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  1. So what? You can get out and walk and stay away from others. I didn't think it looked bad at all. ETA: Just want to add, sorry didn't mean to come across ###-holish. Just tired of every piece of news bad and so many "look how doomed we all are!", and "America is so screwed...we suck!!"
  2. See, I can be a bit OCD, but I completely struggle with how this thing is transmitted. Like I honestly wonder if you just "pass through the air" of someone that had it (asymptomatic) and simply exhaled...is there a way to get it that way?
  3. Yeah, I have a fridge (ordered in very early March) being delivered and hooked-up tomorrow...I'm honest-to-God nervous. I figured I'll remove almost everything from the counters, keep my distance, have the rest of the family upstairs, and wipe down absolutely everything after they leave. I should be ok....right? RIGHT!?!? ETA: I swear if the dude coughs or even clears his throat, I may honestly let out a high-pitched scream.
  4. OMG. I’d be furious. She might as well be carrying a knife out and be swinging it around.
  5. Yeah people shouldn’t necessarily get all bent out of shape by cars. I have a buddy who takes about 4 drives a day because he just needs to get out. My Dad just likes to take a drive daily
  6. Sounds like the perfect excuse for that Pharmaceutical job jump
  7. I don't know about the mask buy-back specifically, but probably should be investigated given China's underhandedness in the whole thing. Anyway, yes, when this is over China definitely deserves the anger and sanctions of the entire international community. I won't hold my breath. Timeline: The early days of China's coronavirus outbreak and cover-up Chinese scientists destroyed proof of virus in December
  8. Soooooo. I can understand if I were in their shoes, but New Yorkers fleeing the city to other parts of the country can't be a positive development in stopping this spread.
  9. Cool. Is this Fields Ertel Costco or Tri-County Costco? ETA: close to needing a quick run so this info is helpful
  10. Strangely enough, this is the one, tiny silver lining I'm hoping will be the Achilles heel of this bastard bug. Once testing is finally ramped up and you know you have it, I'm hoping there will be treatments soon to help lessen the progression. Whether that be the malaria drug, one of the anti-virals, or some other bolt from the blue. This disease has a long progression that is obviously killing our hospital bed space concerns, but maybe we'll eventually use that time to our advantage. 🤞
  11. We have a neighborhood Facebook page which of course is usually humorous on people crabbing. Yesterday for the first time ever it was me who started the big thread war but I’d do it again. We have a big community basketball court and early in the day yesterday there were about 15 teenagers playing a big game on the court. I was pissed so I reminded everybody that social distancing means not sharing a freaking ball between 15 kids that could very easily be spreading it around. Some parents just couldn’t understand the problem. They said “I didn’t think it could spread outside. What are my kids supposed to do with themselves?!?” SMH.
  12. I bought a pack of Lysol spray before this started so any mail or packages get sprayed down with Lysol. When I come home from work (“essential” government... have to go), I pause in the garage and spray myself with it. I may die from mass inhaling of Lysol but I’ll smell like “mountain breeze” and it won’t be from Corona. EAD stupid bat virus!!
  13. The question was does China owe the world. Trump deserves to be hammered, censured, and ousted based on his early mismanagement, but via one of those articles 95% of the deaths could have been prevented if China didn’t do what China does. But everything we’re (the international community) going through now, the deaths, the suffering, the economic ruin can be laid at the feet of China’s scumbag leadership. When we get on the other side of this, the international community should be resolute in coming down on them.... but I won’t hold my breath. Everybody is skeered of Chairman Pooh.
  14. Except China covers things up and made it worse. Complete dirtbags.
  15. Yes. They do. 100% I don’t think the folks saying no have seen these articles which came out in the last day or two. Timeline: The early days of China's coronavirus outbreak and cover-up Chinese scientists destroyed proof of virus in December
  16. Icon's been a good source, but coy shtick ain't appreciated. Spell it out.
  17. Totally no offense to you, but these are the kinds of posts which tell me I need to quit reading this thread. Sets anxiety past 11...likely will build an acid pond that I can jump into when I get home from work. It would be nice to get some good news about this SOB, for once.
  18. Man, I so want to support the restaurants that are doing carry-out, curbside, and delivery, and we love to eat out. But, I am so paranoid right now about coronavirus on food and packaging though. Has anyone heard anything definitive on this? I can wipe down the packaging, but what about prepared food? Risk can't be zero. Ugh, so many things suck all around. I hate how much we don't know.
  19. I'm a tad more irritated that asymptomatic 20 year old athletes are getting tested when there are many, many, many horror stories of very sick people not getting tests and being sent out to the wild.
  20. I feel like the Swine Flu vaccine we were lining up for back 10-11 years ago came out quicker than 18 months. IDK, I keep rooting for the immunologist and vaccine makers to science the #### out of this ASAP. I feel like now's the time try that new technique that I'm sure someone has been working on. :nozombiesthough:
  21. Still don't have any idea what to do on the mask thing. This article talks about the cultural differences and beliefs in the efficacy of them. I have a few (wife is immuno-compromised), but we haven't worn them yet to not draw the panic stares.. Common-sense they would have to help some. I have a feeling most of the downplaying here is so there isn't a run on them. Everyone wears them in China, Japan, and South Korea so maybe the proof is in the pudding? https://time.com/5799964/coronavirus-face-mask-asia-us/?utm_source=pocket-newtab
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