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  1. Seems more blame Wilson/Pete and less on Lockett those 2 are bipolar
  2. It'll be hard to not whip out the Big Booner if it looks like the storms will affect Parkers day tomorrow. GO BILLS!!!!!!!
  3. Shed his non-contact Jersey as did Albert Wilson, should be cleared, with Janoris getting cut on top of how bad Giants secondary is makes Parker really hard to sit. He was a borderline WR1 going into last week.
  4. This guy is getting major high end RB2 love from our experts who is rolling him out? Have him in consideration for a flex spot maybe between wind and opponent he can produce it seems.
  5. I picked up Dwash over Mostert, own Jacob's and I dont trust Shanny to not pull the hey give Tevin carries against his old team, or Brieda is on fire feed him! Dwash just has Richard to deal with in his usual role against the depleted Jags
  6. Its party time up in here! Destroyed Cowboys in every facet, let's get those Ravens!!!
  7. I was doing the same until someone inexplicably dropped BAL for DET, burned my #2 priority and made the switch. GB,@bal,@NO is brutal, down 2 DL, I feel lucky last week they got 8 pts on the last play or it would have been a single digit week.
  8. I got a bad case of Scarboroughmania too, lets do this RB3 in my flex!
  9. Im struggling with the same thing, would like to see full practice today. One good thing is that it was a bruise so its not like hes at risk of reinjuring something which is a major concern for guys coming back from pulls and strains so it gives a little more confidence if he gets in a full practice today.
  10. I'm not worrying about what if injuries and enjoying the ride, he just knocked off the mythical Pats what else could you ask for.
  11. Obj is on the bench for julio/kupp/Lockett 12 team $200 buy in league, cha ching
  12. I got Barkley for Waller today and I feel great, 3 man owner team I traded with said what's the use if the get him week 12 they out anyway so they took Waller I had offered jacobs initially.
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