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  1. I was doing the same until someone inexplicably dropped BAL for DET, burned my #2 priority and made the switch. GB,@bal,@NO is brutal, down 2 DL, I feel lucky last week they got 8 pts on the last play or it would have been a single digit week.
  2. Guys it could be worse I had Den D and dropped them for AZ because I thought 2 OL out would make a difference for the broncos smh, onward troops
  3. I like WAS to bounce back, at home to CAR and DAL and then @NYG
  4. Agreed, judging by his 44% ownership in Yahoo I sense regret coming for his former owners. He's an immature kid sure but he's back practicing with the 1st team, didnt get traded, and kissed and made up with Tomlin. There's too much talent there not to take a chance coming off the reconciliation/bye and hes playing the Colts, nice game to get right. I got him for nothing after waivers cleared this morning.
  5. Eternally mired in Bills sucktitude

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