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  1. Definitely one of my least favorite posts of the thread. A-positive here.
  2. Actually thank you for posting this. I've been feeling this deep-seated anger for China the last week or so that 1) know its not rational and 2) know its not healthy. I need to see this to begin to talk my stupid irrational brain down.
  3. Well given their scumbag government is now attempting to shift blame to us in some wild conspiracy theory, their leaders can go eff themselves
  4. Not to mention that I'd like to know if I had it. Once I'm well (was it the flu B?, Corona?, another bad bug?) that completely changes the calculus on how I interact with the outside world. Shoot, I could theoretically volunteer at a hospital or somewhere else when they are needing help because I know I had already had it.
  5. Right now, there isn't anything more terrifying than when I see this at the bottom of the page: JbizzleMan I don’t know what the news will be...but it ain’t going to be good. 😜
  6. Meanwhile, hotel used for quarantining in China collapses. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/07/70-people-trapped-after-hotel-used-for-coronavirus-quarantine-collapses-in-china-reuters.html
  7. I know this is extremely unpopular to say in this day and age, but I agree. For a 1000 years nearly every horrible pandemic has come flying out of there. Might be time to button it up guys?
  8. :elbow bumb: Didn't even think about my contacts...probably another reason I rub my eyes often. Its been great knowing you all.
  9. Also, in other news, I've discovered that I can't stop touching my ####### face all the time. Headaches, eye aches, itchy nose, I CAN'T DO IT. I'm dead.
  10. UW has canceled all in-person classes through winter quarter. (Now until March 20th) https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/coronavirus-uw-suspend-in-person-classes-through-end-winter-quarter/XIDPHMLVOJAAREQ5YCL75367PU/
  11. Its because we aren't testing anyone. That "Confirmed" number should be way higher.
  12. Certainly. One cynical part of me is also wondering if they slow play the releasing of the kits so that the number doesn't spike hugely in a short window. As we start testing widespread...its going to boom.
  13. This is incredibly maddening. This is a statement from a nurse who had been treating a COVID-19 patient and then got sick herself...but hasn't been tested! https://twitter.com/mattdpearce/status/1235688983603994625/photo/1 Its just continues to be incomprehensible to me that the CDC or the people in charge of this weren't and continue to not be ready to test. Heads need to roll over this. People are going to die because some stupid people were asleep at the switch when its been plainly obvious for months they needed to be ready. Horrible.
  14. So my wife had a bad case of pneumonia about 7-8 years ago that landed her in the hospital for Christmas Eve and Christmas (that was a great time with little kids ). Anyway, she has scar tissue from that pneumonia; anytime she gets an x-ray they mention "oh, you've had pneumonia in your left lung I see". If she gets a bit of a chest cold or cough, she says that area kind of hurts, or at least she can feel it. I wonder if that's what they mean in reference to "lung damage" especially in autopsies where obviously that was far far worse in regards to scar tissue. ETA: or what @[icon] refers to above
  15. Man, all I’ve seen tonight out on the Twitters from them is so so much victim hood, plenty of breath holding and foot stomping about the general election, and a heaping spoonful of misogyny towards Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Bros and Trump honks: two sides of same coin.
  16. Look, nobody really knows what's going to happen. But getting Trump out and getting back some competency of government is goal 1A. A Biden cabinet alone is light-years better in governance than Stephen Miller and the revolving door of syncophants. Its always going to be the votes you lose from aggrieved Sanders backers (a notoriously unreliable group) vs. votes you lose from folks turned off from the Socialism over Capitalism, identiy politics far left. I'd argue strongly that in the key states up for grabs and deciding this thing, the latter folks are much more in number. Sanders is making the blue states much more blue, (and would make red states much more red), but in NC, OH, FL, WI, PA, MI...I gotta wager Biden has a much much better chance.
  17. Just FYI, that post from a “Buttigieg consultant” is almost certainly phony.
  18. Personally or stocks of makers of this stuff?
  19. With nothing but scary, crappy news about this in the news, I’m posting this as maybe a slight glimmer? Israel vaccine on way?
  20. Am I a bad bad person for laughing really hard at this? (Stupid voice in my head that "acts out" quotes)
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