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  1. Man Miss St. after a week 1 looked really interesting. Now? They suuuuuck.
  2. β€œSafer”. Lol. You ok there, GB?
  3. Look at the efforts these tech companies are going to stifle any negative Biden news. Our president is on it though retweeting this bombshell Babylon Bee report. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1317044556328730625?s=20
  4. Dude is retweeting Babylon Bee parody stories as fact. Again: Trump is trying to sell us that Biden is senile. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1317044556328730625?s=20
  5. I'm assuming he means unknown politically and I agree with him. I didn't vote for him nor Hillary (not making that mistake again), but I thought "Oh, he'll surround himself with competent, political people and his zaniness will be dampened bigly." Oops.
  6. I know its just a small thing as there are huge things with this administration day after day after day. But can anyone read this official campaign statement and not feel like these are the biggest unprofessional simps around? Seriously, how does this stuff pass muster? This is the official campaign statement and reads like an angry 8th grader wrote it. https://www.donaldjtrump.com/media/trump-campaign-statement-on-unilateral-decision-of-the-commission-on-presidential-debates/
  7. Yeah, I found that earlier too and that is a great interview especially when he busts out a quick Eruption for instructional purposes. Lol. One other great thing I noticed from that video is how much healthier and good he looks/sounds as he had gotten sober by then. Contrast it with a similar subject in this interview in 2004 I think (https://youtu.be/i2mh7zGfFRM?t=142) talking about his custom guitar and you could tell he was in rough shape at that time. He's such an interesting and thoughtful guy and a musical and instrument genius. That 2015 interview really showed that off especially once he got sober later in his life.
  8. Can't. Stop. Listening. To. Van Halen. And watching EVH interviews. Dude was awesome. Its like I'm in 9th grade again on music tastes.
  9. This got me thinking of another Hail Mary that actually would probably swing real votes. ”If re-elected I will declassify all files on UFOs/aliens, Kennedy assassination, and all supernatural happenings. No redactions!” I mean I still wouldn’t vote for him....but I’d pause for a moment.
  10. Who are these undecided voters and how can I get a hold of some the beautiful bliss they must experience skipping through life!?!!?
  11. Yeah, thinking of the Wolf's quote from Pulp Fiction. I for one am concerned about the huge amount of absentees being relied upon and how many of those shall be thrown out for various (mostly legal) reasons.
  12. Welcome to my area of the country. Its like I'm walking around like Roddy Piper in 'They Live'.
  13. Yeah, and from what I've read in the past there is a pretty high chance she was a superspreader.
  14. Love Liz Bruenig's (NYT Catholic leftist writer) comment on this
  15. Thanks @caustic (and all others) for posting these. Always interesting here.
  16. FWIW, his own Senator doesn't think he was clear. https://twitter.com/KFaulders/status/1311315225350672384?s=20
  17. Yeah, seeing a lot of Trump homers very angry at the moderator. That's definitely a plus for Biden's showing. Slightly annoyed/concerned at any news headline (non-rightwing media) which pulls Biden into this "America lost last night because of these two's behavior". Hoping that doesn't pull some casual voters into the "why bother?" category as Trump really did his best to poison the entire well. Overall, pleased that Biden didn't suffer from a big headline gaffe and didn't get any play on the dementia angle.
  18. Yeah, this is my "worry" on the bottom line coverage this morning. The basic undecided's thought of "that whole was a joke" instead of realizing that it was mainly Trump poisoning the well on the whole thing. On one hand, I thought the debate was good for Biden in that it dispelled the dumb dementia line of attack and he didn't fall flat on his face as the frontrunner. On the other hand, turning off any casual undecideds and folks not wanting to bother voting at all is a bad thing for turnout- increased turnout typically helps the Dem candidate. The coverage I'm seeing typically is "that whole thing was a debacle". Which can implicate Biden in that narrative as well, despite the reality being basically Trump making fart noises all debate.
  19. You can when you realize that knowledge dropper (in political threads) is 100% shtick. Think @Statorama in 2008 and Sarah Palin
  20. You are trying 𝘴𝘰 𝘴𝘰 𝘴𝘰 hard.
  21. It'll be all about who can get the narrative out as soon as possible afterwards. It'll be a social media bot-infested cesspool to drive hashtags and memes out quick to drive the "winner". It will all about snagging the casual voter who doesn't pay much attention, but could see "Biden so sleepy!" or "Trump O\/\/NS Biden" in their facebook feed.
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