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  1. I'm sure there isn't much from the newspaper days in terms of rosters
  2. League I'm in started in 2000. I joined it in 2008. My roster: QB: Trent Edwards, Matt Schaub RB: Hightower, BJGE, Edgerrin James, Maroney, McFadden, Chester Taylor WR: Clayton, Galloway, OchoCinco, D-Jax TE: Olsen Finished 3-10
  3. 16-team, 1/2 PPR Can keep 4 players, no more than 2 at a position. Keeping Chubb and Hopkins. Help with the other 2 spots.
  4. Glad he’s ready to go. Seen him projected top 10 on some sites. have him in over a questionable CEH.
  5. 1/2 PPR Starting Chubb, A Jones need to pick 1 for flex. usually roll CEH but he’s Qu and not scoring great. david Johnson or gaskin or CEH?
  6. 16-team, 1/2 PPR, Start 1/3/3/1 Starting Ben/A Jones/Chubb/CEH/Hopkins/Thielen/?/? G Davis @ SF OR G Tate @ SEA Hooper @ TEN OR Rudolph @ JAX
  7. For those that traded him or for him this year, what did it cost? I gave away Hines and Hardman in dynasty.
  8. 16 Team, 1/2 PPR need to bench one of these. Gaskin Bell Jeudy
  9. Harris went for 20% of FAAB. May seem low but we have 27 roster spots, start 17 players/week, in a 16-team. hard to spend a lot of money with so many bye weeks and injuries to cover.
  10. Landed D Johnson, Cle for under 10%. I do have Chubb and was willing to go high but we can see highest bid which was under 10%. Going after Harris but not sure how high I care to go with a NE RB.
  11. He was just dropped in my 16-team league. If i can land him cheap, i'll roll the dice. RBs are going down far too frequently this year.
  12. 1/2 PPR both playing but carrying that Questionable tag.
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