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  1. He can do whatever he wants, apparently :wub:
  2. Love Death Robots volume 2 is out. :pickle: @shuke perfect Saturday night tv
  3. Pmed Chet about that one time in gearz where he tbagged @Otis in cAnals. we talked for 30min about it
  4. I could see where the third book would put people off as being slow. I compared it to the second season of The Wire; same characters but they're not together and a lot of new characters. Other than that, I feel like through 5 they've gotten stronger.
  5. Done with #5, really enjoying it. If Prime gets this series right, they'll have a hit for potentially a long time.
  6. Nailed it. Carrot cake pancakes, fresh orange juice from our trees with a couple blood oranges for colour with some rosemary into a pitcher and of course vodka. At 10am Was a good day
  7. Haha nice. I lold when he’s out on a reward with Gordon and starts drinking he says something to the effect of “I don’t drink much because I get crazy “ then he proceeded to chug his wine. 😂 #rajkarate
  8. Damn, I only have the season finale left in 4 so hate to hear this. Loved it so far.
  9. @Capella I've almost got a perfect British "OH NO!" and "IT'S RAAAWW!" down pat.
  10. Shell beach is pretty simple but nice, and more chill than Pismo. They have the best tidepools on the coast and just a really nice tightly packed beach with great rock structure. It's nice to just walk down there during low tide(take a j with you), then you can see a ton of sea life and coves/caves. They also have a nice little cliff walk trail along the shore that's a nice stroll at sunset. Better retirement area than Pismo imo As mentioned above, Zorros is great for breakfast and lunch if you're there around then.
  11. Oh man, can't believe I forgot to mention them! Old Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls in Pismo, even if it's the only thing you do there. I blame Keto for making me forget. Splash Cafe for the chowder. Personally i think they're a bit overrated, partially because it's a loooong wait to get in. Personally I dig Zorros in Shell beach.
  12. If they're back up to 100% by the time you're there, Great American Melodrama is pretty cool if that's your thing.
  13. Half out at 26% so little volume on this I wanted to secure something.
  14. I was rooting for the guys to win every night so he wouldn't' get eliminated. My Link
  15. SLO is nice also, Luna Red is my spot for brunch and a bacon bourbon bloody marry. Barrelhouse has a really nice "speak easy" joint that has great beer.
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