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  1. Someone mashed up real and cgi video of the landing.
  2. Just saw the landing footage. man that's awesome https://twitter.com/NASAPersevere/status/1363929492138254340?s=20
  3. Did a sausage ratatouie Saturday night. Simmered the sausage in a Brooklyn Chocolate Stout before slicing and searing them. Turned out amazing.
  4. That thread has some pretty funny edits, too lol
  5. Not the tech of rocket vs lander, just the advancement of the overall tech and pushing limits. Listening to Jim Green today and him breaking down how they had to decide how to land a much larger rover made me think of SpaceX.
  6. We broke the speed of light!?!* 😉 *Mars is three light minutes away, so at least that. or it was faked :tinfoilhat:
  7. They have to be being pushed by Space X, right? Now we just need to get Blue Origin up to snuff.
  8. It was cool to hear that the samples this rover will take are just left in canisters on Mars to be picked up by a later mission. #pickupsticks
  9. Star Talk Radio podcast has NASA Chief Scientist Jim Green talking Perseverance. Pretty cool to hear what’s new on it compared to other rovers. Like this one will be the first time a rover will get audio from Mars. Quick 45min listen
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