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  1. On 7/11/2020 at 8:12 AM, Rubi said:

    I'm 100% convinced we won't see a "normal" NFL season this year. But I'm being optimistic there will be an altered season of some kind. So here's my first attempt for your consideration

    From the 5 spot:

    QB: K.Murray,M.Stafford

    RB: D.Cook,M.Ingram,L.Murray,D.Henderson,I.Smith,J.Samuels,J.Richard

    WR: D.Hopkins,M.Evans,T.Lockett,S.Shepard,J.Washington,C.Beasley

    TE: T.J.Hockenson,D.Goedert,G.Olsen

    K: R.Gould

    D/ST: L.A. Rams

    Very nice tight ends and quarterbacks.

  2. 9 minutes ago, ImTheScientist said:

    Another Championship Squad drafted today.....

    QB: Cam Newton, Baker Mayfield

    RB: Saquan Barkley, Aaron Jones, Melvin Gordon, Chase Edmonds, AJ Dillon, Damien Harris, Rashaad Penny

    WR: AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, Marquis Brown, Mecole Hardman, Mike Williams, Brandon Aiyuk

    TE: Hayden Hurst, Mike Gesicki, Noah Fant

    K: Zane Gonzalez

    D/ST: Colts D

    Excited to collect $500k.

    Wow...very solid.

  3. 12 hours ago, Da Gildz said:

    From the 3:


    QB: Winston (12), Allen (17)

    RB:  Kamara (1), Gurley (2), Kerryon (3), D Henderson (7), Samuels (8), Malcolm Brown (18)

    WR: Golladay (5), Pettis (6), Valdez-Scantling (9), Tate (11), Isabella (13), Tre’quan Smith (15), Callaway (20)

    TE:  Engram (4), Reed (10), Gesicki (14)

    K: Tucker (16)

    Def: Minn (19)



    Really good wides. Kerryon will make you happy.

  4. 11 hours ago, Aunt Jemima said:

    took a different approach from 4 last night


    QB:  Mitchell Trubisky, Lamar Jackson
    RB:  David Johnson, Lamar Miller, Dion Lewis, Chase Edmonds, Darwin Thompson, Tony Pollard
    WR:  T.Y. Hilton, Brandin Cooks, Marvin Jones, Sammy Watkins, Trey Quinn, Andy Isabella, David Moore
    TE:  Zach Ertz, O.J. Howard, Jared Cook
    PK:  Mason Crosby
    TD:  Los Angeles Chargers

    I like your QBs and some of the chances you took at RB and WR. Very, very solid at TE too.

  5. On 7/1/2019 at 5:36 AM, Da Gildz said:

    First of the season.  From the 2 hole:


    QB:  Murray (9), Darnold (19)

    RB:  McCaffrey (1), Conner (2), Damien Will (3), Justice Hill (11) , Richard (14), Snell (15)

    WR:  Hill (4), Jeffrey (7),  Tate (8), Metcalf (10),  Isabella (12), E. Sanders (13)

    TE:  Engram (5), Ebron (6),  Thomas (17)

    K:  Tucker (16)

    Def:  Minn (18), Sea (20) 


    Vintage Gildz masterpiece.   Looking fwd to another fun year.  Let’s see some squads!


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  6. On ‎8‎/‎18‎/‎2018 at 7:17 AM, Coots said:

    Did 2 drafts yesterday and had the same pick in both..  Pick 5, had ZEKE right beside me at 6 on the first team.  Was surprised you let McCaffrey go bye in the second round but I was happy to grab him..  We seem to be fighting each other for picks.  Not sure which team I liked better though, probably prefer team 2 because of the value that fell.


    Kamara, McCaffrey, Ajayi, Burkhead, Barber, R. Kelley

    Diggs, Landry, Edelman, Funchess, Golladay, A. Miller, Amemdola, T. Williams (last pick, not sure why he was still there)

    Eifert, Watson, Kroft

    NO, R. Gould


    Both drafts were weird but more value seemed to fall in the 2nd draft which doesn't mean anything until they play the games...

    Wilson, Mahomes

    Kamara, Drake, Thompson, Ekeler, Powell, J. Allen

    K. Allen, TY Hilton, Watkins, Lockett, Hurns, M. Bryant, A. Wilson

    Olsen, D. Walker, L. Wilson

    Chargers, Gould


    Let me know what you think


    YeeOUCH. As I am sure we all know, RBs are very important. I just don't see that position holding up for you. As it has been pointed out in this thread, Kamara is a gamble and he is your #1. McCaffrey might allow your first team to be "okay", but I am worried for you at that position. Very shaky. Those RBs could pan out, but most likely until next year or beyond.

    I like your K and Def. QBs on point, but I like drafting those late myself.

    Receivers and Tight Ends maybe a tad above average. TEs really good on the 2nd team.


  7. 12 hours ago, ImTheScientist said:

    Out of the 12 slot.... championship 


    QB: Staford (11), Mariota (15)

    RB: Hunt (1), Fornete (2), Chubb (8), Martin (12), Blount (13), Ballage (14)

    WR: JuJu (4), Watkins (6), Jordy Nelson (7), Hurns (9), Dez (10), Washington (17), DeDe (18)

    TE: Engram (3), Reed (5)

    D: Bal (16), Pit (19)

    K: Sucupp (20)


    Very nice starting RBs and TEs! I am also excited about Juju. You have enough other WRs that one will pan out. Stafford is solid. Not too excited about the kicker or backup RBs, but no real holes in this team. If Reed stays healthy, big if, this is a dominant team.

  8. NFL ####ed out hardcore on this one. He committed a transgression (again) and they reduce the suspension AND he is still in phase 2 leaving him room to mess up again and only be suspended four games (which by precedent would be reduced). What a lolfest.

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