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  1. Man Miss St. after a week 1 looked really interesting. Now? They suuuuuck.
  2. Wth is happening?! No leadership throughout CFB. 😱 https://247sports.com/college/ohio-state/Article/Big-Ten-refutes-report-of-canceled-football-season-college-COVID-19-pandemic-150086770/
  3. I think its also one of those things we're going to hear an inordinate amount of teeth-gnashing about given how many people are actually "boycotting". Internet Age in America: Getting Folks riled up since '96.
  4. Its set in the mid 90's, we could totally get away with that back then. It was a different, wonderful era. :thegoodoldays:
  5. SERIOUSLY...TAKE MY MONEY, ALL OFF IT!!!! That looks incredible. Freaking trailer gave me da chills. wth.
  6. Ant Man & Wasp initial reviews are starting to trickle in and they are very positive: https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-early-reactions-are-in-and-people-really-seemed-to-1827074711
  7. Just bust a move.

  8. I'd be worried about you if that mongloid Mr. Padres Lakers thought you were funny. You da man, Dr. D! :thumbup:

    Always keep postin'...

  9. Only known for his username but this guy knows things.

  10. piratemike knows da funny..

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