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  1. Really enjoyed it, but yeah, could have been longer and better still.
  2. Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell on Netflix hope this is good, big fan
  3. I have this thing tucked away under my eve. Not sure where you want to set your stuff up, but this could be an option.
  4. Exactly. The first one felt more balanced and the references felt part of the story. this one felt very forced and repetitive. Likely still makes a fun movie though.
  5. Thanks. I have a cutting board with a nice well around it so it keeps track of all the fat. After slicing them I let them sit for a few minutes in a bowl with all the fat while I wipe down the pan and get it hot for a quick sear. I also reserve some of the fat to add towards the end after all the veggies are tender. Not so much that it makes it greasy, just for a little added flavor.
  6. Haven't put it all together yet, but sampled the sauce and
  7. It wasn’t part of the first episode. Might get through a few more tonight.
  8. Picked up some Rao’s Alfredo sauce for tonight. The store also had their pasta so rolling with that and some sun dried tomato marinated chicken for the protein. Should be awesome
  9. Understood, but it felt like he was trying to one up himself this round. Not only the pop culture stuff, it was just poorly written overall. He was very repetitive on certain points and it just didn't seem very streamlined.
  10. Looks pretty nice, how long have you had it?
  11. Finished the audio version of Ready Player 2. Pretty meh as it was painful to get through certain parts. Felt like the author wanted to force in as many pop culture references as he could. I'm not going to watch a John Hughes movie for quite a while...
  12. I only carry four or five at most, but you just push them out from one side and they fan out like poker cards.
  13. I’ve only used the clip version so can’t compare. The clip hasn’t lost it’s strength/shape in the 6 years I’ve had it.
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