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  1. Very nice tight ends and quarterbacks.
  2. He'll never start, but he could be a good PPR cheeser for a year or two.
  3. Really good wides. Kerryon will make you happy.
  4. I like your QBs and some of the chances you took at RB and WR. Very, very solid at TE too.
  5. YeeOUCH. As I am sure we all know, RBs are very important. I just don't see that position holding up for you. As it has been pointed out in this thread, Kamara is a gamble and he is your #1. McCaffrey might allow your first team to be "okay", but I am worried for you at that position. Very shaky. Those RBs could pan out, but most likely until next year or beyond. I like your K and Def. QBs on point, but I like drafting those late myself. Receivers and Tight Ends maybe a tad above average. TEs really good on the 2nd team.
  6. All aboard this train! Reed is the truth.
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