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  1. imo they need at least one ELITE signing. They have a bunch of middle of the road, or closer to the top end players, but nobody on that team is elite. Also, I really like Carlo, but does he develop players well? Can he take a middle tier guy and make him upper tier? Not sure
  2. @Hot Sauce Guy trying to reorder and I'm not seeing the Chipotle Cherry. Do you rotate them in and out?
  3. Want to trade mason jars of our bbq sauce? I'm due to make some in a few weeks.
  4. 24 hours from Pfizer dose 2, besides feeling tired from 2-6pm yesterday nothing else to report.
  5. couple hours in and nothing. Not even a sore injection site. Suck it @AAABatteries
  6. on my way to get shot #2 of the Pfizer @AAABatteries did you get it in the same arm as the first or other arm*? *just assuming you have both arms, you never know
  7. Kinda hoping for covid to resurge and this season is scrapped.
  8. I just read over the weekend that they are just beginning to film season 3. Might be a while
  9. Watched it yesterday, eh... at least Paper Boi is getting work
  10. This just came up on my tweeter feed via Rex Chapman block or charge 😂 https://twitter.com/jayspatrol/status/1377493552243093504?s=21
  11. Man, reading this thread today you’d think it tanked. We need to get back to our millionaire numbers and lambo talk.
  12. Finished The Dragon Reborn yesterday and really enjoyed it. It did have a The Wire S2 feel to the beginning with the girls, Mat, Perin and Rand all split up, but I thought it worked. Loved Mat's character development this book, especially the final quarter of the book.
  13. Finished S2 of Vikings last night, man i love this show. It also is the only show I watch the opening credits every time.
  14. Big fan. There's a thread on it that didn't much traction At least a few decent LOLs per episode imo
  15. Yeah, it comes with brackets to mount on... something, but it doesn’t come with anything. like I mentioned, mine is mounted under the eave of my roof. If a spot like that works for you then it’s perfect, out of the weather and mostly out of sight. If you don’t want/can’t mount it there you’d need to build a stand.
  16. Pretty happy to read this about 30 min before my edible kicks in. Perfect timing
  17. @Cowboysfan8 had an extra jar of Rao’s alfredo sauce and no noodles so I made a chicken breast dish out of it. Grilled 4 chicken breasts in the sauce, then as I let the breasts rest I grated some fresh Parmesan and mozzarella into the sauce and stuck it back in the oven(off but still hot) for 5 min. Then just mix all the goodness in the pan up and you have a nice thick sauce to top your chicken breast. was great for such a quick dish
  18. At least NP wasn't lying about the Canadian review. From reddit: https://covid-vaccine.canada.ca/ Leronlimab (leronlimab) CytoDyn, Inc. Treatment Under review Under review
  19. @urbanhack @General Malaise What’s going on in Portland the weekend of July 9/10th?
  20. @chefsymon is a fun follow for foodies. He’s pretty interactive with his followers, and answers a lot of questions.
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