorably
  14. Putting the most positive spin I can here. Plan is to keep a TE in to help protect the left side. Effectively making it 6 linemen with the TE who can slip out occasionally to catch the ball n fall forward for a few extra yards.
  15. Excellent analysis. Give me two helpings of that crow if I’m wrong. Two comments 1- To have success in the NFL, Harris needs an above average OL to open holes. Oof! 2- A #5 player on the draft board screams this guy is a can’t miss difference maker. How do you defend putting Harris there when he can’t outrun average NFL defense linemen? Whomever set the draft board should be fired.
  16. Matt Canada was his OC in college and likes to get the ball to his playmakers with jet sweeps and misdirection. Can expect plenty of motion and attempts to create mismatches with his speed. also watch for McCloud and Claypool to get their opportunities to make plays every week.
  17. It was careless to get to the point where the Rooneys have to make a comment during the season about needing to fix the running game. Very much unlike how the organization is run, but it was embarrassing. Baltimore and Cleveland can effectively take the air out of the ball to finish a game even when the defense knows what’s coming. Pittsburgh has to keep passing till it’s time to take a knee. That’s a serious problem especially with all the WR drops in the second half of the season. i hope you are correct and the Steelers take a fix by 2022 approach. Don’t over commit if a talented player falls in their lap at a less needy position.
  18. Doubt it. I like the kid, but the Steelers don’t have a history of drafting a player in the 1st without Colbert and/or Tomlin attending the players pro day. Etienne and Harris are far more likely than Williams. Curtain link most likely picks based upon Colbert/Tomlin visits per the article include: Najee Harris, Etienne, Asante Samuel, Baron Browning, Landon Dickerson or Pat Freiermuth
  19. Where is IB when you need OL starters? Steelers took Pouncey with the 18th overall selection in the first round in 2010. Don’t be surprised or disappointed if Dickerson is the pick. Landon Dickerson has a PFF rating of 91.3 and is a high character leader. Fits the running style. Has a high football IQ. Consistently finishes plays. The only true concern is injury history. If the ACL injury isn’t a concern for the FO, it’s going to be hard to pass up a 10 year starter to anchor the OL. Watch some of his game film if you get a chance. Dickerson is an immovable force in pass pro. He routinely knocks defenders to the turf. He gets to the second level and can pull or slide to set an edge in the run game.
  20. Looking at the pro day list, clearly Pittsburgh focus is upgrading the running game. Plan B is grab one of the top CB. Feature RB is a possibility as well. Sooo, unless they have an under the radar starting LT gem in their pocket, going to say that’s priority number 1 in the draft.
  21. Had a bad feeling this week when the roster had alright, but not good production. Thank you @Joe Bryantfor keeping this contest in the package. It’s my favorite & keeps me coming back every season. Thrilled to see most of the bonus teams are still kicking from last week. I am rooting for you to take this thing down! @TheWinz you are a rock star! Genuine thanks to you for making this small part of the FF community more entertaining.
  22. Schedule shuffle. This game was supposed to happen last week before Covid shuffled the TEN and BAL matches.
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