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  1. Kinda glad I held on to 4,000 shares of Valens on the basis that they were at one time considered best in breed. It's been a painful, arduous relationship but today has been nice.
  2. Also, since 9.9998798% of you in here are action junkies who pretend to work while watching stocks most of your weekdays, just know that Friday is a market holiday so the good people of Wall Street can observe the crucifiction of a man who absolutely detested folks who would have worked on Wall Street back in (checks bible study notes from 1986) 30 AD.
  3. All busy blaming the recent Suez Canal blockage on Hillary Clinton and I only wish I were joking here.
  4. We just might be watching history here, fellas.
  5. Not anybody on my FD team*. *except you, Kevin Kisner......rest of you can go butt a stump.
  6. John Fields first laid eyes on him years ago during an amateur golf tournament hosted by Barton Creek Country Club in Austin, Texas, and couldn’t have been more impressed. So the University of Texas men’s golf coach introduced himself to Scottie Scheffler and his Dallas parents, trying to get a leg up on recruiting the young talent. He followed up on the visit by sending Scheffler a lengthy questionnaire, even asking if he’d narrowed his choice of colleges that he was considering. “He wrote back,” Fields recalled. “He said, ‘Thank you for your nice note, but I really don’t know yet because I’m getting ready to go into the eighth grade.’ ”
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